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A Proper Undertaking: The Undertaker vs Kane, Ministry of Darkness

It had been teased for a while but the rumors of The Undertaker having a brother were confirmed with the introduction of Kane.

WWE: Battleground PPV Ups and Downs, Results

There was plenty to like about WWE Battleground but also plenty to critique. We take a look at the recent Pay Per View event.

A Proper Undertaking: New Look Undertaker, Second World Title

We take a look at Undertaker's transformation into the gothic inspired Lord of Darkness that would define the majority of his career.

WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV Recap and Review

Zero belts changed waists and an ambulance match called for an actual ambulance. WWE Great Balls of Fire had it all.

Samoa Joe Set Up Perfectly to Defeat Brock Lesnar, Win WWE Universal Title

Since joining WWE, Samoa Joe has ravaged anyone in his way. It's time he defeats Brock Lesnar and wins the WWE Universal Championship.

A Proper Undertaking: Two Undertaker Feuds for the Price of One

In the latest edition of A Proper Undertaking, we look at two Undertaker feuds that are the stuff of WWE legend.

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