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1953 Bowman Baseball Checklist

1953 Bowman baseball cards are two sets in one. There is a 160 card color set and a 64 card black and white set from this year. Both are numbered independently of each other but are often considered as the same set.

The design of this set is elegantly simple. Card fronts are a picture with a thin, light border and no text or branding. The reverse of each card is a traditional baseball card design with a player biography and stats.

The packaging for the two sets was different but the designs are identical save for the color/black and white card fronts. Cards measure slightly larger than modern cards with 2 1/2″ x 3 5/8″ dimensions.

The color Mickey Mantle card, highly graded, can sell for several thousand dollars online but collectors should be very careful not to purchase a 1989 reprint thinking they’re getting a great deal.

The 2019 Bowman Heritage collection — an online exclusive product — utilized the card design of this series but with modern players and prospects.

Our checklist includes all of the color and black and white cards released in this set. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

1953 Bowman Baseball Checklist
Color Base – 160 Cards
Black and White Base (BW) – 64 Cards
*Black and white cards are numbered without a prefix. The prefix used in this checklist is solely to differentiate the two sets.
1Davey WilliamsNew York Giants
2Vic WertzSt. Louis Browns
3Sam JethroeBoston Braves
4Art HouttemanDetroit Tigers
5Sid GordonBoston Braves
6Joe GinsbergDetroit Tigers
7Harry Chiti Chicago CubsRC
8Al RosenCleveland Indians
9Phil RizzutoNew York Yankees
10Richie AshburnPhiladelphia Phillies
11Bobby ShantzPhiladelphia Athletics
12Carl ErskineBrooklyn Dodgers
13Gus ZernialPhiladelphia Athletics
14Billy LoesBrooklyn Dodgers
15Jim BusbyWashington Senators
16Bob FriendPittsburgh Pirates
17Jerry StaleySt. Louis Cardinals
18Nellie FoxChicago White Sox
19Al Dark New York Giants
20Don LenhardtSt. Louis Browns
21Joe GaragiolaPittsburgh Pirates
22Bob PorterfieldWashington Senators
23Herm WehmeierCincinnati Reds
24Jackie JensenWashington Senators
25Hoot EversBoston Red Sox
26Roy McMillanCincinnati Reds
27Vic RaschiNew York Yankees
28Smoky BurgessPhiladelphia Phillies
29Bobby AvilaCleveland Indians
30Phil CavarrettaChicago Cubs
31Jimmie Dykes Philadelphia Athletics
32Stan MusialSt. Louis Cardinals
33Pee Wee ReeseBrooklyn Dodgers
34Gil CoanWashington Senators
35Maury McDermottBoston Red Sox
36Minnie Minoso Chicago White Sox
37Jim WilsonBoston Braves
38Harry Byrd Philadelphia AthleticsRC
39Paul Richards Chicago White Sox
40Larry DobyCleveland Indians
41Sammy WhiteBoston Red Sox
42Tommy BrownChicago Cubs
43Mike GarciaCleveland Indians
44Yogi BerraNew York Yankees
44Hank BauerNew York Yankees
44Mickey MantleNew York Yankees
45Walt DropoDetroit Tigers
46Roy CampanellaBrooklyn Dodgers
47Ned GarverDetroit Tigers
48Hank SauerChicago Cubs
49Eddie Stanky St. Louis Cardinals
50Lou KretlowChicago White Sox
51Monte IrvinNew York Giants
52Marty Marion St. Louis Browns
53Del RiceSt. Louis Cardinals
54Chico CarrasquelChicago White Sox
55Leo Durocher New York Giants
56Bob CainSt. Louis Browns
57Lou Boudreau Boston Red Sox
58Willard MarshallCincinnati Reds
59Mickey MantleNew York Yankees
60Granny HamnerPhiladelphia Phillies
61George KellBoston Red Sox
62Ted KluszewskiCincinnati Reds
63Gil McDougaldNew York Yankees
64Curt SimmonsPhiladelphia Phillies
65Robin RobertsPhiladelphia Phillies
66Mel ParnellBoston Red Sox
67Mel Clark Philadelphia PhilliesRC
68Allie ReynoldsNew York Yankees
69Charlie Grimm Milwaukee Braves
70Clint Courtney St. Louis BrownsRC
71Paul MinnerChicago Cubs
72Ted GrayDetroit Tigers
73Billy PierceChicago White Sox
74Don MuellerNew York Giants
75Saul RogovinChicago White Sox
76Jim HearnNew York Giants
77Mickey GrassoWashington Senators
78Carl FurilloBrooklyn Dodgers
79Ray BooneCleveland Indians
80Ralph KinerPittsburgh Pirates
81Enos SlaughterSt. Louis Cardinals
82Joe AstrothPhiladelphia Athletics
83Jack Daniels Milwaukee BravesRC
84Hank BauerNew York Yankees
85Solly HemusSt. Louis Cardinals
86Harry SimpsonCleveland Indians
87Harry PerkowskiCincinnati Reds
88Joe DobsonChicago White Sox
89Sandy ConsuegraWashington Senators
90Joe NuxhallCincinnati Reds
91Steve SouchockDetroit Tigers
92Gil HodgesBrooklyn Dodgers
93Billy MartinNew York Yankees
93Phil RizzutoNew York Yankees
94Bob AddisChicago Cubs
95Wally Moses Philadelphia Athletics
96Sal MaglieNew York Giants
97Eddie MathewsMilwaukee Braves
98Hector Rodriguez Chicago White SoxRC
99Warren SpahnMilwaukee Braves
100Bill WightDetroit Tigers
101Red SchoendienstSt. Louis Cardinals
102Jim HeganCleveland Indians
103Del EnnisPhiladelphia Phillies
104Luke EasterCleveland Indians
105Eddie JoostPhiladelphia Athletics
106Ken RaffensbergerCincinnati Reds
107Alex KellnerPhiladelphia Athletics
108Bobby AdamsCincinnati Reds
109Ken WoodWashington Senators
110Bob RushChicago Cubs
111Jim Dyck St. Louis BrownsRC
112Toby AtwellChicago Cubs
113Karl DrewsPhiladelphia Phillies
114Bob FellerCleveland Indians
115Cloyd BoyerSt. Louis Cardinals
116Eddie YostWashington Senators
117Duke SniderBrooklyn Dodgers
118Billy MartinNew York Yankees
119Dale MitchellCleveland Indians
120Marlin StuartSt. Louis Browns
121Yogi BerraNew York Yankees
122Bill SerenaChicago Cubs
123Johnny LiponBoston Red Sox
124Chuck Dressen Brooklyn Dodgers
125Fred HatfieldDetroit Tigers
126Al CorwinNew York Giants
127Dick KryhoskiSt. Louis Browns
128Whitey LockmanNew York Giants
129Russ MeyerBrooklyn Dodgers
130Cass MichaelsPhiladelphia Athletics
131Connie RyanPhiladelphia Phillies
132Fred HutchinsonDetroit Tigers
133Willie JonesPhiladelphia Phillies
134Johnny PeskyDetroit Tigers
135Bobby MorganBrooklyn Dodgers
136Jim Brideweser New York YankeesRC
137Sam DenteChicago White Sox
138Bubba ChurchCincinnati Reds
139Pete RunnelsWashington Senators
140Al BrazleSt. Louis Cardinals
141Spec SheaWashington Senators
142Larry Miggins St. Louis CardinalsRC
143Al Lopez Cleveland Indians
144Warren HackerChicago Cubs
145George ShubaBrooklyn Dodgers
146Early WynnCleveland Indians
147Clem KoshorekPittsburgh Pirates
148Billy GoodmanBoston Red Sox
149Al CorwinNew York Giants
150Carl ScheibPhiladelphia Athletics
151Joe AdcockMilwaukee Braves
152Clyde VollmerWashington Senators
153Whitey FordNew York Yankees
154Turk LownChicago Cubs
155Allie ClarkPhiladelphia Athletics
156Max SurkontMilwaukee Braves
157Sherm LollarChicago White Sox
158Howie FoxPhiladelphia Phillies
159Mickey VernonWashington Senators
160Cal AbramsPittsburgh Pirates
BW1Gus BellCincinnati Reds
BW2Willard NixonBoston Red Sox
BW3Bill RigneyNew York Giants
BW4Pat MullinDetroit Tigers
BW5Dee FondyChicago Cubs
BW6Ray MurrayPhiladelphia Athletics
BW7Andy SeminickCincinnati Reds
BW8Pete SuderPhiladelphia Athletics
BW9Walt MastersonWashington Senators
BW10Dick SislerSt. Louis Cardinals
BW11Dick GernertBoston Red Sox
BW12Randy JacksonChicago Cubs
BW13Joe TiptonCleveland Indians
BW14Bill NicholsonPhiladelphia Phillies
BW15Johnny MizeNew York Yankees
BW16Stu Miller St. Louis CardinalsRC
BW17Virgil TrucksSt. Louis Browns
BW18Billy HoeftDetroit Tigers
BW19Paul LaPalmePittsburgh Pirates
BW20Eddie RobinsonPhiladelphia Athletics
BW21Bud PodbielanCincinnati Reds
BW22Matt BattsDetroit Tigers
BW23Wilmer MizellSt. Louis Cardinals
BW24Del WilberBoston Red Sox
BW25Johnny SainNew York Yankees
BW26Preacher RoeBrooklyn Dodgers
BW27Bob LemonCleveland Indians
BW28Hoyt Wilhelm New York Giants
BW29Sid HudsonBoston Red Sox
BW30Walker CooperMilwaukee Braves
BW31Gene WoodlingNew York Yankees
BW32Rocky BridgesCincinnati Reds
BW33Bob KuzavaNew York Yankees
BW34Ebba St. ClaireMilwaukee Braves
BW35Johnny WyrostekPhiladelphia Phillies
BW36Jim PiersallBoston Red Sox
BW37Hal JeffcoatChicago Cubs
BW38Dave ColeMilwaukee Braves
BW39Casey Stengel New York Yankees
BW40Larry JansenNew York Giants
BW41Bob RamazzottiChicago Cubs
BW42Howie JudsonCincinnati Reds
BW43Hal Bevan Philadelphia AthleticsRC
BW44Jim DelsingDetroit Tigers
BW45Irv NorenNew York Yankees
BW46Bucky Harris Washington Senators
BW47Jack LohrkePhiladelphia Phillies
BW48Steve Ridzik Philadelphia PhilliesRC
BW49Floyd BakerBoston Red Sox
BW50Dutch LeonardChicago Cubs
BW51Lew BurdetteMilwaukee Braves
BW52Ralph BrancaBrooklyn Dodgers
BW53Morrie MartinPhiladelphia Athletics
BW54Bill MillerNew York Yankees
BW55Don JohnsonWashington Senators
BW56Roy SmalleyChicago Cubs
BW57Andy PafkoMilwaukee Braves
BW58Jim KonstantyPhiladelphia Phillies
BW59Duane PilletteSt. Louis Browns
BW60Billy CoxBrooklyn Dodgers
BW61Tom Gorman New York YankeesRC
BW62Keith M. Thomas Philadelphia AthleticsRC
BW63Steve GromekCleveland Indians
BW64Andy HansenPhiladelphia Phillies

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