1952 Topps Baseball

1952 Topps Baseball was the largest set to date and includes the rookie cards of Hoyt Wilhelm, Dick Williams, and Eddie Mathews.

1955 Bowman Baseball

Consisting of 320 cards, 1955 Bowman features some of the greatest players of all time on a unique and innovative card design.

1957 Topps Baseball

1957 Topps Baseball cards features 39 Hall of Fame inductees including the rookie cards of Don Drysdale, Frank Robinson, and more.

1958 Topps Baseball Cards

1958 Topps Baseball included some of the biggest names in baseball history but the set is most notable for featuring the Roger Maris rookie card.

1959 Topps Baseball

1959 Topps Baseball includes some of the greatest names in baseball as well as classic rookie and all-star cards.

1961 Topps Baseball

The 587 cards in the 1961 Topps Baseball card set includes 86 Hall of Famers including the future Hall of Famer Juan Marichal as a rookie.

1962 Topps Baseball

1962 Topps Baseball weighs in at 598 cards with an iconic subset devoted to Babe Ruth 27 years after his final game.

1964 Topps Baseball

1964 Topps Baseball includes over 70 Hall of Fame inductees including the rookie card for Hall of Fame manager, Tony LaRussa.

1965 Topps Baseball

The 1965 Topps baseball card series was the final product to include Milwaukee Braves cards.

1968 Topps Baseball

There are 598 base cards in the 1968 Topps baseball set plus 33 game cards.

1969 Topps Baseball

1969 Topps Baseball Cards has an impressive checklist of rookies and Hall of Fame inductees as well as some truly iconic designs.

1971 Topps Baseball

1971 Topps Baseball was another massive set of baseball cards and also include the second of two baseball coins released by Topps (the first being 196...

1972 Topps Baseball Cards

The 1972 Topps Baseball Cards set included 787 cards 84 of which featured future hall of famers such as Nolan Ryan, Reggie Jackson, and Al Kaline on a...

1974 Topps Baseball

1974 Topps Baseball includes 74 hall of famers and 67 rookies, including the rookie card of hall of fame inductee Dave Winfield.

1975 Topps Baseball

1975 Topps Baseball was a massive set featuring several iconic subsets and the biggest names in mid 1970's baseball.

1977 Topps Baseball

1977 Topps Baseball cards were sold in packs of 10 and was the final of five consecutive sets having 660 cards.

1978 Topps Baseball

1978 Topps Baseball cards includes the era's biggest names including the rookie card of Hall of Fame inductee, Eddie Murray.

1980 Topps Baseball

1980 Topps Baseball cards feature a classic design as well as the rookie card for one of the greatest players of all time.

1982 Topps Baseball

1982 Topps Baseball consists of 792 cards and has an impressive list of rookies and all stars including Cal Ripken Jr.

1985 Topps Baseball

1985 Topps Baseball cards have a classic, simple design and features 82 rookie cards and dozens of Hall of Fame inductees.

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