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2019 Topps UFC Museum Collection Checklist

2019 Topps UFC Museum Collection mixes legendary, veteran, and current fighters in the hobby exclusive release.

The base set is 50 cards with five different colored parallels, all numbered. A hobby box comes with the guarantee of one relic card plus two auto-relics or on-card auto. Every case includes a framed autograph card.

Topps originally listed an insert set named Canvas Collection Originals which has not been included on their official checklist.

Meaningful Moments relic cards include pieces of actual event canvas from the Octagon. All of these cards are numbered.

Fighter-worn/event-used memorabilia is the focal point on the Primary Pieces insert sets.

The autograph list for 2019 Topps UFC Museum Collection is filled with the biggest fighters in the sport. Dual autograph cards are arranged in various combinations but all numbered to 10 or less.

With so many different hits to look out for, this set offers plenty for UFC collectors to search out. Our checklist includes all of the cards released and can be searched or sorted as needed.

Clicking any links within the checklist will direct you to relevant eBay listings.

2019 Topps UFC Museum Collection Checklist
Base Set – 50 Cards
Copper – #/175
Gold – #/75
Sapphire – #/25
Ruby – #/8
Emerald – 1/1
Four Athlete Primary Pieces (FQPR) – 7 Cards
Base – #/50 or less
Copper – #/25
Gold – #/10
Emerald Prime – 1/1
Museum Autographs (MA) – 48 Cards
Base – #/99 or less
Gold – #/25
Ruby – #/8
Emerald – 1/1
Museum Dual Autographs (MDA) – 9 Cards
Base – #/10 or less
Momentous Material Dual Mat Auto Relic Book (MDMAR) – 3 Cards
Base – #/5
Emerald – 1/1
Museum Collection Framed Autographs (MFA) – 17 Cards
Gold Frame – #/15
Silver Frame – #/5
Black Frame – 1/1
Museum Framed Autograph Relic (MFAR) – 21 Cards
Base – #/10 or less
Museum Memorabilia (MM) – 16 Cards
Base – 1/1
Meaningful Moments Relics (MMR) – 27 Cards
Base – #/75 or less
Copper – #/35
Gold – #/10
Emerald – 1/1
Primary Pieces (SPQR) – 29 Cards
Base – #/50 or less
Copper – #/25
Gold – #/10
Emerald Prime – 1/1
Primary Pieces Legends (SQRL) – 9 Cards
Base – #/25
Gold – #/5
Emerald Prime – 1/1
Signature Swatches Dual Relic Autos (SSADR) – 14 Cards
Base – #’d
Gold – #/25
Ruby – #/8
Emerald – 1/1
Signature Swatches Relic Autos (SSAR) – 20 Cards
Base – #’d
Gold – #/25
Ruby – #/8
Emerald – 1/1
Signature Swatches Reebok Logo Autos (SSARR) – 30 Cards
Base – 1/1
Signature Swatches Triple Relic Autos (SSATR) – 14 Cards
Base – #’d
Gold – #/25
Ruby – #/8
Emerald – 1/1
#FighterWeight Class
1Daniel CormierHeavyweight
2Mirsad BektićFeatherweight
3Germaine de RandamieBantamweight
4Rachael OstovichFlyweight
5Montana De La RosaFlyweight
6Walt HarrisHeavyweight
7Max HollowayFeatherweight
8Kamaru UsmanWelterweight
9Tyron WoodleyWelterweight
10Tony FergusonLightweight
11Francis NgannouHeavyweight
12Jan BlachowiczLight Heavyweight
13Hakeem DawoduFeatherweight
14Santiago PonzinibbioWelterweight
15Khabib NurmagomedovLightweight
16Ben AskrenWelterweight
17Aleksandar RakićLight Heavyweight
18Johnny WalkerLight Heavyweight
19Donald CerroneLightweight
20Colby CovingtonWelterweight
21Renato CarneiroFeatherweight
22Robert WhittakerMiddleweight
23Dominick ReyesLight Heavyweight
24Holly HolmBantamweight
25Jon JonesLight Heavyweight
26Stipe MiocicHeavyweight
27Jessica AndradeStrawweight
28Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight
29Conor McGregorLightweight
30Leon EdwardsWelterweight
31Nina AnsaroffStrawweight
32Darren TillWelterweight
33Tatiana SuarezStrawweight
34Brian OrtegaFeatherweight
35Antônio Carlos JuniorMiddleweight
36Cortney CaseyStrawweight
37Antonina ShevchenkoFlyweight
38Jorge MasvidalWelterweight
39Thiago SantosLight Heavyweight
40Andrea LeeFlyweight
41Rose NamajunasStrawweight
42Dustin PoirierLightweight
43Maycee BarberFlyweight
44Valentina ShevchenkoFlyweight
45Justin GaethjeLightweight
46Anthony SmithLight Heavyweight
47Deiveson FigueiredoFlyweight
48Jared CannonierMiddleweight
49Henry CejudoFlyweight
50Amanda NunesBantamweight
MA-AAArnold AllenFeatherweight
MA-AHAlexander HernandezLightweight
MA-ANAmanda NunesBantamweight
MA-AOAleksei OleinikHeavyweight
MA-ASAntonina ShevchenkoFlyweight
MA-BHBarb HonchakFlyweight
MA-BOBrian OrtegaFeatherweight
MA-CBCurtis BlaydesHeavyweight
MA-CCCortney CaseyStrawweight
MA-CJCris JustinoFeatherweight
MA-CKCalvin KattarFeatherweight
MA-CMCurtis MillenderWelterweight
MA-CSCory SandhagenBantamweight
MA-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
MA-DCLDevin ClarkLight Heavyweight
MA-DDDrew DoberWelterweight
MA-EAEryk AndersMiddleweight
MA-EZDElizeu Zaleski dos SantosWelterweight
MA-FSFrankie SaenzBantamweight
MA-GNGunnar NelsonWelterweight
MA-GSPGeorges St-PierreMiddleweight
MA-HCHenry CejudoFlyweight
MA-JAJessica AndradeStrawweight
MA-JJJoanna JędrzejczykStrawweight
MA-JKJames KrauseLightweight
MA-JKIJustine KishStrawweight
MA-JRCJessica-Rose ClarkFlyweight
MA-JWJohnny WalkerLight Heavyweight
MA-KRKhalil RountreeLight Heavyweight
MA-LLLina LansbergBantamweight
MA-MAMegan AndersonFeatherweight
MA-MDMackenzie DernStrawweight
MA-MGMaurice GreeneHeavyweight
MA-MHMax HollowayFeatherweight
MA-MRMike RodriguezLight Heavyweight
MA-NANina AnsaroffStrawweight
MA-RFRob FontBantamweight
MA-RNRose NamajunasStrawweight
MA-RORachael OstovichFlyweight
MA-SMStipe MiocicHeavyweight
MA-SOMSean O'MalleyBantamweight
MA-SPSantiago PonzinibbioWelterweight
MA-TETonya EvingerBantamweight
MA-TFTony FergusonLightweight
MA-TSTatiana SuarezStrawweight
MA-TTTai TuivasaHeavyweight
MA-VSValentina ShevchenkoFlyweight
MA-ZCZak CummingsMiddleweight
MDA-CBCurtis BlaydesHeavyweight
MDA-CBDaniel CormierHeavyweight
MDA-CMDaniel CormierHeavyweight
MDA-CMStipe MiocicHeavyweight
MDA-HOMax HollowayFeatherweight
MDA-HOBrian OrtegaFeatherweight
MDA-JACris JustinoFeatherweight
MDA-JAMegan AndersonFeatherweight
MDA-JDMackenzie DernStrawweight
MDA-JDJoanna JędrzejczykStrawweight
MDA-NARose NamajunasStrawweight
MDA-NAJessica AndradeStrawweight
MDA-SCJessica-Rose ClarkFlyweight
MDA-SCValentina ShevchenkoFlyweight
MDA-SSAntonina ShevchenkoFlyweight
MDA-SSValentina ShevchenkoFlyweight
MDA-WABen AskrenWelterweight
MDA-WATyron WoodleyWelterweight
MFA-ANAmanda NunesBantamweight
MFA-ASAnthony SmithLight Heavyweight
MFA-BABen AskrenWelterweight
MFA-CJCris JustinoFeatherweight
MFA-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
MFA-GSPGeorges St-PierreMiddleweight
MFA-HCHenry CejudoFlyweight
MFA-JAJessica AndradeStrawweight
MFA-JJJoanna JędrzejczykStrawweight
MFA-JRCJessica-Rose ClarkFlyweight
MFA-KRKhalil RountreeLight Heavyweight
MFA-MDMackenzie DernStrawweight
MFA-MHMax HollowayFeatherweight
MFA-RNRose NamajunasStrawweight
MFA-RORachael OstovichFlyweight
MFA-SPSantiago PonzinibbioWelterweight
MFA-TWTyron WoodleyWelterweight
MFAR-AHAlexander HernandezLightweight
MFAR-ANAmanda NunesBantamweight
MFAR-CJCris JustinoFeatherweight
MFAR-CLChuck LiddellLight Heavyweight
MFAR-CVCain VelasquezHeavyweight
MFAR-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
MFAR-DLDerrick LewisHeavyweight
MFAR-GSPGeorges St-PierreMiddleweight
MFAR-HCHenry CejudoFlyweight
MFAR-JAJessica AndradeStrawweight
MFAR-JJJoanna JędrzejczykStrawweight
MFAR-JRJimmie RiveraBantamweight
MFAR-MHMax HollowayFeatherweight
MFAR-RNRose NamajunasStrawweight
MFAR-SMStipe MiocicHeavyweight
MFAR-SOMSean O'MalleyBantamweight
MFAR-TFTony FergusonLightweight
MFAR-TGTrevin GilesMiddleweight
MFAR-TWTyron WoodleyWelterweight
MFAR-VSValentina ShevchenkoFlyweight
MFAR-YRYoel RomeroMiddleweight
MDMAR-ALBen AskrenWelterweight
MDMAR-ALRobbie LawlerWelterweight
MDMAR-CMStipe MiocicHeavyweight
MDMAR-CMDaniel CormierHeavyweight
MDMAR-PCMichael ChiesaLightweight
MDMAR-PCAnthony PettisLightweight
SSAR-ALAspen LaddBantamweight
SSAR-APAnthony PettisWelterweight
SSAR-BABen AskrenWelterweight
SSAR-BOBrian OrtegaFeatherweight
SSAR-CLChuck LiddellLight Heavyweight
SSAR-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
SSAR-DLDerrick LewisHeavyweight
SSAR-GSPGeorges St-PierreMiddleweight
SSAR-HDHakeem DawoduFeatherweight
SSAR-JAJessica AndradeStrawweight
SSAR-JJJoanna JędrzejczykStrawweight
SSAR-LELeon EdwardsWelterweight
SSAR-MBMirsad Bekti?Featherweight
SSAR-MDMackenzie DernStrawweight
SSAR-MHMax HollowayFeatherweight
SSAR-PFPaul FelderLightweight
SSAR-RNRose NamajunasStrawweight
SSAR-RORachael OstovichFlyweight
SSAR-SPSantiago PonzinibbioWelterweight
SSAR-TWTyron WoodleyWelterweight
SSARR-AESAshlee Evans-SmithFlyweight
SSARR-AHAlexander HernandezLightweight
SSARR-ALAspen LaddBantamweight
SSARR-APAnthony PettisWelterweight
SSARR-BABen AskrenWelterweight
SSARR-BOBrian OrtegaFeatherweight
SSARR-CCCortney CaseyStrawweight
SSARR-CLChuck LiddellLight Heavyweight
SSARR-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
SSARR-DLDerrick LewisHeavyweight
SSARR-DRDominick ReyesLight Heavyweight
SSARR-HCHenry CejudoFlyweight
SSARR-HDHakeem DawoduFeatherweight
SSARR-JAJessica AndradeStrawweight
SSARR-JCJared CannonierMiddleweight
SSARR-JRCJessica-Rose ClarkBantamweight
SSARR-LELeon EdwardsWelterweight
SSARR-MBEMirsad BektićFeatherweight
SSARR-MDMackenzie DernStrawweight
SSARR-MHMax HollowayFeatherweight
SSARR-NMNicco MontañoBantamweight
SSARR-PFPaul FelderLightweight
SSARR-RNRose NamajunasStrawweight
SSARR-RORachael OstovichFlyweight
SSARR-SMStipe MiocicHeavyweight
SSARR-SPSantiago PonzinibbioWelterweight
SSARR-SPESergio PettisBantamweight
SSARR-TSTatiana SuarezStrawweight
SSARR-TWTyron WoodleyWelterweight
SSARR-VSValentina ShevchenkoFlyweight
SSATR-ALAspen LaddBantamweight
SSATR-BABen AskrenWelterweight
SSATR-BOBrian OrtegaFeatherweight
SSATR-CCCortney CaseyStrawweight
SSATR-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
SSATR-GSPGeorges St-PierreMiddleweight
SSATR-HCHenry CejudoFlyweight
SSATR-JAJessica AndradeStrawweight
SSATR-JCJared CannonierMiddleweight
SSATR-MHMax HollowayFeatherweight
SSATR-NMNicco MontañoBantamweight
SSATR-RNRose NamajunasStrawweight
SSATR-RORachael OstovichFlyweight
SSATR-SPSergio PettisBantamweight
SSADR-ALAspen LaddBantamweight
SSADR-ANAmanda NunesBantamweight
SSADR-BABen AskrenWelterweight
SSADR-BOBrian OrtegaFeatherweight
SSADR-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
SSADR-GSPGeorges St-PierreMiddleweight
SSADR-HCHenry CejudoFlyweight
SSADR-HDHakeem DawoduFeatherweight
SSADR-JAJessica AndradeStrawweight
SSADR-MDMackenzie DernStrawweight
SSADR-MHMax HollowayFeatherweight
SSADR-RNRose NamajunasStrawweight
SSADR-RORachael OstovichFlyweight
SSADR-TSTatiana SuarezStrawweight
FQPR-ANSJJessica AndradeStrawweight
FQPR-ANSJJoanna JędrzejczykStrawweight
FQPR-ANSJRose NamajunasStrawweight
FQPR-ANSJTatiana SuarezStrawweight
FQPR-CJNNDaniel CormierHeavyweight
FQPR-CJNNAmanda NunesBantamweight
FQPR-CJNNJon JonesLight Heavyweight
FQPR-CJNNKhabib NurmagomedovLightweight
FQPR-CMLVStipe MiocicHeavyweight
FQPR-CMLVDaniel CormierHeavyweight
FQPR-CMLVDerrick LewisHeavyweight
FQPR-CMLVCain VelasquezHeavyweight
FQPR-JGSRAlexander GustafssonLight Heavyweight
FQPR-JGSRJon JonesLight Heavyweight
FQPR-JGSRAnthony SmithLight Heavyweight
FQPR-JGSRDominick ReyesLight Heavyweight
FQPR-NLZCCat ZinganoBantamweight
FQPR-NLZCAmanda NunesBantamweight
FQPR-NLZCAspen LaddBantamweight
FQPR-NLZCBethe CorreiaBantamweight
FQPR-NPFMDustin PoirierLightweight
FQPR-NPFMConor McGregorLightweight
FQPR-NPFMKhabib NurmagomedovLightweight
FQPR-NPFMTony FergusonLightweight
FQPR-WATPSantiago PonzinibbioWelterweight
FQPR-WATPStephen ThompsonWelterweight
FQPR-WATPTyron WoodleyWelterweight
FQPR-WATPBen AskrenWelterweight
MMR-AESAshlee Evans-SmithFlyweight
MMR-ANAmanda NunesBantamweight
MMR-APAnthony PettisLightweight
MMR-BABen AskrenWelterweight
MMR-CACorey AndersonLight Heavyweight
MMR-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
MMR-DCODaniel CormierHeavyweight
MMR-DPDustin PoirierLightweight
MMR-HCHenry CejudoFlyweight
MMR-IAIsrael AdesanyaMiddleweight
MMR-IADIsrael AdesanyaMiddleweight
MMR-JCJared CannonierMiddleweight
MMR-JJJon JonesLight Heavyweight
MMR-JJOJon JonesLight Heavyweight
MMR-JWJohnny WalkerLight Heavyweight
MMR-KNKhabib NurmagomedovLightweight
MMR-KRKhalil Rountree Jr.Light Heavyweight
MMR-KUKamaru UsmanWelterweight
MMR-MAMegan AndersonFeatherweight
MMR-MCMichael ChiesaWelterweight
MMR-PYPetr YanBantamweight
MMR-RMRenato CarneiroFeatherweight
MMR-RSRonaldo SouzaMiddleweight
MMR-SESijara EubanksFlyweight
MMR-TSThiago SantosMiddleweight
MMR-WZWeili ZhangStrawweight
MMR-ZMZabit MagomedsharipovFeatherweight
MM-APAnthony PettisWelterweight
MM-CGCody GarbrandtBantamweight
MM-CLChuck LiddellLight Heavyweight
MM-DCDominick CruzBantamweight
MM-DPDustin PoirierLightweight
MM-FEFrankie EdgarFeatherweight
MM-HCHenry CejudoFlyweight
MM-JAJessica AndradeStrawweight
MM-MHMatt HughesWelterweight
MM-MHOMax HollowayFeatherweight
MM-MWMichelle WatersonStrawweight
MM-RNRose NamajunasStrawweight
MM-RSRonaldo SouzaMiddleweight
MM-SMStipe MiocicHeavyweight
MM-TFTony FergusonLightweight
MM-VSValentina ShevchenkoFlyweight
SPQR-AGAlexander GustafssonLight Heavyweight
SPQR-ALAspen LaddBantamweight
SPQR-ALEAndrea LeeFlyweight
SPQR-BABen AskrenWelterweight
SPQR-CMConor McGregorLightweight
SPQR-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
SPQR-DFDeiveson FigueiredoFlyweight
SPQR-DLDerrick LewisHeavyweight
SPQR-DPDustin PoirierLightweight
SPQR-DRDominick ReyesLight Heavyweight
SPQR-GSPGeorges St-PierreMiddleweight
SPQR-HCHenry CejudoFlyweight
SPQR-JAJessica AndradeStrawweight
SPQR-JCJared CannonierMiddleweight
SPQR-JJJon JonesLight Heavyweight
SPQR-LELeon EdwardsWelterweight
SPQR-MBMirsad BektićFeatherweight
SPQR-MDMackenzie DernStrawweight
SPQR-MHMax HollowayFeatherweight
SPQR-MWMichelle WatersonStrawweight
SPQR-NMNicco MontañoFlyweight
SPQR-RNRose NamajunasStrawweight
SPQR-RORachael OstovichFlyweight
SPQR-SMStipe MiocicHeavyweight
SPQR-SPSantiago PonzinibbioWelterweight
SPQR-TFTony FergusonLightweight
SPQR-TSTatiana SuarezStrawweight
SPQR-TWTyron WoodleyWelterweight
SPQR-VSValentina ShevchenkoFlyweight
SQRL-ACArianny CelesteOctagon Girl
SQRL-CLChuck LiddellLight Heavyweight
SQRL-CMConor McGregorLightweight
SQRL-DCDaniel CormierHeavyweight
SQRL-DCEDonald CerroneLightweight
SQRL-FEFrankie EdgarFeatherweight
SQRL-GSPGeorges St-PierreMiddleweight
SQRL-JJJon JonesLight Heavyweight
SQRL-MHMatt HughesWelterweight

2019 Topps UFC Museum Collection Hobby Box SEALED
2019 Topps UFC Museum Collection Hobby Box SEALED
Time Remaining: 11d 12h 46m
Buy It Now for only: $74.93
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$76.00 (23 Bids)
Time Remaining: 2d 18h 40m
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Time Remaining: 8d 18h 31m
Buy It Now for only: $99.99
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2019 Topps UFC Museum Collection Factory Sealed Hobby Box 3 Hits Per Box
2019 Topps UFC Museum Collection Factory Sealed Hobby Box 3 Hits Per Box
Time Remaining: 8d 11m
Buy It Now for only: $84.95
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