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Funko Pop Christmas Checklist

Funko Pop Christmas figures are bringing adorable vinyl to your decked halls.

There are two different series released for this line. Although connected and sharing characters, each has its own numbering sequence. The Funko Town Christmas series features a character alongside a village building which lights up for a festive display.

The second line, simply Funko Pop Christmas, includes the many inhabitants of the fictional Christmas Village including Santa, Mrs. Claus, some hard-working elves, and the mayor of the city, Patty Noble (who is a Christmas tree).

Unlike the majority of Funko products, the characters in this series are not licensed properties which allows Funko to build an entire universe and backstory for each new figure.

Serious Funko collectors will love displaying this holiday village every year and with seemingly endless possibilities for new releases this will, no doubt, become a highly sought after collection in the future.

The initial wave of both lines combined for four buildings and nine different figures (with Santa and Mayor Patty Noble appearing in both sets as different figures).

Retail exclusives began with the first wave including a set only available at the Funko Shop.

Our checklists are divided by series but both are included on this single hub. Each list can be searched or sorted and links within the checklist will direct you to purchase that figure either via eBay or from one of the exclusive retailers of that figure.

Combo PackRandy & Rob
1Santa Claus
2Mrs. Claus
3Mayor Patty Noble
1Santa Claus & NutmegSanta's House
2AliceCrescent Moon DinerFunko Shop
3Frosty FranklinPost OfficeGameStop
4Mayor Patty NobleCity Hall

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