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Funko brings the world of pop culture into your home through several series' of collectible figures including Pops!, Dorbz, and Vinyl. among many others. The majority of Funko collectibles are stylized vinyl figurines, with the exception of some plush or metal lines.

With licenses covering sports, film, television, comics, video games, and more, there is bound to be a Funko figure for every collector and with variations, limited editions, and retail exclusives some of those figures have gained a tremendous amount of value on the secondary market.

We have many checklists for each line of Funko Pops and Dorbz and frequently update collectors on some of the lines that do not include sequentially numbered releases. Follow this hub using the button above and you will get automatic updates regarding this company when they become available via your "Following" page.

Latest Articles

Fourth Wave of Football Stars Coming To Funko Pop NFL

A fourth wave of Funko Pop NFL figurines are slated for release this fall and include some of the biggest names in football.

Duck Tales, Woo-oo, Are Coming to Funko

Duck Tales, the beloved Disney cartoon from the late 1980s, is set for a reboot and some Funko figurines.

New Wave of Thor Figures Coming to Funko Lines

Funko is dropping the hammer when it comes to Thor merchandise with lots of new figures and plushies released ahead of the Thor Ragnarok film.

King Felix Receives the Funko Pop Treatment

The Seattle Mariners will give away 20,000 Funko Pop figures of King Felix as a free giveaway in September, 2017.

Funko to Bring New Conan O’Brien Figures to Comic Con

Funko is bringing five new exclusive figures to SDCC in honor of Conan O'Brien bringing his show there for the week.

Funko to Release Parks and Recreation Vinyl Figurines

Funko will be adding a series of Parks and Recreation characters to their line of Funko Pop Television vinyl figures.

Metallica Figures Coming to Funko Pop Rocks Series

Metallica are in the rock hall of fame and have sold millions of records but now they have truly "made it" as Funko figures.

Bob Ross is Coming to Funko Pop Television

Bob Ross, the host of Joy of Painting, is finally receiving the highest of honors with a Funko Pop vinyl figure released in his likeness.

Batman the Animated Series Villains Coming to Funko Pops

A second wave of figures based on Batman the Animated Series are set for release in the Funko Pop Heroes line.

Wave 6 of Funko Pop WWE Figures Set for Release

If regular wrestling action figures aren’t your thing, then these new Funko Pop WWE figures are sure to make you Pop! with enthusiasm.

Two rock icons and a Justin Bieber coming to Funko Pop

Joey Ramone, Justin Bieber, and Jimi Hendrix are all coming to the Funko Pop Rocks line of vinyl figurines in June of 2017.

Second wave of Overwatch figures coming to Funko Pop

A second wave of Overwatch characters are coming to the Funko Pop Games line of vinyl figures in April, 2017.

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