2018 Topps Now WWE trading cards highlight the greatest moments of wrestling as they happen. Released almost immediately after the conclusion of an event and available for only 24 hours, each card is printed to order so some of these cards are incredibly rare.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in this series and can be sorted by card number, wrestler, event, or final print run. Follow this hub using the button above and you will get automatic updates regarding this set when they become available via your "Following" page.

2018 Topps Now WWE Checklist

Base Set – 19 Cards (and growing)

#WrestlerEventVariantPrint Run
1Undisputed ERANXT Takeover38
1AJ StylesRoyal Rumble99
2Ember MoonNXT Takeover56
2Shinsuke NakamuraRoyal Rumble127
2aShinsuke NakamuraRoyal RumbleRelic25
2bShinsuke NakamuraRoyal RumbleGold Relic1
3Aleister BlackNXT Takeover54
3Cesaro & SheamusRoyal Rumble82
4Andrade Cien AlmasNXT Takeover31
4LitaRoyal Rumble102
5Trish StratusRoyal Rumble186
5Adam ColeNXT Takeover80
6AsukaRoyal Rumble145
6aAsukaRoyal RumbleRelic25
6bAsukaRoyal RumbleGold Relic1
6Shayna BaszlerNXT Takeover80
7Alexa BlissElimination Chamber171
7Undisputed ERANXT Takeover50
8AsukaElimination Chamber140
8Aleister BlackNXT Takeover56
9Woken Matt HardyElimination Chamber56
9Johnny GarganoNXT Takeover51
10Roman ReignsElimination Chamber59
11AJ StylesFastlane53
13Charlotte FlairFastlane101
14Randy OrtonFastlane67
15Shinsuke NakamuraFastlane50
16Daniel BryanSmackdown Live125
17Woken Matt HardyWreslteMania76
18Cedric AlexanderWrestleMania74
20Seth RollinsWrestleMania77
21Charlotte FlairWrestleMania261
22Jinder MahalWrestleMania64
23Bludgeon BrothersWrestleMania67
24bUndertakerWrestleManiaGold Relic1
25Daniel BryanWrestleMania93
25aDaniel BryanWrestleManiaRelic25
25bDaniel BryanWrestleManiaGold Relic1
26Nia JaxWrestleMania115
27AJ StylesWrestleMania85
28Braun StrowmanWrestleMania67
29Brock LesnarWrestleMania44
29aBrock LesnarWrestlemaniaRelic25
29bBrock LesnarWrestleManiaGold Relic1
30Ronda RouseyWrestleMania1342
30aRonda RouseyWrestleManiaRelic25
30bRonda RouseyWrestleManiaGold Relic1
Written by: Tony Frye
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