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1951 Topps Baseball Checklist

1951 Topps Baseball (Doubles Baseball Playing Cards) were the first foray into baseball cards for the company. The set was released in two series of 52 cards. The first series had red colored card backs and the second series had blue colored card backs.

What makes this set most unique is that it was intended as a card game. Each card front features a player as well as a baseball play — Yogi Berra, for example, was a foul ball.

Topps would eventually release a full 52 card pack for each series which were sold in panels of two that were perforated.

Two cards in the first series were given Update/Traded cards (#36 & #52) so there are actually 106 cards in total for this collection.

Topps purchased five complete sets of this collection and released them in numbered frames as an insert set for their 2019 Topps Tribute line of cards.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in this set and can be searched or sorted as needed.

1951 Topps Baseball Checklist
Red Back – 52 Cards
Blue Back – 52 Cards
#PlayerTeamRCCard Back
1Eddie YostSenatorsBlue Back
2Hank MajeskiWhite SoxBlue Back
3Richie AshburnPhilliesBlue Back
4Del EnnisPhilliesBlue Back
5Johnny PeskyRed SoxBlue Back
6Red SchoendienstCardinalsBlue Back
7Jerry StaleyCardinalsBlue Back
8Dick SislerPhilliesBlue Back
9Johnny SainBravesBlue Back
10Joe PageYankeesBlue Back
11Johnny GrothTigersBlue Back
12Sam JethroeBravesBlue Back
13Mickey VernonSenatorsBlue Back
14Red MungerCardinalsBlue Back
15Eddie JoostAthleticsBlue Back
16Murry DicksonPiratesBlue Back
17Roy SmalleyCubsRCBlue Back
18Ned GarverBrownsBlue Back
19Phil MasiWhite SoxBlue Back
20Ralph BrancaDodgersBlue Back
21Billy JohnsonCardinalsBlue Back
22Bob KuzavaSenatorsBlue Back
23Dizzy TroutTigersRCBlue Back
24Sherm LollarBrownsBlue Back
25Sam MeleSenatorsBlue Back
26Chico CarrasquelWhite SoxRCBlue Back
27Andy PafkoCubsBlue Back
28Harry BrecheenCardinalsBlue Back
29Granny HamnerPhilliesRCBlue Back
30Enos SlaughterCardinalsBlue Back
31Lou BrissieIndiansBlue Back
32Bob ElliottBravesBlue Back
33Don LenhardtBrownsBlue Back
34Earl TorgesonBravesBlue Back
35Tommy ByrneYankeesBlue Back
36Cliff FanninBrownsBlue Back
37Bobby DoerrRed SoxRCBlue Back
38Irv NorenSenatorsBlue Back
39Ed LopatYankeesBlue Back
40Vic WertzTigersBlue Back
41Johnny SchmitzCubsBlue Back
42Bruce EdwardsDodgersBlue Back
43Willie JonesPhilliesBlue Back
44Johnny WyrostekRedsBlue Back
45Bill PierceWhite SoxBlue Back
46Jerry PriddyTigersBlue Back
47Herm WehmeierRedsRCBlue Back
48Billy CoxDodgersBlue Back
49Hank SauerCubsBlue Back
50Johnny MizeYankeesRCBlue Back
51Eddie WaitkusPhilliesBlue Back
52Sam ChapmanIndiansBlue Back
1Yogi BerraYankeesRed Back
2Sid GordonBravesRed Back
3Ferris FainAthleticsRed Back
4Vern StephensRed SoxRed Back
5Phil RizzutoYankeesRed Back
6Allie ReynoldsYankeesRed Back
7Howie PolletCardinalsRCRed Back
8Early WynnIndiansRed Back
9Roy SieversBrownsRed Back
10Mel ParnellRed SoxRed Back
11Gene HermanskiDodgersRed Back
12Jim HeganIndiansRed Back
13Dale MitchellIndiansRed Back
14Wayne TerwilligerCubsRed Back
15Ralph KinerPiratesRed Back
16Preacher RoeDodgersRed Back
17Dave BellPiratesRed Back
18Jerry ColemanYankeesRed Back
19Dick KokosBrownsRed Back
20Dom DiMaggioRed SoxRed Back
21Larry JansenGiantsRed Back
22Bob FellerIndiansRed Back
23Ray BooneIndiansRed Back
24Hank BauerYankeesRed Back
25Cliff ChambersPiratesRed Back
26Luke EasterIndiansRCRed Back
27Wally WestlakePiratesRed Back
28Elmer ValoAthleticsRed Back
29Bob KennedyIndiansRed Back
30Warren SpahnBravesRed Back
31Gil HodgesDodgersRed Back
32Hank ThompsonGiantsRed Back
33Bill WerlePiratesRCRed Back
34Grady HattonRedsRed Back
35Al RosenIndiansRCRed Back
36Gus ZernialWhite SoxRed Back
36Gus ZernialAthleticsRed Back
37Wes WestrumGiantsRed Back
38Duke SniderDodgersRed Back
39Ted KluszewskiRedsRed Back
40Mike GarciaIndiansRed Back
41Whitey LockmanGiantsRed Back
42Ray ScarboroughRed SoxRed Back
43Maurice McDermottRed SoxRed Back
44Sid HudsonSenatorsRed Back
45Andy SeminickPhilliesRCRed Back
46Billy GoodmanRed SoxRed Back
47Tommy GlavianoCardinalsRed Back
48Eddie StankyGiantsRed Back
49Al ZarillaWhite SoxRed Back
50Monte IrvinGiantsRed Back
51Eddie RobinsonWhite SoxRed Back
52Tommy HolmesBravesRed Back
52Tommy HolmesHartford ChiefsRed Back