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1954 Topps Hockey Checklist

The 1954 Topps Hockey trading card set covered the 1954/55 season and included 60 cards. 16 of the 60 players included in this collection went on to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, although none of the set’s nine rookies are included on the list.

Only the four American teams of the era (Red Wings, Bruins, Rangers, and Black Hawks) appear in this set and the two Canadian teams are absent. This is the first hockey set produced by Topps, as Parkhurst was the major player in Hockey cards and included both Canadian teams in their sets. This set does include some highly valued cards and is notable for being the first by Topps.

Our checklist includes all of the cards and can be searched or sorted by player, team, or rookie status.

1954 Topps Hockey Checklist
Base Set – 60 Cards
1Dick GambleBlackhawks
2Bob Chrystal RangersRC
3Harry HowellRangers
4Johnny WilsonRed Wings
5Red KellyRed Wings
6Real ChevrefilsBruins
7Bob ArmstrongBruins
8Gordie HoweRed Wings
9Benny WoitRed Wings
10Gump WorsleyRangers
11Andy BathgateRangers
12Gordon Hollingworth BlackhawksRC
13Ray TimgrenBlackhawks
14Jack EvansRangers
15Paul RontyRangers
16Glen SkovRed Wings
17Gus MortsonBlackhawks
18Doug Mohns BruinsRC
19Leo LabineBruins
20Bill GadsbyBlackhawks
21Jerry ToppazziniBlackhawks
22Wally HergesheimerRangers
23Danny LewickiRangers
24Metro PrystaiBlackhawks
25Fern FlamanBruins
26Al RollinsBlackhawks
27Marcel PronovostRed Wings
28Lou Jankowski BlackhawksRC
29Nick MickoskiRangers
30Frank MartinBlackhawks
31Lorne FergusonBruins
32Camille Henry RangersRC
33Pete ConacherBlackhawks
34Marty PavelichRed Wings
35Don McKenney BruinsRC
36Fleming MackellBruins
37Jim HenryBruins
38Hal LaycoeBruins
39Alex DelvecchioRed Wings
40Larry WilsonBlackhawks
41Allan StanleyRangers
42Red SullivanBlackhawks
43Jack McIntyreBlackhawks
44Ivan Irwin Rangers
45Tony LeswickRed Wings
46Bob GoldhamRed Wings
47Cal GardnerBruins
48Ed SandfordBruins
49Bill QuackenbushBruins
50Warren GodfreyBruins
51Ted LindsayRed Wings
52Dutch ReibelRed Wings
53Don RaleighRangers
54Bill MosienkoBlackhawks
55Larry Popein RangersRC
56Edgar LapradeRangers
57Bill DineenRed Wings
58Terry SawchukRed Wings
59Marcel Bonin Red WingsRC
60Milt SchmidtBruins