Funko Pop Animation collects the biggest cartoon characters of all time into one line of vinyl collectibles. With a checklist that spans several decades of cartoons from The Flintstones to Rick and Morty, there are hundreds of characters to track down.

Many figures in this line have variants released as chase items or retail exclusives and several have ultra-limited releases. Our checklist includes all the figures and can be sorted or searched by many parameters so if you don't immediately see the character you're looking for be sure to use the search feature. Follow this hub using the button above and you will get automatic updates regarding this set when they become available via your "Following" page.

Two PackMagilla Gorilla & Mr. PeeblesNeon3000Magilla GorillaFunko Shop
Two PackTom & JerryFlockedLETom and JerryFunko Shop
1Fred FlintstoneFlintstones
2Barney RubbleFlintstones
3Frankenstein Jr.Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles
3Frankenstein Jr.GITDFrankenstein Jr. and the ImpossiblesGemini
4Hong Kong PhooeyHong Kong Phooey
4Hong Kong PhooeyBlack ColorwayHong Kong PhooeyGemini
5RockyRocky and Bullwinkle
6BullwinkleRocky and Bullwinkle
7ShermanMr. Peabody and Sherman
8Mr. PeabodyMr. Peabody and Sherman
9GokuDragonball Z
10VegetaDragonball Z
10VegetaMetallicDragonball Z
10VegetaPlanet ArliaDragonball ZToy Tokyo, NYCC14
11PiccoloDragonball Z
12FriezaDragonball Z
13Perfect CellDragonball Z
14Super Saiyan GokuDragonball Z
14Super Saiyan GokuGITDDragonball ZEntertainment Earth
14Super Saiyan GokuMetallicDragonball ZLoot Crate
15Huckleberry HoundHuckleberry Hound
15Huckleberry HoundDark Blue480Huckleberry HoundSDCC14
15Huckleberry HoundPink24Huckleberry HoundFundays 14
15Huckleberry HoundRed24Huckleberry HoundFundays 14
15Huckleberry HoundGreen24Huckleberry HoundFundays 14
15Huckleberry HoundOrange24Huckleberry HoundFundays 14
15Huckleberry HoundMaroon24Huckleberry HoundFundays 14
16SebastianBlack Butler
17CielBlack Butler
18GrellBlack Butler
19UndertakerBlack Butler
20Eren JaegerAttack on Titans
20Eren JaegerB&WAttack on Titans
21MikasaAttack on Titans
22Eren (Titan Form)Attack on Titans
22Eren (Titan Form)RageAttack on TitansHot Topic
23Colossal TitanAttack on Titans
23Colossal TitanB&WAttack on Titans
24Goku (Super Saiyan)Dragonball Z
25CatbugBravest Warriors
25CatbugCommanderBravest WarriorsEntertainment Earth
25CatbugGITDBravest WarriorsNYCC15
26ImpossibearBravest Warriors
30Robot DevilFuturama
31PeterFamily Guy
32BrianFamily Guy
33StewieFamily Guy
34Stewie w/ Ray GunFamily Guy
35Robot Devil w/ FiddleFamily GuySDCC15
36Secret SquirrelSecret Squirrel
37Morocco MoleSecret Squirrel
38Dick DastardlyWacky Races
39MuttleyWacky Races
39MuttleyFlockedWacky RacesGemini
40Lil GruesomeWacky Races
40Lil GruesomeOrange500Wacky RacesSDCC15
40Lil GruesomeGreenWacky RacesSDCC15
40Lil GruesomeYellowWacky RacesSDCC15
40Lil GruesomeRedWacky RacesSDCC15
40Lil GruesomeHoliday500Wacky RacesFunko Shop
42Snake EyesG.I. Joe
43Storm ShadowG.I. Joe
43White Storm ShadowG.I. Joe
44Cobra CommanderG.I. Joe
45RoadblockG.I. Joe
46Cobra Commander HoodedG.I. JoeBait
47Frieza (Golden)Dragonball ZSDCC15
47Frieza (Golden)Red EyesDragonball ZSDCC15
48Charlie BrownPeanuts
49Snoopy and WoodstockPeanuts
49Snoopy and WoodstockFlockedPeanutsECCC
54Professor FarnsworthFuturama
55ZoidbergBlueFuturamaHot Topic
57Zapp BranniganFuturama
59IchigoBleachHot Topic
60RukiaBleachHot Topic
61Ken KanekiTokyo GhoulHot Topic
62Touka KirishimaTokyo GhoulHot Topic
63Ricochet RabbitRicochet Rabbit
63Ricochet RabbitPinkRicochet RabbitNYCC15
63Ricochet RabbitYellowRicochet RabbitNYCC15
64Penelope PitstopPenelope Pitstop
65Quick Draw McGrawQuick Draw McGraw
65Quick Draw McGrawOrangeQuick Draw McGrawChase
65Quick Draw McGrawBlackQuick Draw McGrawChase
66Squiddly DiddlySquiddly Diddly
67NatsuFairy TailHot Topic
68LucyFairy TailHot Topic
69HappyFairy Tail
71NarutoNaruto Shippuden
72SasukiNaruto Shippuden
73KuramaNaruto Shippuden
74Bob BelcherBob\'s Burgers
75Linda BelcherBob\'s Burgers
76Tina BelcherBob\'s Burgers
77Gene BelcherBob\'s Burgers
78Louise BelcherBob\'s Burgers
79SoulSoul Eater
80MakaSoul Eater
81AsunaSword Art Online
82KiritoSword Art Online
82KiritoSword Art OnlineHot Topic
85StevenSteven Universe
86GarnetSteven Universe
86GarnetGITDSteven UniverseHot Topic
87AmethystSteven Universe
88PearlSteven Universe
89Sailor MoonSailor Moon
90Sailor MoonSailor MoonHot Topic
91Sailor MercurySailor Moon
92Sailor MarsSailor Moon
93Sailor JupiterSailor Moon
94Sailor VenusSailor Moon
95Tuxedo MaskSailor Moon
96Hoolow IchigoBleach
97KuramaGITDNaruto ShippudenGameStop
98Monkey D LuffyOne Piece
99Tony Tony ChopperOne Piece
100Porgas D. AceOne Piece
101Trafalgar, LawOne Piece
102BeefsquatchBob\'s Burgers
103TeddyBob\'s Burgers
104Tina (Buttloose)Bob\'s Burgers
106GohanDragonball Z
107TrunksDragonball Z
108BulmaDragonball Z
109Goku and Flying NimbusDragonball Z
110KrillinDragonball Z
111Majin BuuDragonball Z
111Majin BuuBrownDragonball ZDragon Con
112RickRick and Morty
113MortyRick and Morty
114Rick w/ Portal GunRick and MortyHot Topic
119EggsBox Trolls
120BeerusDragonball ZSDCC16
120FishBox Trolls
121ShoeBox Trolls
121Saiyan (Super)Dragonball Z
122Space GhostSpace Ghost
122Space GhostInvisibleSpace GhostNYCC16 Toy Tokyo
123ZorakSpace Ghost
124BrakSpace Ghost
125BlossomPowerpuff GirlsHot Topic
126BubblesPowerpuff GirlsHot Topic
127ButtercupPowerpuff GirlsHot Topic
127Duck DodgersDuck Dodgers
127Duck DodgersMetallicDuck DodgersChase
127Duck DodgersGITD White1500Duck DodgersSDCC16/Box Lunch
127Duck DodgersGITD Blue750Duck DodgersSDCC16
127Duck DodgersGITD GreenDuck DodgersFunko Shop
131Strawberry ShortcakeStrawberry Shortcake
132Purple Pie ManStrawberry ShortcakeSDCC16/B&N
133Lemon MeringueStrawberry Shortcake
134Orange BlossomStrawberry Shortcake
135Blueberrry MuffinStrawberry Shortcake
136Hair BearPurple750Hair Bear BunchSDCC16
136Hair BearBrown750Hair Bear BunchSDCC16
136Hair BearBlue750Hair Bear BunchSDCC16
137Square BearHair Bear BunchNYCC16
138Bubi Bear2000Hair Bear BunchNYCC16
139Snoopy Rock the VotePeanutsSDCC16/B&N
142Space CadetDuck Dodgers
142Space CadetMetallicDuck DodgersChase
143Marvin the MartianDuck Dodgers
143Marvin the MartianNeon Lime1000Duck DodgersSDCC17
143Marvin the MartianNeon Magenta2500Duck DodgersSDCC17
143Marvin the MartianNeon Orange1000Duck DodgersSDCC17
144K-9Duck Dodgers
145JetCowboy Bebop
146SpikeCowboy Bebop
147FayeCowboy Bebop
148EdCowboy Bebop
149Scooby-DooScooby Doo
149Scooby-DooFlockedScooby DooGemini
149Scooby-DooFlocked - Lime Green1000Scooby DooSDCC17
149Scooby-DooFlocked - Magenta1000Scooby DooSDCC17
149Scooby-DooFocked - Blue2500Scooby DooSDCC17
150ShaggyScooby Doo
151VelmaScooby Doo
152DaphneScooby Doo
153FredScooby Doo
154Super Saiyan VegetaDragon Ball ZSDCC18
154Super Saiyan VegetaBlue ChromeDragon Ball ZToy Tokyo
154Super Saiyan VegetaRed ChromeDragon Ball ZSDCC19
159PinkyPinky and the Brain
160BrainPinky and the Brain
164RenRen and Stimpy
164RenDalmationRen and StimpyChase
165StimpyRen and Stimpy
165StimpyDalmationRen and StimpyChase
166Atom AntAtom Ant
167El KabongQuick Draw McGrawSpecialty Series
168SnagglepussLight PinkSnagglepussChase
169Wally GatorWally Gator
169Wally GatorBlueWally GatorChase
170Touche TurtleTouche Turtle
170Touche TurtleChest EmblemTouche TurtleChase
172Weaponized RickRick and Morty
172Weaponized RickMouth OpenRick and MortyChase
173Weaponized MortyRick and Morty
174Mr. MeeseeksRick and Morty
174Mr. MeeseeksGunRick and MortyChase
175SquanchyRick and Morty
176BirdpersonRick and Morty
177Mr. Poopy ButtholeRick and Morty
178SnowballRick and Morty
180Mr. Meeseeksw/ Meeseeks BoxRick and MortyBarnes and Noble
181Naruto (Rasengan)Naruto Shippuden
182KakashiNaruto Shippuden
183SakuraNaruto Shippuden
184TobiNaruto Shippuden
185NarutoSage ModeNaruto ShippudenGamestop
186NarutoSix PathNaruto ShippudenHot Topic
187Yogi Bear5000Yogi BearFunko Shop
188Boo Boo5000Yogi BearFunko Shop
189Ranger Smith5000Yogi BearFunko Shop
195Yuichiro HyakuyaSeraph of the End
196Mikaela HyakuyaSeraph of the End
197Shinoa HiragiSeraph of the End
198Ferid BathorySeraph of the End
199Yuichiro (Demon)Seraph of the EndHot Topic
200Shinoa w/ ScytheSeraph of the EndGamestop
201Mojo JojoPowerpuff Girls
202HIMPowerpuff Girls
202HIMGITDPowerpuff GirlsChase
204Pebbles8000FlintstonesFunko Shop
205Bamm Bamm8000FlintstonesFunko Shop
206Mr. Poopy ButtholeRick and MortyHot Topic
207Michigan J. FrogLooney TunesECCC17
208Peppermint PattyPeanutsECCC17
209ConnieSteven Universe
210PeridotSteven Universe
211Rose QuartzSteven Universe
212LapisSteven Universe
213LionSteven Universe
213LionFlockedSteven UniverseHot Topic
214Blue Falcon3000Hanna-BarberaECCC17
220Great Grape Ape4000Great Grape ApeFunko Shop
222IckisAhhh Real Monsters
222IckisScaryLEAhhh Real MonstersNYCC17
223OblinaAhhh Real Monsters
224KrummAhhh Real Monsters
225TommyRed ShirtRugratsChase
227Reptarw/ CerealRugratsFYE
228Bojack HorsemanBojack Horseman
229Diane NguyenBojack Horseman
230Mr. PeanutbutterBojack Horseman
231Princess CarolynBojack Horseman
232Todd ChavezBojack Horseman
237Armin ArleltAttack on TitanFYE
238Sasha BrausAttack on TitanGameStop
245Rufus Ruffcut & Sawtooth750Wacky RacesSDCC17
246Big Gruesome1600Wacky RacesSDCC17
247DekuMy Hero Academia
248All MightMy Hero Academia
249KatsukiMy Hero Academia
250TenyaMy Hero Academia
251OchacoMy Hero Academia
252DekuBattleMy Hero AcademiaHot Topic
254Scooby DumScooby DooSpecialty Series
255Daffy Duck2000Looney TunesSDCC17
256Twinkles w/ Ghost in a JarRick and MortySDCC17
257SaitamaOne-Punch Man
258GenosOne-Punch Man
259Lord BorosOne-Punch Man
261Pete Puma1000Looney TunesSDCC17
262Peter Perfect750Wacky RacesSDCC17
263GossamerLooney TunesSpecialty Series
263GossamerFlocked3500Looney TunesFunko Shop
264Krombopulos MichaelLERick and MortyNYCC17
265ShenronDragon BallZGalactic Toys
267Sailor VLESailor MoonNYCC17
268DestroLEGI JoeNYCC17
269Papa SmurfSmurfs
271Brainy SmurfSmurfs
272Astro SmurfSmurfs
274Gnap SmufSmurfs
275Lippy the Lion1000Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har HarNYCC17
276Hardy Har Har1000Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har HarNYCC17
277BreezlyBreezly and Sneezly
277BreezlyFlocked2000Breezly and SneezlyFunko Shop
278SneezlyBreezly and Sneezly
278SneezlyFlocked2000Breezly and SneezlyFunko Shop
279Top CatTop Cat
279Top CatPink HatTop CatChase
280Benny the BallTop Cat
280Benny the BallRed VestTop CatChase
281Baba LooeyQuickdraw McGrawFunko Shop
282Gray FullbusterFairy Tail
283Wendy MarvellFairy Tail
284Erza ScarletFairy Tail
285CarlaFairy Tail
286Swim Time HappyFairy TailHot Topic
287Speedy Gonzalez3500Looney TunesNYCC17
288YuriYuri On Ice
289VictorYuri On Ice
290YurioYuri On Ice
291Victor (Young)Yuri On IceHot Topic
292Tina BelcherBob's BurgersBoxlunch
293Queen BerylSailor MoonToys R Us
295Sailor Chibi MoonGlitterSailor MoonBarnes and Noble
295Sailor Chibi MoonSailor Moon
296Sailor PlutoSailor Moon
297Sailor UranusSailor Moon
298Sailor NeptuneSailor Moon
299Sailor SaturnSailor Moon
300Scary TerryRick and Morty
301BethRick and Morty
302JerryRick and Morty
303SummerRick and Morty
304Lawyer MortyRick and Morty
307Bugs BunnyLooney Tunes
307Bugs BunnyFlockedLooney TunesTarget
308Daffy DuckLooney Tunes
309Sylvester & TweetyLooney Tunes
310Elmer Fudd (Viking)Looney Tunes
311Bugs Bunny (Opera)Looney Tunes
312TazLooney Tunes
313Future TrunksDragonball Z
314Goku BlackDragonball Z
316ZamasuDragonball Z
317WhisDragonball Z
317WhisMetallicDragonball ZSDCC18
320Rocko w/ SpunkyRocko's Modern Life
321HefferRocko's Modern Life
322NorbertAngry Beavers
323DaggettAngry Beavers
324Arnold ShortmanHey Arnold
325Helga PatakiHey Arnold
327Roronoa, ZoroOne Piece
328NamiOne Piece
329FrankyOne Piece
330Boa. HancockOne Piece
331Super Sailor MoonSailor MoonBoxlunch
332Pickle Rick (w/ Laser)Rick and Morty
333Pickle RickRick and Morty
334Cornvelious DanielRick and Morty
335Rick (Toxic)Rick and MortyTarget
336Morty (Toxic)Rick and MortyTarget
337Rick (Alien)LERick and MortyECCC18
338Morty (Alien)LERick and MortyECCC18
339Rick (Prison Break)Rick and Morty
340Morty (Sentient Arm)Rick and Morty
340Morty (Sentient Arm)Bloody HandRick and MortyChase
341Summer (Warrior)Rick and Morty
342HemorrhageRick and Morty
343Rick (Facehugger)Rick and MortyGameStop
350Pickle RickRick and MortyPreviews
350Pickle RickGITDRick and MortySDCC19
351Cheer BearCare Bears
351Cheer BearGITDCare BearsChase
352Tenderheart BearCare Bears
353Grumpy BearCare Bears
353Grumpy BearFlockedCare BearsToys R Us
354Love-A-Lot BearCare Bears
354Love-A-Lot BearGlitterCare BearsEntertainment Earth
355Good Luck BearCare Bears
355Good Luck BearGlitterCare BearsChase
355Good Luck BearFlockedLECare BearsECCC18
356Funshine BearCare Bears
356Funshine BearGITDCare BearsChase
357Bedtime BearLECare BearsFunko Shop
358BrookOne PieceHot Topic
360Cat NoirMiraculous
361Hawk MothMiraculous
363Rick (Western)Rick and MortySDCC18
364Morty (Western)Rick and MortySDCC18
365George JetsonJetsons
368Black LadySailor MoonSDCC18
369PopeyePopeyeSpecialty Series
371All Might (Weakened)My Hero Academia
372TodorokiMy Hero Academia
373Deku (Training)My Hero Academia
374TsuyuMy Hero Academia
375Shota AizawaMy Hero Academia
376Shoto Aizawa (Hero Costume)My Hero AcademiaHot Topic
377HaruhiOuran High School Host Club
378TamakiOuran High School Host Club
379KyoyaOuran High School Host Club
380Rainbow Brite and TwinkRainbow Brite
381Master Roshi (Peace Sign)Dragon Ball ZFYE
382Master RoshiDragon Ball Z
383Gohan (Training Outfit)Dragon Ball Z
384Tien and ChiaotzuDragon Ball Z
385BulmaDragon Ball Z
386Goku (Ultra Instinct)Dragon Ball Super
387Yami YugiYu-Gi-Oh!
388Seto KaibaYu-Gi-Oh!
389Blue-Eyes White DragonYu-Gi-Oh!
390Dark Magician GirlYu-Gi-Oh!
391Edward ElricFullmetal Alchemist
392Alphonse ElricFullmetal Alchemist
393Roy MustangFullmetal Alchemist
394Winry RockbellFullmetal Alchemist
395Pepe Le PewLooney TunesSDCC18
396Playboy PenguinLooney TunesSDCC18
397Dead YamchaDragon Ball ZSDCC18
398Vinsmoke SanjiOne Piece
399Nico RobinOne Piece
400Donquixote DoflamingoOne Piece
401UsoppOne Piece
402Super Saiyan BrolyDragon Ball ZSDCC18
403Captain CavemanCaptain CavemanSDCC18
404TomTom and Jerry
405JerryTom and Jerry
407TaarnaHeavy MetalSDCC18
408StevonnieSteven UniverseHot Topic
409Tomw/ ExplosiveTom and JerryTarget
410Jerryw/ ExplosiveTom and JerryTarget
411FinnAdventure Time/Minecraft
412JakeAdventure Time/Minecraft
413MarcelineAdventure Time/Minecraft
414Louise BelcherBob's BurgersBoxLunch
415Princess BubblegumAdventure Time/Minecraft
419Dudley Do-Right3000Dudley Do-RightFan Expo
421Betty Boop and PudgyBetty Boop
421Betty Boop and PudgyB&WBetty BoopEntertainment Earth
421Betty Boop and PudgyB&W w/ Red DressBetty BoopEntertainment Earth Chase
422Coraline w/ CatCoraline
423Coraline in RaincoatCoraline
423Coraline in RaincoatHatCoralineChase
424Coraline in PajamasCoralineHot Topic
425Corraline DollCoraline
426Mr BobinskyCoraline
427Other MotherCoraline
433Alex ArmstrongFullmetal AlchemistGameStop
434Great Ape VegetaDragonball ZHot Topic
435JabberjawJabberjawFunko Shop
435Dum DumTouche TurtleFunko Shop
437Eto (in Bandages)Tokyo GhoulHot Topic
438GearheadRick and MortyTarget
439Teacher RickRick and Morty
440Slick Morty