2019 Topps Now Entertainment trading cards highlight the biggest moments from the world of pop culture as they happen.

Cards are available for 24 hours and print runs will be limited to the order number during that period. Autograph and relic parallels are limited to 99 or less.

The card design mirrors the design of other Topps Now products from 2019. The numbering sequence, however, includes a prefix and is not a simple number series.

The initial release of this new online exclusive celebrated the success of Lil Nas X and his hit single "Old Town Road". With the series beginning in August 2019, it is unlikely that the checklist will grow to the numbers other Now products have reached.

Our checklist includes all of the cards released in this series and can be sorted or searched by several parameters. Final print runs will be posted as they become public and links found on the checklist will direct you to eBay listings for that card.

A gallery of cards can be found under the tab at the top of this page and links for current releases can be found in the sidebar.

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#EntertainerVariantIndustryPrint Run
ENT1Lil Nas XMusic483
ENT1ALil Nas XAutographMusic99
ENT1BLil Nas XBlack AutoMusic75
ENT1CLil Nas XBlue AutoMusic49
ENT1DLil Nas XPurple AutoMusic25
ENT1ELil Nas XRed AutoMusic10
ENT1FLil Nas XOrange AutoMusic5
ENT1GLil Nas XGold AutoMusic1
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