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1954 Topps Baseball Checklist

The 1954 Topps Baseball card series, which includes 250 slightly oversized cards, may have one of the most impressive rookie sets of the era with future Hall of Famers Ernie Banks, Hank Aaron, Tommy Lasorda, and Al Kaline all marking their card debuts in this collection.

Also worthy of note, this series includes the first cards for the Baltimore Orioles and Milwaukee Braves who had recently moved from being the St. Louis Browns and Boston Braves respectively. It’s also the last set to feature the Philadelphia Athletics as they would begin the 1955 season in Kansas City.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in this series and can be searched or sorted by player, team, or rookie status.

1954 Topps Baseball Checklist
Base Set – 250 Cards
1Ted WilliamsRed Sox
2Gus ZernialAthletics
3Monte IrvinGiants
4Hank SauerCubs
5Ed LopatYankees
6Pete RunnelsSenators
7Ted KluszewskiReds
8Bobby YoungOrioles
9Harvey HaddixCardinals
10Jackie RobinsonDodgers
11Paul SmithPiratesRC
12Del CrandallBraves
13Billy MartinYankees
14Preacher RoeDodgers
15Al RosenIndians
16Vic JanowiczPirates
17Phil RizzutoYankees
18Walt DropoTigers
19Johnny LiponOrioles
20Warren SpahnBraves
21Bobby ShantzAthletics
22Jim GreengrassReds
23Luke EasterIndians
24Granny HamnerPhillies
25Harvey KuennTigersRC
26Ray JablonskiCardinals
27Ferris FainWhite Sox
28Paul MinnerCubs
29Jim HeganIndians
30Eddie MathewsBraves
31Johnny KlippsteinCubs
32Duke SniderDodgers
33Johnny SchmitzSenators
34Jim RiveraWhite Sox
35Jim GilliamDodgers
36Hoyt Wilhelm Giants
37Whitey FordYankees
38Eddie Stanky Cardinals
39Sherm LollarWhite Sox
40Mel ParnellRed Sox
41Willie JonesPhillies
42Don MuellerGiants
43Dick GroatPirates
44Ned GarverTigers
45Richie AshburnPhillies
46Ken RaffensbergerReds
47Ellis KinderRed Sox
48Billy HunterOrioles
49Ray MurrayAthletics
50Yogi BerraYankees
51Johnny LindellPhillies
52Vic Power, AthleticsRC
53Jack DittmerBraves
54Vern StephensOrioles
55Phil Cavarretta Cubs
56Willy MirandaYankees
57Luis AlomaWhite Sox
58Bob WilsonWhite Sox
59Gene ConleyBraves
60Frank Baumholtz Cubs
61Bob CainAthletics
62Eddie RobinsonYankees
63Johnny PeskyTigers
64Hank ThompsonGiants
65Bob Swift Tigers
66Ted LepcioRed Sox
67Jim WillisCubsRC
68Sammy CalderoneBraves
69Bud PodbielanReds
70Larry DobyIndians
71Frank SmithReds
72Preston WardPirates
73Wayne TerwilligerSenators
74Bill TaylorGiantsRC
75Fred Haney ,PiratesRC
76Bob Scheffing Cubs
77Ray BooneTigers
78Ted KazanskiPhilliesRC
79Andy PafkoBraves
80Jackie JensenRed Sox
81Dave HoskinsIndiansRC
82Milt BollingRed Sox
83Joe CollinsYankees
84Dick ColePiratesRC
85Bob TurleyOriolesRC
86Billy Herman Dodgers
87Roy FacePirates
88Matt BattsTigers
89Howie PolletCubs
90Willie MaysGiants
91Bob OldisSenators
92Wally WestlakeIndians
93Sid HudsonRed Sox
94Ernie BanksCubsRC
95Hal RicePirates
96Charlie SilveraYankees
97Jerry LaneSenatorsRC
98Joe BlackDodgers
99Bobby HofmanGiants
100Bob KeeganWhite Sox
101Gene WoodlingYankees
102Gil HodgesDodgers
103Jim LemonIndiansRC
104Mike SandlockPhillies
105Andy CareyYankees
106Dick KokosOrioles
107Duane PilletteOrioles
108Thornton KipperPhilliesRC
109Bill BrutonBraves
110Harry DorishWhite Sox
111Jim DelsingTigers
112Bill RennaAthleticsRC
113Bob Boyd White Sox
114Dean StoneSenatorsRC
115Rip RepulskiCardinals
116Steve BilkoCardinals
117Solly HemusCardinals
118Carl ScheibAthletics
119Johnny AntonelliGiants
120Roy McMillanReds
121Clem LabineDodgers
122Johnny LoganBraves
123Bobby AdamsReds
124Marion FricanoAthletics
125Harry PerkowskiReds
126Ben WadeDodgers
127Steve O'Neill Phillies
128Hank AaronBravesRC
129Forrest JacobsAthleticsRC
130Hank BauerYankees
131Reno BertoiaTigersRC
132Tommy LasordaDodgersRC
133Del Baker Red Sox
134Cal HoguePirates
135Joe PreskoCardinals
136Connie RyanReds
137Wally MoonCardinalsRC
138Bob BorkowskiReds
139Eddie O'Brien / Johnny O'BrienPirates
140Tom WrightSenators
141Joe JayBravesRC
142Tom PoholskyCardinals
143Rollie Hemsley Athletics
144Bill WerleRed Sox
145Elmer ValoAthletics
146Don JohnsonWhite Sox
147Johnny Riddle Cardinals
148Bob TriceAthleticsRC
149Jim RobertsonAthletics
150Dick KryhoskiOrioles
151Alex Grammas, CardinalsRC
152Mike BlyzkaOriolesRC
153Rube WalkerDodgers
154Mike FornielesWhite SoxRC
155Bob KennedyIndians
156Joe ColemanOrioles
157Don LenhardtOrioles
158Peanuts LowreyCardinals
159Dave PhilleyIndians
160Red Kress Indians
161John HetkiPirates
162Herm WehmeierReds
163Frank HouseTigers
164Stu MillerCardinals
165Jim Pendleton Braves
166Johnny PodresDodgers
167Don LundTigers
168Morrie MartinAthletics
169Jim Hughes Dodgers
170Dusty RhodesGiantsRC
171Leo KielyRed Sox
172Hal BrownRed Sox
173Jack HarshmanWhite SoxRC
174Tom QualtersPhilliesRC
175Frank LejaYankeesRC
176Bob Keely Braves
177Bob MillikenDodgers
178Bill Glynn Indians
179Gair AlliePiratesRC
180Wes WestrumGiants
181Mel RoachBravesRC
182Chuck HarmonRedsRC
183Earle Combs Phillies
184Ed BaileyReds
185Chuck StobbsSenators
186Karl OlsonRed Sox
187Heinie Manush Senators
188Dave JollyBravesRC
189Bob RossSenators
190Ray HerbertTigersRC
191Dick SchofieldCardinalsRC
192Cot DealCardinals
193Johnny Hopp Tigers
194Bill SarniCardinalsRC
195Billy ConsoloRed SoxRC
196Stan JokPhilliesRC
197Schoolboy Rowe Tigers
198Carl SawatskiWhite Sox
199Rocky NelsonIndians
200Larry JansenGiants
201Al KalineTigersRC
202Bob PurkeyPiratesRC
203Harry Brecheen Orioles
204Angel ScullSenatorsRC
205Johnny SainYankees
206Ray CroneBravesRC
207Tom Oliver ,OriolesRC
208Grady HattonReds
209Charlie ThompsonDodgersRC
210Bob BuhlBravesRC
211Don HoakDodgers
212Mickey MicelottaPhilliesRC
213John Fitzpatrick ,PiratesRC
214Arnie PortocarreroAthleticsRC
215Ed McGheeAthletics
216Al SimaWhite Sox
217Paul Schreiber ,Red SoxRC
218Fred MarshWhite Sox
219Charlie KressTigersRC
220Ruben GomezGiantsRC
221Dick BrodowskiRed Sox
222Bill WilsonWhite SoxRC
223Joe Haynes Senators
224Dick WeikTigersRC
225Don LiddleGiantsRC
226Jehosie HeardOriolesRC
227Buster Mills ,Red SoxRC
228Gene HermanskiPirates
229Bob TalbotCubsRC
230Bob KuzavaYankees
231Roy SmalleyBraves
232Lou LimmerAthleticsRC
233Augie Galan Athletics
234Jerry LynchPiratesRC
235Vern LawPirates
236Paul PensonPhilliesRC
237Mike Ryba ,CardinalsRC
238Al AberTigers
239Bill Skowron, YankeesRC
240Sam MeleOrioles
241Bob MillerTigersRC
242Curt RobertsPiratesRC
243Ray Blades ,CubsRC
244Leroy WheatAthleticsRC
245Roy SieversSenators
246Howie FoxOrioles
247Eddie Mayo Phillies
248Al SmithIndiansRC
249Wilmer MizellCardinals
250Ted WilliamsRed Sox

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