Paul Simon Discusses His Memories of George Harrison

True George Harrison fans never tire of hearing stories like this. In the 15 years since his passing, Harrison has repeatedly been remembered for his humor as much as his music. It's easy to see why he was so beloved by fans and by the music community.

Simon and Harrison performed together on November 20, 1976 for Saturday Night Live. The show, which was hosted by Paul Simon, opened with Harrison attempting to collect his share of the money Lorne Michaels had committed to a Beatles reunion. Simon and Harrison performed Homeward Bound and Here Comes the Sun together and promotional videos for Crackerbox Palace and This Song which were both from Harrison's 33 1/3 album.

Written by: Tony Frye

Tony Frye is the founder and editor of Hero Habit. He is an avid baseball fan with an unusual knack for remembering pop culture trivia from years before he was born.

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