Tamashii Buddies bring some of Japan's most beloved franchises into the collectible action figure market. Each three-inch PVC figure is packaged with a backdrop and stand which can be stacked in several configurations with other figures.

The figures are produced by Bandai, Japan's largest toymaker, and considered to be a step above regular releases. Tamashii, or soul, is "instilled by Japanese master craftsmen," into each figurine. Each release is numbered but all franchises fall under the same sequence as can be seen in our checklist below.

Our checklist includes all of the figures released in this line and can be sorted or searched by release number, character, or franchise. Follow this hub using the button above and you will get automatic updates regarding this set when they become available via your "Following" page.

1Super Saiyan Son GokuDragonball Z
2Super Saiyan VegetaDragonball Z
3PiccoloDragonball Z
4Super Saiyan TrunksDragonball Z
5Sailor MoonSailor Moon
6Sailor VenusSailor Moon
7Super Saiyan BrolyDragonball Z
8First Form FriezaDragonball Z
9Sailor MarsSailor Moon
10Eren YeagerAttack on Titan
11LeviAttack on Titan
12Sailor MercurySailor Moon
13Sailor JupiterSailor Moon
14Son GokouDragonball Z
15VegetaDragonball Z
16MegamanMegaman X
17ZeroMegaman X
18Sailor UranusSailor Moon
19Sailor NeptuneSailor Moon
20Uzumaki NarutoNaruto
21Sasuke UchihaNaruto
22Son GokuDragonball Z
23BeerusDragonball Z
24Sailor PlutoSailor Moon
25Sailor SaturnSailor Moon
26Hatsune MikuHatsune Miku
27Red RangerPower Rangers
28Pink RangerPower Rangers
29Lord ZeddPower Rangers
30Green RangerPower Rangers
31MegazordPower Rangers

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