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Funko Pop Comics Checklist

Funko Pop Comics brings the characters from all those comic books not released by DC or Marvel, which are covered in their own respective lines, to the world of Pop collecting.

Featuring characters from publishers such as Dark Horse and Image, the Comics line has a near endless amount of source material to cull from for future waves of releases.

Our checklist includes all of the figurines announced for this line including variants, limited editions, and retail exclusives.

Funko Pop Comics Checklist
Base Figures – 20+
Glow in the Dark – GITD
Books-A-Million – BAM!
San Diego Comic Con – SDCC
1Hellboyw/ HornsChaseHellboy
2Liz ShermanHellboy
3Abe SapienHellboy
4Lobster JohnsonHellboy
6Queen of BloodHellboy
9Prince Robot IVSaga
9Prince Robot IVMourningLESagaECCC18
10The WillSaga
10The WillBloodyChaseSaga
11Lying CatSaga
11Lying CatBloodySagaPX Previews
11Lying CatGITDSagaSkybound
11Lying CatGoldSagaBAM!
11Lying CatPinkSagaBarnes and Noble
12IzabelSagaHot Topic
13Alana w/ Baby HazelSagaSpecialty Series
14Hellboy w/ SwordHellboyPX Previews
15Anung Un RamaHellboySpecialty Series
16Ghus in PajamasSagaSDCC18
17Lord Drakkon30000Power RangersPX Previews
18Hellboy in SuitHellboySDCC18
19Sabrina the Teenage WitchSabrina the Teenage WitchSDCC19
22Garfield (I Hate Mondays Mug)LEGarfieldFunko Shop
24Archie AndrewsArchie
25Betty CooperArchie
26Veronica LodgeArchie
27Jughead JonesArchie