The 1973 Topps Kung Fu series of trading cards are inspired by the television show of the same name. The checklist includes 60 images from the program set on a red backdrop and a large yellow "Kung Fu" on the bottom.

Kung Fu starred David Carradine and released 63 hour-long episodes over three seasons. The show aired on ABC from 1972 through 1975 and spawned several tv movies in the 1980s.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in this set and can be searched or sorted as needed. Follow this hub using the button above and you will get automatic updates regarding this set when they become available via your "Following" page.

1973 Topps Kung Fu Checklist
Base Set – 60 Cards
#Card Title
1Caine artwork
2Grabbing gun with feet
3Legs crossed on porch
4Hands-up surrender
5Hand on horse's back
6Caine trudges through desert
7Woman talks to Caine
8Kung Fu training lunges
9Woman's hand on Caine's shoulder
10Light grey hat
11Tea on the dock
12Kung Fu practice outdoors
13White hat, blue-green shirt
14In cowboy hat
15Caine and boy in red vest
16Caine in woods with boy
17Caine a knife-throwing target
18Foot against gun hand
19Caine at stable
20Shirtless, left arm extended
21Horse and Caine
22Hairless Caine
23Tea with the Master
24Hands out in green shirt
25Woman, boy, and Caine
26Caine screaming
27Gazing ahead, trees behind
28Fist to chin in training
29Standing on rocky outcrop
30Woman hugs Caine
31Team against team training
32Head shot in coat
33With hat, looking stern
34Hands out, dodging thrown knives
35Caine covered by rifle
36Green shirt, in pain
37Face close-up
38Palms pressed in training
39Grab the pebble
40For Murder Kwai Chang Caine
41Brush in hand
42Arms outstretched
43Fighting with staffs
44On boardwalk in town
45Caine and Master
46Two men fighting
47Caine kicks Old West shotgun
48Caine smiling
50Arms outstretched, right hand curled
51Bleeding Caine left hand over head
52Brown robe before tent
53Lunging against shotgun
54Black fighter descends on gold
55Caine holding pink cloth
56Caine on right elbow on floor
57Caine with staff
58On ground, wrestling gun
59Fighters addressing, palms out
60Caine crouches in tan/purple

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