Eaglemoss Batman the Animated Series figurines adopt the iconic styling of the critically acclaimed 1990s cartoon for a limited series of 1:16 scale collectibles. These hand-painted, metallic resin figures stand approximately five inches tall and are packaged in retro blister packaging. Each figure also includes a 12 page magazine which details the character's backstory as it relates to the source material.

Due to demand for the first series of collectibles, a second series was announced for a spring 2018 release which will add another six characters including an oversize Clayface figure. Batman the Animated Series continues to be popular among collectors over two decades after its final original airing. The cartoon garnered immense critical acclaim and won several awards during its initial run. The dark tone, innovative design, and voice characterization help set the tone for future programs, films, video games, and comic books.

Our checklist includes all the figures released in this collection and can be sorted by series number, issue number, or character. Follow this hub using the button above and you will get automatic updates regarding this series when they become available via your "Following" page.

Eaglemoss Batman the Animated Series Figures

Series 1 (2017) – 6 Figures

Series 2 (2018) – 6 Figures

13Harley Quinn
14Poison Ivy
21Mr. Freeze
Special EditionShop ExclusiveClayface
MegaShop ExclusiveBatman
MegaShop ExclusiveJoker

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