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To help get listeners into the holiday spirit, this week we discussed the Kinks classic, Father Christmas and Ringo’s I Wanna Be Santa Claus. Two very different holiday tunes from our favorite musicians.

Ray Davies may be alone in his ability to make a listener nostalgic for something while also pointing out how ridiculous that thing is. On Father Christmas he manages to remind us that the season of giving can be a tough time for those less fortunate and encourages us to remember “the kids who got nothing” but then he jumps Santa Claus and requests a machine gun to “scare the kids on the street.”

Ringo’s Christmas song is a lot newer and a lot more traditional. He just dreams about being Santa all year long. It’s a nice sentiment, a catchy tune, and a fun production that most have, likely, not heard.

Other songs this week included All I’ve Got To Do by The Beatles, Mr. Churchill Says by The Kinks, and We Got Married by Paul McCartney.

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Monday – All I’ve Got To Do

Tuesday – Father Christmas

Wednesday – I Wanna Be Santa Claus

Thursday – Mr. Churchill Says

Friday – We Got Married

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