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2017 Topps Chrome Baseball

2017 Topps Chrome Baseball adds a shiny chrome finish to the flagship design but the biggest selling point to this series is its robust rook...

Funko Pop Zodiac

Next time you're asked, "what's your sign" you can simply show off your Funko Pop Zodiac figure.

Funko Pop NFL

Funko Pop NFL brings the biggest names in the NFL to the popular hobby of vinyl figurine collecting.

2017 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek

2017 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek trading cards pay tribute to the women of the entire Star Trek franchise.

Baseball News

Scott Boras is the face of the Washington Nationals

Boras has influenced the direction of the franchise since its relocation more so than any player has. The Matt Wieters signing is the latest...

Is Camden Yards the main reason why the Orioles keep leading MLB in homers?

In the last 4 seasons, a Baltimore Orioles has led the MLB in homers. Does the team employ great power hitters or is it down to Camden Yards...

Jarrod Dyson’s Historic Baserunning

Jarrod Dyson is not just one of the quickest players in baseball, he's one of the best baserunners of all time. Exactly how impressive are h...

In Search of the Perfect Barry Bonds Intentional Walk Statistic

Barry Bonds is renowned for his home run records but his intentional walk totals are arguably even more remarkable. Can one statistic captur...

Trading Card News

Topps Releases Star Wars Throwback

Topps leaves the baseball diamond behind and opts for a Star Wars throwback on the classic 1980 Basketball card layout.

Eric Hosmer Subject of First Topps Now Relic Card

For the first time since its launch this year, Topps Now has released a limited edition relic card and Eric Hosmer as the featured player.

Topps Throws Back to 1959 Topps Baseball

To honor six baseball players making their first trip to the All Star Game, Topps has thrown back to the 1959 Topps Baseball All Star subset...

Honor America with 1955 Topps All American Throwback

Topps honors America for Throwback Thursday by putting six baseball stars/military veterans on the 1955 All American card design.

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