1957/1958 Topps Basketball trading cards featured 80 cards including the rookie cards for 23 Hall of Fame inductees. It was the first basketball set to be released by Topps and the first by any company to be cut to the now standard dimensions. Released in the 12th year of the NBA, there are only eight teams represented in the set as the league would not expand to nine teams until 1961.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in this collection and can be sorted by card number, player, team, or rookie status. Follow this hub using the button above and you will get automatic updates regarding this set when they become available via your "Following" page.

1957/1958 Topps Basketball

Base Set – 80 Cards

1Nat CliftonPistonsRC
2George YardleyPistonsRC
3Neil JohnstonWarriorsRC
4Carl BraunKnicks
5Bill SharmanCelticsRC
6George KingRoyalsRC
7Kenny SearsKnicksRC
8Dick RickettsRoyalsRC
9Jack NicholsCeltics
10Paul ArizinWarriorsRC
11Chuck NoblePistons
12Slater MartinHawksRC
13Dolph SchayesNationalsRC
14Dick AthaPistons
15Frank RamseyCelticsRC
16Dick McGuirePistonsRC
17Bob CousyCelticsRC
18Larry FoustLakersRC
19Tom HeinsohnCelticsRC
20Bill ThiebenPistons
21Don MeinekeRoyalsRC
22Tom MarshallRoyals
23Dick GarmakerLakers
24Bob PettitHawksRC
25Jim KrebsLakersRC
26Gene ShuePistonsRC
27Ed MacauleyHawksRC
28Vern MikkelsenLakersRC
29Willie NaullsKnicksRC
30Walter DukesPistonsRC
31Dave PiontekRoyals
32John KerrNationalsRC
33Larry CostelloNationalsRC
34Woody SauldsberryWarriorsRC
35Ray FelixKnicksRC
36Ernie BeckWarriors
37Cliff HaganHawksRC
38Guy SparrowKnicks
39Jim LoscutoffCelticsRC
40Arnie RisenCeltics
41Joe GraboskiWarriors
42Maurice StokesRoyalsRC
43Rod HundleyLakersRC
44Tom GolaWarriorsRC
45Med ParkHawksRC
46Mel HutchinsKnicks
47Larry FriendKnicks
48Lennie RosenbluthWarriorsRC
49Walt DavisWarriors
50Richie ReganRoyalsRC
51Frank SelvyHawksRC
52Art SpoelstraLakers
53Bob HopkinsNationalsRC
54Earl LloydNationalsRC
55Phil JordonKnicks
56Bob HoubregsPistonsRC
57Lou TsioropoulosCeltics
58Ed ConlinNationalsRC
59Al BianchiNationalsRC
60George DempseyWarriorsRC
61Chuck ShareHawks
62Harry GallatinPistonsRC
63Bob HarrisonNationals
64Bob BurrowLakers
65Win WilfongHawks
66Jack McMahonHawksRC
67Jack GeorgeWarriors
68Charlie TyraKnicks
69Ron SobieKnicks
70Jack ColemanHawks
71Jack TwymanRoyalsRC
72Paul SeymourNationalsRC
73Jim PaxsonRoyalsRC
74Bob LeonardLakersRC
75Andy PhillipCeltics
76Joe HolupNationals
77Bill RussellCelticsRC
78Clyde LovelletteRoyalsRC
79Ed FlemingLakers
80Dick SchnittkerLakersRC

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