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2016 Leaf Live Checklist

2016 Leaf Live is a “Print on Demand” offering that highlights the biggest moments in sports and entertainment as they happen. Cards are available for a limited time exclusively online and print runs are capped at the total number ordered.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in this series including final print runs.

#CelebrityFieldEventPrint Run
1Gene WilderActorDeath233
2Yoan MoncadaBaseball PlayerMLB Debut209
3Dak PrescottFootball PlayerNFL Start158
4Carson WentzFootball PlayerNFL Start250
5Ezekiel ElliottFootball PlayerFirst TD151
6Donald TrumpPoliticianFirst Debate181
6Hillary ClintonPoliticianFirst Debate181
7Paxton LynchFootball PlayerFirst NFL Game84
8HarambeGorilla MartyrDeath243
9John CusackActorBaseball Spectator71
10Tim TebowBaseball PlayerTwo-Sport "Superstar"182