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This week on Kinks and Beats Daily we discussed Free as a Bird and Eight Days a Week by The Beatles, Rosy Won’t You Please Come Home and Stormy Sky by The Kinks, and Same Old Blues by Dave Davies.

One aspect of producing this podcast is the need to listen to a song several times leading up to recording an episode. For some songs, this is an easy task. For others, this is a chore. And yet, for some, it is a way to reintroduce yourself to a song you may have forgotten about.

This week proved to be an introduction to a Dave Davies solo song and a new appreciation for a Kinks song I once thought was on the lightweight side of things. I hope that you are reengaging with this fantastic music as we go through these massive catalogs together.

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Monday – Same Old Blues

Tuesday – Eight Days a Week

Wednesday – Rosy Won’t You Please Come Home

Thursday – Free as a Bird

Friday – Stormy Sky

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