2019 Topps Throwback Thursday baseball cards highlight the biggest moments in baseball history from the past and present on classic card designs from every Topps property.

Whether a classic baseball set or a junk era television set, no design is off limits for this series.

Cards are released in groups of six and sold for one week every Thursday. Print runs are determined by the total number sold and lock after one week of sales.

Our checklist includes all of the cards in this series and can be searched or sorted by several parameters including final print runs.

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2019 Topps Throwback Thursday Checklist

Base Set – 60 Cards

#PlayerTeamRCThrowbackPrint Run
1Mariano RiveraYankees1999 Topps Baseball433
2Todd HeltonRockies1999 Topps Baseball433
3Andruw JonesBraves1999 Topps Baseball433
4Roger ClemensRed Sox1999 Topps Baseball433
5Fred McGriffBlue Jays1999 Topps Baseball433
6Andy PettiteYankees1999 Topps Baseball433
7Derek JeterYankees1976 Star Trek513
8Carl YastrzemskiRed Sox1976 Star Trek513
9Gary CarterMets1976 Star Trek513
10Duke SniderDodgers1976 Star Trek513
11Willie StargellPirates1976 Star Trek513
12Barry LarkinReds1976 Star Trek513
13Aaron JudgeYankees1989 Topps Big Baseball482
14Frank ThomasWhite Sox1989 Topps Big Baseball482
15Randy JohnsonMariners1989 Topps Big Baseball482
16Noah SyndergaardMets1989 Topps Big Baseball482
17Bo JacksonRoyals1989 Topps Big Baseball482
18Giancarlo StantonYankees1989 Topps Big Baseball482
19Mariano RiveraYankees1987 Topps Baseball Turn Back the Clock441
20Mariano RiveraYankees1987 Topps Baseball Turn Back the Clock441
21Mariano RiveraYankees1987 Topps Baseball Turn Back the Clock441
22Mariano RiveraYankees1987 Topps Baseball Turn Back the Clock441
23Mariano RiveraYankees1987 Topps Baseball Turn Back the Clock441
24Mariano RiveraYankees1987 Topps Baseball Turn Back the Clock441
25Mike TroutAngels1971 Topps Football674
26Clayton KershawDodgers1971 Topps Football674
27Kris BryantCubs1971 Topps Football674
28Ronald Acuna JrBraves1971 Topps Football674
29Tom SeaverMets1971 Topps Football674
30Johnny BenchReds1971 Topps Football674
31Jacob deGromMets1961 Topps Baseball Thrills492
31Juan SotoNationals1961 Topps Baseball Thrills492
32Clayton KershawDodgers1961 Topps Baseball Thrills492
32Buster PoseyGiants1961 Topps Baseball Thrills492
33Justin VerlanderAstros1961 Topps Baseball Thrills492
33Shohei OhtaniAngels1961 Topps Baseball Thrills492
34Luis SeverinoYankees1961 Topps Baseball Thrills492
34Mookie BettsRed Sox1961 Topps Baseball Thrills492
35Max ScherzerNationals1961 Topps Baseball Thrills492
35Ronald Acuna JrBraves1961 Topps Baseball Thrills492
36Blake SnellRays1961 Topps Baseball Thrills492
36Aaron JudgeYankees1961 Topps Baseball Thrills492
37Rickey HendersonAthletics1978 Grease457
38Lou BrockCardinals1978 Grease457
39Mookie BettsRed Sox1978 Grease457
40Mike TroutAngels1978 Grease457
41Jose RamirezIndians1978 Grease457
42Jackie RobinsonDodgers1978 Grease457
43Pedro MartinezExpos1960 Topps Hockey301
44Vlad GuerreroExpos1960 Topps Hockey301
45Tim RainesExpos1960 Topps Hockey301
46Roberto AlomarBlue Jays1960 Topps Hockey301
47Carlos DelgadoBlue Jays1960 Topps Hockey301
48Roy HalladayBlue Jays1960 Topps Hockey301
49Kyle TuckerAstrosRC1965 Topps Baseball866
50Yusei KikuchiMarinersRC1965 Topps Baseball866
51Ken Griffey JrMariners1965 Topps Baseball866
52Ronald Acuna JrBraves1965 Topps Baseball866
53Francisco LindorIndians1965 Topps Baseball866
54Jacob deGromMets1965 Topps Baseball866
55Bryce HarperPhillies1970 Topps Baseball Rookie Stars686
55Rhys HoskinsPhillies1970 Topps Baseball Rookie Stars686
56Robinson CanoMets1970 Topps Baseball Rookie Stars686
56Michael ConfortoMets1970 Topps Baseball Rookie Stars686
57Manny MachadoPadres1970 Topps Baseball Rookie Stars686
57Eric HosmerPadres1970 Topps Baseball Rookie Stars686
58Paul GoldschmidtCardinals1970 Topps Baseball Rookie Stars686
58Yadier MolinaCardinals1970 Topps Baseball Rookie Stars686
59James PaxtonYankees1970 Topps Baseball Rookie Stars686
59Aaron JudgeYankees1970 Topps Baseball Rookie Stars686
60Patrick CorbinNationals1970 Topps Baseball Rookie Stars686
60Juan SotoNationals1970 Topps Baseball Rookie Stars686
61Mike TroutAngels1964 Topps Stand-Up813
62Aaron JudgeYankees1964 Topps Stand-Up813
63Alex BregmanAstros1964 Topps Stand-Up813
64Juan SotoNationals1964 Topps Stand-Up813
65Danny JansenBlue JaysRC1964 Topps Stand-Up813
66Pablo LopezMarlinsRC1964 Topps Stand-Up813
67IchiroMariners1993 Topps Stadium Club Basketball371
68Bryce HarperPhillies1993 Topps Stadium Club Basketball371
69Dave WinfieldYankees1993 Topps Stadium Club Basketball371
70Roger ClemensRed Sox1993 Topps Stadium Club Basketball371
71Barry LarkinReds1993 Topps Stadium Club Basketball371
72Todd HeltonRockies1993 Topps Stadium Club Basketball371
73Manny MachadoPadres2004 Topps Opening Day421
74Bryce HarperPhillies2004 Topps Opening Day421
75Max ScherzerNationals2004 Topps Opening Day421
76JD MartinezRed Sox2004 Topps Opening Day421
77Luis SeverinoYankees2004 Topps Opening Day421
78Aaron NolaPhillies2004 Topps Opening Day421
79Fernando Tatis JrPadresRC1993 Topps Baseball Coming Attractions955
80Pete AlonsoMetsRC1993 Topps Baseball Coming Attractions955
81Kyle TuckerAstrosRC1993 Topps Baseball Coming Attractions955
82Justus SheffieldMarinersRC1993 Topps Baseball Coming Attractions955
83Michael KopechWhite SoxRC1993 Topps Baseball Coming Attractions955
84Chance AdamsYankeesRC1993 Topps Baseball Coming Attractions955
85Eloy JimenezWhite SoxRC1987 Topps WWE Sticker573
86Shohei OhtaniAngels1987 Topps WWE Sticker573
87Yusei KikuchiMarinersRC1987 Topps WWE Sticker573
88Christian YelichBrewers1987 Topps WWE Sticker573
89Chris PaddackPadresRC1987 Topps WWE Sticker573
90Yasiel PuigReds1987 Topps WWE Sticker573
91Jeff McNeilMetsRC1984 Topps Hockey583
92Aaron JudgeYankees1984 Topps Hockey583
93Victor RoblesNationals1984 Topps Hockey583
94Javier BaezCubs1984 Topps Hockey583
95Cody BellingerDodgers1984 Topps Hockey583
96Brandon LoweRaysRC1984 Topps Hockey583
97Pete AlonsoMetsRC1974 Topps Baseball1153
98Mike TroutAngels1974 Topps Baseball1153
99Ronald Acuna JrBraves1974 Topps Baseball1153
100Juan SotoNationals1974 Topps Baseball1153
101Luis UriasPadresRC1974 Topps Baseball1153
102Jose AltuveAstros1974 Topps Baseball1153
103Vladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRC1995 Bowman Baseball1105
104Ronald Acuna JrBraves1995 Bowman Baseball1105
105Xander BogaertsRed Sox1995 Bowman Baseball1105
106Alex BregmanAstros1995 Bowman Baseball1105
107Blake SnellRays1995 Bowman Baseball1105
108Paul GoldschmidtCardinals1995 Bowman Baseball1105
109Nick SenzelRedsRC1970 Topps Super Glossy Football735
110Luke VoitYankees1970 Topps Super Glossy Football735
111Tim AndersonWhite Sox1970 Topps Super Glossy Football735
112Fernando Tatis JrPadresRC1970 Topps Super Glossy Football735
113Willson ContrerasCubs1970 Topps Super Glossy Football735
114Carter KieboomNationalsRC1970 Topps Super Glossy Football735
115Vladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRC1962 Topps Football1194
116George SpringerAstros1962 Topps Football1194
117Pete AlonsoMetsRC1962 Topps Football1194
118Gio UrshelaYankees1962 Topps Football1194
119Eloy JimenezWhite SoxRC1962 Topps Football1194
120Adalberto MondesiRoyals1962 Topps Football1194
121Shohei OhtaniAngels1991 Topps Stadium Club772
122Chris PaddackPadresRC1991 Topps Stadium Club772
123Mookie BettsRed Sox1991 Topps Stadium Club772
124Nick SenzelRedsRC1991 Topps Stadium Club772
125Josh BellPirates1991 Topps Stadium Club772
126Keston HiuraBrewersRC1991 Topps Stadium Club772
127Cavan BiggioBlue JaysRC1974 Topps Basketball885
128Buster PoseyGiants1974 Topps Basketball885
129Vladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRC1974 Topps Basketball885
130Ramon LaureanoAthleticsRC1974 Topps Basketball885
131Roberto AlomarBlue Jays1974 Topps Basketball885
132Willie MaysGiants1974 Topps Basketball885
133Austin RileyBravesRC1972 Topps Baseball1031
134Gary SanchezYankees1972 Topps Baseball1031
135Michael ChavisRed SoxRC1972 Topps Baseball1031
136Hyun-Jin RyuDodgers1972 Topps Baseball1031
137Pete AlonsoMetsRC1972 Topps Baseball1031
138Jorge PolancoTwins1972 Topps Baseball1031
139Fernando Tatis JrPadresRC1985 Topps Cyndi Lauper518
140Mike TroutAngels1985 Topps Cyndi Lauper518
141Brandon LoweRays1985 Topps Cyndi Lauper518
142Bryce HarperPhillies1985 Topps Cyndi Lauper518
143Don MattinglyYankees1985 Topps Cyndi Lauper518
144Dwight GoodenMets1985 Topps Cyndi Lauper518
145Trevor StoryRockies1989 Topps Football691
146Vladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRC1989 Topps Football691
147Lucas GiolitoWhite Sox1989 Topps Football691
148Eloy JimenezWhite SoxRC1989 Topps Football691
149Deion SandersBraves1989 Topps Football691
150Bo JacksonRoyals1989 Topps Football691
151Hank AaronBraves1979 Topps All Stars761
152Willie MaysGiants1979 Topps All Stars761
153Cal Ripken JrOrioles1979 Topps All Stars761
154Ted WilliamsRed Sox1979 Topps All Stars761
155Ken Griffey JrMariners1979 Topps All Stars761
156Mariano RiveraYankees1979 Topps All Stars761
157Ronald Acuna JrBravesRC1979 Topps All Stars745
158Pete AlonsoMetsRC1979 Topps All Stars745
159Walker BuehlerDodgers1979 Topps All Stars745
160Jorge PolancoTwins1979 Topps All Stars745
161Carlos SantanaIndians1979 Topps All Stars745
162Austin MeadowsRays1979 Topps All Stars745
163Francisco LindorIndians1966 Topps Power Plus404
163Manny MachadoPadres1966 Topps Power Plus404
164Ken Griffey JrMariners1966 Topps Power Plus404
164Mark McGwireCardinals1966 Topps Power Plus404
165Bo JacksonRoyals1966 Topps Power Plus404
165Don MattinglyYankees1966 Topps Power Plus404
166Mike TroutAngels1966 Topps Power Plus404
166Albert PujolsAngels1966 Topps Power Plus404
167Kris BryantCubs1966 Topps Power Plus404
167Anthony RizzoCubs1966 Topps Power Plus404
168Alex BregmanAstros1966 Topps Power Plus404
168Christian YelichNationals1966 Topps Power Plus404
169Derek JeterYankees1968 Topps Rookie Stars851
169Mariano RiveraYankees1968 Topps Rookie Stars851
170Edgar MartinezMariners1968 Topps Rookie Stars851
170Ken Griffey Jr.Mariners1968 Topps Rookie Stars851
171Cal Ripken Jr.Orioles1968 Topps Rookie Stars851
171Mike MussinaOrioles1968 Topps Rookie Stars851
172Jeff BagwellAstros1968 Topps Rookie Stars851
172Craig BiggioAstros1968 Topps Rookie Stars851
173Harold BainesWhite Sox1968 Topps Rookie Stars851
173Frank ThomasWhite Sox1968 Topps Rookie Stars851
174Johnny BenchReds1968 Topps Rookie Stars851
174Joe MorganReds1968 Topps Rookie Stars851
175Nomar MazaraRangers1969 Topps Man on the Moon713
176Gary SanchezYankees1969 Topps Man on the Moon713
177Pete AlonsoMetsRC1969 Topps Man on the Moon713
178Mike TroutAngels1969 Topps Man on the Moon713
179Eloy JimenezWhite SoxRC1969 Topps Man on the Moon713
180Fernando Tatis Jr.PadresRC1969 Topps Man on the Moon713
181Ronald Acuna Jr.Braves1995 Topps Stadium Club806
182Shohei OhtaniAngels1995 Topps Stadium Club806
183Vladimir Guerrero Jr.Blue JaysRC1995 Topps Stadium Club806
184Chris PaddackPadresRC1995 Topps Stadium Club806
185Pete AlonsoMetsRC1995 Topps Stadium Club806
186Juan SotoNationals1995 Topps Stadium Club806
187Tony GwynnPadres1979 Topps Football327
188Todd HeltonRockies1979 Topps Football327
189Bo JacksonRoyals1979 Topps Football327
190Deion SandersBraves1979 Topps Football327
191Frank ThomasWhite Sox1979 Topps Football327
192Joe MauerTwins1979 Topps Football327
193Ken Griffey Jr.Mariners1989 Topps TMNT557
194Bryce HarperNationals1989 Topps TMNT557
195Juan SotoNationals1989 Topps TMNT557
196Mike TroutAngels1989 Topps TMNT557
197Babe Ruth1989 Topps TMNT557
198Manny MachadoOrioles1989 Topps TMNT557
199Gio UrshelaYankees1993 Topps Black and Gold362
200Bryan ReynoldsPiratesRC1993 Topps Black and Gold362
201Clayton KershawDodgers1993 Topps Black and Gold362
202Justin VerlanderAstros1993 Topps Black and Gold362
203Yasiel PuigIndians1993 Topps Black and Gold362
204Marcus StromanMets1993 Topps Black and Gold362
205Christian YelichBrewers2002 Topps American Pie Sluggers677
206Mike TroutAngels2002 Topps American Pie Sluggers677
207Pete AlonsoMetsRC2002 Topps American Pie Sluggers677
208Cody BellingerDodgers2002 Topps American Pie Sluggers677
209Ronald Acuna JrBraves2002 Topps American Pie Sluggers677
210Gleyber TorresYankees2002 Topps American Pie Sluggers677
211Vladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRC1969 Topps Football832
212Ketel MarteDiamondbacks1969 Topps Football832
213Mike YastrzemskiGiantsRC1969 Topps Football832
214Aaron JudgeYankees1969 Topps Football832
215Keston HiuraBrewersRC1969 Topps Football832
216Rafael DeversRed Sox1969 Topps Football832
217Javier BaezCubs1990 Topps Magazine Card331
218Jeff McNeilMetsRC1990 Topps Magazine Card331
219Cavan BiggioBlue JaysRC1990 Topps Magazine Card331
220Mike SorokaBraves1990 Topps Magazine Card331
221Bryce HarperPhillies1990 Topps Magazine Card331
222Gerrit ColeAstros1990 Topps Magazine Card331
223Eugenio SuarezReds1988 Topps BIG677
224Peter AlonsoMetsRC1988 Topps BIG677
225Alex BregmanAstros1988 Topps BIG677
226Will SmithDodgersRC1988 Topps BIG677
227Anthony RendonNationals1988 Topps BIG677
228Austin RileyBravesRC1988 Topps BIG677
229Rickey HendersonAthletics1978 Close Encounters453
230Giancarlo StantonYankees1978 Close Encounters453
231Ozzie SmithCardinals1978 Close Encounters453
232Shoehei OhtaniAngels1978 Close Encounters453
233Randy JohnsonDiamondbacks1978 Close Encounters453
234Mike TroutAngels1978 Close Encounters453
235Cody BellingerDodgers1993-94 Topps Basketball445
236Justin VerlanderAstros1993-94 Topps Basketball445
237Aaron JudgeYankees1993-94 Topps Basketball445
238Ronald Acuna JrBraves1993-94 Topps Basketball445
239Keston HiuraBrewersRC1993-94 Topps Basketball445
240Juan SotoNationals1993-94 Topps Basketball445
241Juan SotoNationals1989 Topps Back to the Future363
242Vladimir GuerreroExpos1989 Topps Back to the Future363
243Bob GibsonCardinals1989 Topps Back to the Future363
244Jack FlahertyCardinals1989 Topps Back to the Future363
245Aaron JudgeYankees1989 Topps Back to the Future363
246Babe RuthYankees1989 Topps Back to the Future363
247Gleyber TorresYankees1988 Topps Baseball875
248Vladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRC1988 Topps Baseball875
249Max ScherzerNationals1988 Topps Baseball875
250Pete AlonsoMetsRC1988 Topps Baseball875
251George SpringerAstros1988 Topps Baseball875
252Derek JeterYankees1988 Topps Baseball875
253Kris BryantCubs1975 Topps World Series293
254David OrtizRed Sox1975 Topps World Series293
255Reggie JacksonYankees1975 Topps World Series293
256Carlton FiskRed Sox1975 Topps World Series293
257Tom SeaverMets1975 Topps World Series293
258Luis GonzalezDiamondbacks1975 Topps World Series293
259Juan SotoNationals1960 Topps World Series455
260Kurt SuzukiNationals1960 Topps World Series455
261Michael BrantleyAstros1960 Topps World Series455
262Alex BregmanAstros1960 Topps World Series455
263Gerrit ColeAstros1960 Topps World Series455
264Stephen StrasburgNationals1960 Topps World Series455
265Patrick CorbinNationals1960 Topps World Series455
266Pete AlonsoMetsRC1978 Topps Rookies
266Chris PaddackPadresRC1978 Topps Rookies
266Jake BauersIndiansRC1978 Topps Rookies
266Austin RileyBravesRC1978 Topps Rookies
267Keston KiuraBrewersRC1978 Topps Rookies
267Nick SenzelRedsRC1978 Topps Rookies
267Yusei KikuchiMarinersRC1978 Topps Rookies
267Kyle TuckerAstrosRC1978 Topps Rookies
268Eloy JimenezWhite SoxRC1978 Topps Rookies
268Michael ChavisRed SoxRC1978 Topps Rookies
268Willians AstudilloTwinsRC1978 Topps Rookies
268Carter KeiboomNationalsRC1978 Topps Rookies
269Fernando Tatis JrPadresRC1978 Topps Rookies
269Brendan RodgersRockiesRC1978 Topps Rookies
269Luis UriasPadresRC1978 Topps Rookies
269Christin StewartTigersRC1978 Topps Rookies
270Vladimir Guerrero JrBlue JaysRC1978 Topps Rookies
270Griffing CanningAngelsRC1978 Topps Rookies
270Rowdy TellezBlue JaysRC1978 Topps Rookies
270Mike YastrzemskiGiantsRC1978 Topps Rookies
271Cavan BiggioBlue JaysRC1978 Topps Rookies
271Justus SheffieldMarinersRC1978 Topps Rookies
271Dakota HudsonCardinalsRC1978 Topps Rookies
271John MeansOriolesRC1978 Topps Rookies
272Pete AlonsoMetsRC1999 Topps HR Parade
273Aaron JudgeYankees1999 Topps HR Parade
274Sammy SosaCubs1999 Topps HR Parade
275Mark McGwireCardinals1999 Topps HR Parade
276Giancarlo StantonMarlins1999 Topps HR Parade
277Albert PujolsCardinals1999 Topps HR Parade
2019 Topps Throwback Thursday Mike Trout Baseball Card 61 PSA 10
2019 Topps Throwback Thursday Mike Trout Baseball Card 61 PSA 10
Time Remaining: 29d 18h 43m
Buy It Now for only: $79.99
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2019 Topps Throwback Thursday TBT Set 46 1999 Topps HR Parade
2019 Topps Throwback Thursday TBT Set 46 1999 Topps HR Parade
Time Remaining: 25d 12h 54m
Buy It Now for only: $22.00
Buy It Now | Add to watch list
2019 Topps Throwback Thursday TBT 6 Card Complete Set 27 Acuna Alonso
2019 Topps Throwback Thursday TBT 6 Card Complete Set 27 Acuna Alonso
Time Remaining: 24d 9h 21m
Buy It Now for only: $24.95
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2019 Topps Throwback Thursday 1972 Set 23 Alonso Chavis Riley Sanchez Ryu
2019 Topps Throwback Thursday 1972 Set 23 Alonso Chavis Riley Sanchez Ryu
Time Remaining: 3d 20h 27m
Buy It Now for only: $29.99
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2019 Topps Throwback Thursday TBT 772 126 Keston Hiura PSA 10 GEM MT Rookie
2019 Topps Throwback Thursday TBT 772 126 Keston Hiura PSA 10 GEM MT Rookie
Time Remaining: 11d 9h 22m
Buy It Now for only: $44.49
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2019 Topps Throwback Thursday TBT 772 126 Keston Hiura PSA 10 GEM MT Rookie
2019 Topps Throwback Thursday TBT 772 126 Keston Hiura PSA 10 GEM MT Rookie
Time Remaining: 11d 9h 22m
Buy It Now for only: $44.49
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2019 Topps Throwback Thursday Set38 1988 Topps BIG Set of 6 Cards Alonso RC
2019 Topps Throwback Thursday Set38 1988 Topps BIG Set of 6 Cards Alonso RC
Time Remaining: 15d 21h 51m
Buy It Now for only: $30.00
Buy It Now | Add to watch list
2019 Topps Throwback Thursday TBT Set 46 1999 Topps HR Parade Pete Alonso SOSA
2019 Topps Throwback Thursday TBT Set 46 1999 Topps HR Parade Pete Alonso SOSA
Time Remaining: 26d 10h 6m
Buy It Now for only: $21.99
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