Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a film trilogy, based on the J.K. Rowling book of the same name, taking place in the world of Harry Potter. Funko Pop Fantastic Beasts are based on characters from the film and promise to bring these fantastic beasts to life in your collection. New figures are added as the trilogy plays out in theaters with retail exclusives and new variants an almost certainty.

Our checklist includes all of the base, chase, and retail exclusive figures released for this line. Follow this hub using the button above and you will get automatic updates regarding this set when they become available via your "Following" page.

Two PackBaby NifflersThe Crimes of Grindelwald
Two PackBaby NifflersBlack and GrayThe Crimes of GrindelwaldBoxLunch
2Newt ScamanderFantastic Beasts
3Queenie GoldsteinFantastic Beasts
4Tina GoldsteinFantastic Beasts
5Jacob KowalskiFantastic Beasts
6Seraphina PicqueryFantastic Beasts
7Percival GravesFantastic Beasts
8NifflerFlockedFantastic BeastsHot Topic
8NifflerFantastic Beasts
9Nifflerw/ CoinpurseFantastic BeastsTarget
12OccamyFantastic BeastsSDCC17
13Gellert GrindelwaldLEFantastic BeastsNYCC17
14Newt ScamanderThe Crimes of Grindelwald
14Newt Scamanderw/ BookThe Crimes of GrindelwaldChase
15Albus DumbledoreThe Crimes of Grindelwald
16Gellert GrindelwaldThe Crimes of Grindelwald
17ThestralThe Crimes of Grindelwald
18ChupacabraThe Crimes of Grindelwald
19PickettThe Crimes of Grindelwald
20MatagotGITDThe Crimes of Grindelwald
21ChupacabraThe Crimes of GrindelwaldHot Topic
22NifflerThe Crimes of GrindelwaldTarget
23Newt ScamanderThe Crimes of GrindelwaldBarnes and Noble
24MooncalfThe Crimes of GrindelwaldWalmart
25AugureyThe Crimes of GrindelwaldAmazon
26FwooperLEFantastic BeastsFunko Shop
26FwooperFlockedFantastic BeastsKohl's
27Newt Scamanderw/ PostcardThe Crimes of GrindelwaldMichael's
28ZouwuThe Crimes of Grindelwald
29NaginiThe Crimes of Grindelwald
31NaginiThe Crimes of GrindewaldSDCC19

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