1957 Topps Baseball cards were the first by the company to feature color photographs on the card fronts and was the first release at the standard 2 1/2"x3 1/2" dimensions.

Weighing in at 407 cards, this set includes the rookie cards of Hall of Fame players Don Drysdale, Bill Mazeroski, Whitey Herzog, Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson, and Jim Bunning.

Our checklist includes the entire set and can be sorted by card number, player, team, or rookie status. If you're a fan of this set, be sure to follow this hub using the button at the top of the screen to stay up to date on any news. Also, if you are the owner of any of these cards, please rate and review this set for other users of this site.

1957 Topps Baseball Checklist
Base Set – 407 Cards
1Ted WilliamsBoston Red Sox
2Yogi BerraNew York Yankees
3Dale LongPittsburgh Pirates
4Johnny LoganMilwaukee Braves
5Sal MaglieBrooklyn Dodgers
6Hector LopezKansas City Athletics
7Luis AparicioChicago White Sox
8Don MossiCleveland Indians
9Johnny TempleCincinnati Reds
10Willie MaysNew York Giants
11George ZuverinkBaltimore Orioles
12Dick GroatPittsburgh Pirates
13Wally BurnetteKansas City AthleticsRC
14Bob NiemanBaltimore Orioles
15Robin RobertsPhiladelphia Phillies
16Walt MorynChicago Cubs
17Billy GardnerBaltimore Orioles
18Don DrysdaleBrooklyn DodgersRC
19Bob WilsonDetroit Tigers
20Hank AaronMilwaukee Braves
21Frank SullivanBoston Red Sox
22Jerry SnyderWashington Senators
23Sherm LollarChicago White Sox
24Bill MazeroskiPittsburgh PiratesRC
25Whitey FordNew York Yankees
26Bob BoydBaltimore Orioles
27Ted KazanskiPhiladelphia Phillies
28Gene ConleyMilwaukee Braves
29Whitey HerzogWashington SenatorsRC
30Pee Wee ReeseBrooklyn Dodgers
31Ron NortheyChicago White Sox
32Hershell FreemanCincinnati Reds
33Jim SmallDetroit Tigers
34Tom SturdivantNew York YankeesRC
35Frank RobinsonCincinnati RedsRC
36Bob GrimNew York Yankees
37Frank TorreMilwaukee Braves
38Nellie FoxChicago White Sox
39Al WorthingtonNew York GiantsRC
40Early WynnCleveland Indians
41Hal SmithKansas City Athletics
42Dee FondyChicago Cubs
43Connie JohnsonBaltimore Orioles
44Joe DeMaestriKansas City Athletics
45Carl FurilloBrooklyn Dodgers
46Bob MillerPhiladelphia Phillies
47Don BlasingameSt. Louis Cardinals
48Bill BrutonMilwaukee Braves
49Daryl SpencerNew York Giants
50Herb ScoreCleveland Indians
51Clint CourtneyWashington Senators
52Lee WallsPittsburgh Pirates
53Clem LabineBrooklyn Dodgers
54Elmer ValoPhiladelphia Phillies
55Ernie BanksChicago Cubs
56Dave SislerBoston Red SoxRC
57Jim LemonWashington Senators
58Ruben GomezNew York Giants
59Dick WilliamsBaltimore Orioles
60Billy HoeftDetroit Tigers
61Dusty RhodesNew York Giants
62Billy MartinNew York Yankees
63Ike DelockBoston Red Sox
64Pete RunnelsWashington Senators
65Wally MoonSt. Louis Cardinals
66Brooks LawrenceCincinnati Reds
67Chico CarrasquelCleveland Indians
68Ray CroneMilwaukee Braves
69Roy McMillanCincinnati Reds
70Richie AshburnPhiladelphia Phillies
71Murry DicksonSt. Louis Cardinals
72Bill TuttleDetroit Tigers
73George CroweCincinnati Reds
74Vito ValentinettiChicago CubsRC
75Jim PiersallBoston Red Sox
76Roberto ClementePittsburgh Pirates
77Paul FoytackDetroit TigersRC
78Vic WertzCleveland Indians
79Lindy McDanielSt. Louis CardinalsRC
80Gil HodgesBrooklyn Dodgers
81Herm WehmeierSt. Louis Cardinals
82Elston HowardNew York Yankees
83Lou SkizasKansas City AthleticsRC
84Moe DrabowskyChicago CubsRC
85Larry DobyChicago White Sox
86Bill SarniNew York Giants
87Tom GormanKansas City Athletics
88Harvey KuennDetroit Tigers
89Roy SieversWashington Senators
90Warren SpahnMilwaukee Braves
91Mack BurkPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
92Mickey VernonBoston Red Sox
93Hal JeffcoatCincinnati Reds
94Bobby Del GrecoSt. Louis Cardinals
95Mickey MantleNew York Yankees
96Hank AguirreCleveland IndiansRC
97New York YankeesNew York Yankees
98Al DarkSt. Louis Cardinals
99Bob KeeganChicago White Sox
100Will Harridge / Warren GilesLeague Presidents
101Chuck StobbsWashington Senators
102Ray BooneDetroit Tigers
103Joe NuxhallCincinnati Reds
104Hank FoilesPittsburgh Pirates
105Johnny AntonelliNew York Giants
106Ray MooreBaltimore Orioles
107Jim RiveraChicago White Sox
108Tommy ByrneNew York Yankees
109Hank ThompsonNew York Giants
110Bill VirdonPittsburgh Pirates
111Hal SmithSt. Louis Cardinals
112Tom BrewerBoston Red Sox
113Wilmer MizellSt. Louis Cardinals
114Milwaukee BravesMilwaukee Braves
115Jim GilliamBrooklyn Dodgers
116Mike FornielesBaltimore Orioles
117Joe AdcockMilwaukee Braves
118Bob PorterfieldBoston Red Sox
119Stan LopataPhiladelphia Phillies
120Bob LemonCleveland Indians
121Clete BoyerKansas City AthleticsRC
122Ken BoyerSt. Louis Cardinals
123Steve RidzikNew York Giants
124Dave PhilleyChicago White Sox
125Al KalineDetroit Tigers
126Bob WieslerWashington Senators
127Bob BuhlMilwaukee Braves
128Ed BaileyCincinnati Reds
129Saul RogovinPhiladelphia Phillies
130Don NewcombeBrooklyn Dodgers
131Milt BollingBoston Red Sox
132Art DitmarNew York Yankees
133Del CrandallMilwaukee Braves
134Don KaiserChicago Cubs
135Bill SkowronNew York Yankees
136Jim HeganCleveland Indians
137Bob RushChicago Cubs
138Minnie MinosoChicago White Sox
139Lou KretlowKansas City Athletics
140Frank ThomasPittsburgh Pirates
141Al AberDetroit Tigers
142Tim ThompsonKansas City Athletics
143Andy PafkoMilwaukee Braves
144Ray NarleskiCleveland Indians
145Al SmithCleveland Indians
146Don FerrareseBaltimore Orioles
147Rube WalkerBrooklyn Dodgers
148Don MuellerNew York Giants
149Bob KennedyDetroit Tigers
150Bob FriendPittsburgh Pirates
151Willy MirandaBaltimore Orioles
152Jack HarshmanChicago White Sox
153Karl OlsonWashington Senators
154Red SchoendienstNew York Giants
155Jim BrosnanChicago Cubs
156Gus TriandosBaltimore Orioles
157Wally PostCincinnati Reds
158Curt SimmonsPhiladelphia Phillies
159Solly DrakeChicago CubsRC
160Billy PierceChicago White Sox
161Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates
162Jack MeyerPhiladelphia Phillies
163Sammy WhiteBoston Red Sox
164Tommy CarrollNew York Yankees
165Ted KluszewskiCincinnati Reds
166Roy FacePittsburgh Pirates
167Vic PowerKansas City Athletics
168Frank LaryDetroit Tigers
169Herb PlewsWashington SenatorsRC
170Duke SniderBrooklyn Dodgers
171Boston Red SoxBoston Red Sox
172Gene WoodlingCleveland Indians
173Roger CraigBrooklyn Dodgers
174Willie JonesPhiladelphia Phillies
175Don LarsenNew York Yankees
176aGene BakerChicago Cubs
176bGene BakerChicago Cubs
177Eddie YostWashington Senators
178Don BessentBrooklyn Dodgers
179Ernie OravetzWashington Senators
180Gus BellCincinnati Reds
181Dick DonovanChicago White Sox
182Hobie LandrithSt. Louis Cardinals
183Chicago CubsChicago Cubs
184Tito FranconaBaltimore OriolesRC
185Johnny KucksNew York Yankees
186Jim KingChicago Cubs
187Virgil TrucksKansas City Athletics
188Felix MantillaMilwaukee BravesRC
189Willard NixonBoston Red Sox
190Randy JacksonBrooklyn Dodgers
191Joe MargoneriNew York GiantsRC
192Jerry ColemanNew York Yankees
193Del RiceMilwaukee Braves
194Hal BrownBaltimore Orioles
195Bobby AvilaCleveland Indians
196Larry JacksonSt. Louis Cardinals
197Hank SauerNew York Giants
198Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers
199Vern LawPittsburgh Pirates
200Gil McDougaldNew York Yankees
201Sandy AmorosBrooklyn Dodgers
202Dick GernertBoston Red Sox
203Hoyt WilhelmSt. Louis Cardinals
204Kansas City A\'sKansas City Athletics
205Charlie MaxwellDetroit Tigers
206Willard SchmidtSt. Louis Cardinals
207Billy HunterKansas City Athletics
208Lew BurdetteMilwaukee Braves
209Bob SkinnerPittsburgh Pirates
210Roy CampanellaBrooklyn Dodgers
211Camilo PascualWashington Senators
212Rocky ColavitoCleveland IndiansRC
213Les MossChicago White Sox
214Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies
215Enos SlaughterNew York Yankees
216Marv GrissomNew York Giants
217Gene StephensBoston Red Sox
218Ray JablonskiChicago Cubs
219Tom AckerCincinnati RedsRC
220Jackie JensenBoston Red Sox
221Dixie HowellChicago White Sox
222Alex GrammasCincinnati Reds
223Frank HouseDetroit Tigers
224Marv BlaylockPhiladelphia Phillies
225Harry SimpsonKansas City Athletics
226Preston WardCleveland Indians
227Jerry StaleyChicago White Sox
228Smoky BurgessCincinnati Reds
229George SusceBoston Red Sox
230George KellBaltimore Orioles
231Solly HemusPhiladelphia Phillies
232Whitey LockmanNew York Giants
233Art FowlerCincinnati Reds
234Dick ColePittsburgh Pirates
235Tom PoholskyChicago Cubs
236Joe GinsbergBaltimore Orioles
237Foster CastlemanNew York Giants
238Eddie RobinsonDetroit Tigers
239Tom MorganKansas City Athletics
240Hank BauerNew York Yankees
241Joe LonnettPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
242Charley NealBrooklyn Dodgers
243St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals
244Billy LoesBaltimore Orioles
245Rip RepulskiPhiladelphia Phillies
246Jose ValdivielsoWashington Senators
247Turk LownChicago Cubs
248Jim FiniganDetroit Tigers
249Dave PopeCleveland Indians
250Eddie MathewsMilwaukee Braves
251Baltimore OriolesBaltimore Orioles
252Carl ErskineBrooklyn Dodgers
253Gus ZernialKansas City Athletics
254Ron NegrayPhiladelphia Phillies
255Charlie SilveraChicago Cubs
256Ron KlinePittsburgh Pirates
257Walt DropoChicago White Sox
258Steve GromekDetroit Tigers
259Eddie O\'BrienPittsburgh Pirates
260Del EnnisSt. Louis Cardinals
261Bob ChakalesWashington Senators
262Bobby ThomsonMilwaukee Braves
263George StricklandCleveland Indians
264Bob TurleyNew York Yankees
265Harvey HaddixPhiladelphia Phillies
266Ken KuhnCleveland IndiansRC
267Danny KravitzPittsburgh PiratesRC
268Jackie CollumChicago Cubs
269Bob CervKansas City Athletics
270Washington SenatorsWashington Senators
271Danny O\'ConnellMilwaukee Braves
272Bobby ShantzNew York Yankees
273Jim DavisSt. Louis Cardinals
274Don HoakCincinnati Reds
275Cleveland IndiansCleveland Indians
276Jim PyburnBaltimore OriolesRC
277Johnny PodresBrooklyn Dodgers
278Fred HatfieldChicago White Sox
279Bob ThurmanCincinnati RedsRC
280Alex KellnerKansas City Athletics
281Gail HarrisNew York Giants
282Jack DittmerDetroit Tigers
283Wes CovingtonMilwaukee BravesRC
284Don ZimmerBrooklyn Dodgers
285Ned GarverKansas City Athletics
286Bobby RichardsonNew York YankeesRC
287Sam JonesSt. Louis Cardinals
288Ted LepcioBoston Red Sox
289Jim BolgerChicago Cubs
290Andy CareyNew York Yankees
291Windy McCallNew York Giants
292Billy KlausBoston Red Sox
293Ted AbernathyWashington SenatorsRC
294Rocky BridgesCincinnati Reds
295Joe CollinsNew York Yankees
296Johnny KlippsteinCincinnati Reds
297Jack CrimianDetroit Tigers
298Irv NorenKansas City Athletics
299Chuck HarmonSt. Louis Cardinals
300Mike GarciaCleveland Indians
301Sammy EspositoChicago White SoxRC
302Sandy KoufaxBrooklyn Dodgers
303Billy GoodmanBoston Red Sox
304Joe CunninghamSt. Louis Cardinals
305Chico FernandezPhiladelphia Phillies
306Darrell JohnsonNew York YankeesRC
307Jack PhillipsDetroit Tigers
308Dick HallPittsburgh Pirates
309Jim BusbyCleveland Indians
310Max SurkontNew York Giants
311Al PilarcikBaltimore OriolesRC
312Tony KubekNew York YankeesRC
313Mel ParnellBoston Red Sox
314Ed BoucheePhiladelphia PhilliesRC
315Lou BerberetWashington Senators
316Billy O\'DellBaltimore Orioles
317New York GiantsNew York Giants
318Mickey McDermottKansas City Athletics
319Gino CimoliBrooklyn DodgersRC
320Neil ChrisleyWashington SenatorsRC
321Red MurffMilwaukee BravesRC
322Cincinnati RedlegsCincinnati Reds
323Wes WestrumNew York Giants
324Brooklyn DodgersBrooklyn Dodgers
325Frank BollingDetroit Tigers
326Pedro RamosWashington Senators
327Jim PendletonPittsburgh Pirates
328Brooks RobinsonBaltimore OriolesRC
329Chicago White SoxChicago White Sox
330Jim WilsonChicago White Sox
331Ray KattNew York Giants
332Bob BowmanPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
333Ernie JohnsonMilwaukee Braves
334Jerry SchoonmakerWashington Senators
335Granny HamnerPhiladelphia Phillies
336Haywood SullivanBoston Red SoxRC
337Rene ValdesBrooklyn DodgersRC
338Jim BunningDetroit TigersRC
339Bob SpeakeChicago Cubs
340Bill WightBaltimore Orioles
341Don GrossCincinnati RedsRC
342Gene MauchBoston Red Sox
343Taylor PhillipsMilwaukee BravesRC
344Paul LaPalmeChicago White Sox
345Paul SmithPittsburgh Pirates
346Dick LittlefieldChicago Cubs
347Hal NaragonCleveland Indians
348Jim HearnPhiladelphia Phillies
349Nelson KingPittsburgh Pirates
350Eddie MiksisSt. Louis Cardinals
351Dave HillmanChicago CubsRC
352Ellis KinderChicago White Sox
353Cal NeemanChicago CubsRC
354Rip ColemanKansas City AthleticsRC
355Frank MalzoneBoston Red Sox
356Faye ThroneberryWashington Senators
357Earl TorgesonDetroit Tigers
358Jerry LynchCincinnati Reds
359Tom CheneySt. Louis CardinalsRC
360Johnny GrothKansas City Athletics
361Curt BarclayNew York GiantsRC
362Roman MejiasPittsburgh PiratesRC
363Eddie KaskoSt. Louis CardinalsRC
364Cal McLishCleveland IndiansRC
365Ozzie Virgil Sr.New York GiantsRC
366Ken LehmanBrooklyn Dodgers
367Ed Fitz GeraldWashington Senators
368Bob PurkeyPittsburgh Pirates
369Milt GraffKansas City AthleticsRC
370Warren HackerCincinnati Reds
371Bob LennonChicago Cubs
372Norm ZauchinBoston Red Sox
373Pete WhisenantCincinnati RedsRC
374Don CardwellPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
375Jim LandisChicago White SoxRC
376Don ElstonBrooklyn DodgersRC
377Andre RodgersNew York GiantsRC
378Elmer SingletonChicago Cubs
379Don LeeDetroit TigersRC
380Walker CooperSt. Louis Cardinals
381Dean StoneBoston Red Sox
382Jim BrideweserBaltimore Orioles
383Juan PizarroMilwaukee BravesRC
384Bobby Gene SmithSt. Louis CardinalsRC
385Art HouttemanCleveland Indians
386Lyle LuttrellWashington SenatorsRC
387Jack SanfordPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
388Pete DaleyBoston Red Sox
389Dave JollyMilwaukee Braves
390Reno BertoiaDetroit Tigers
391Ralph TerryNew York YankeesRC
392Chuck TannerMilwaukee Braves
393Raul SanchezCincinnati RedsRC
394Luis ArroyoPittsburgh Pirates
395Bubba PhillipsChicago White Sox
396Casey WiseChicago CubsRC
397Roy SmalleyPhiladelphia Phillies
398Al CicotteNew York YankeesRC
399Billy ConsoloBoston Red Sox
400Carl FurilloBrooklyn Dodgers
400Gil HodgesBrooklyn Dodgers
400Roy CampanellaBrooklyn Dodgers
400Duke SniderBrooklyn Dodgers
401Earl BatteyChicago White SoxRC
402Jim PisoniKansas City AthleticsRC
403Dick HydeWashington SenatorsRC
404Harry AndersonPhiladelphia PhilliesRC
405Duke MaasDetroit Tigers
406Bob HaleBaltimore Orioles
407Mickey Mantle / Yogi BerraNew York Yankees
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