Funko Pop Harry Potter figures are super stylized vinyl collectibles featuring your favorite characters from the popular film franchise. With dozens of figures to collect and several variations and retail exclusives, die-hard collectors will have their work cut out for them in finding all of their desired figures.

Our checklist includes all of the figures in this line and can be searched or sorted by several parameters, making it easier to find the exact information you're looking for.

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Combo PackHarry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione GrangerBarnes and Noble
Combo PackGinny Weasley, Fred Weasley, George WeasleyBarnes and Noble
1Harry Potter
2Ron Weasley
3Hermione Granger
4Albus Dumbledore
5Severus Snape
6Lord Voldermort
7Rubeus Hagrid
8Harry PotterQuidditchHot Topic
9Harry PotterSword of GryffindorHot Topic
10Harry PotterTriWizard
11Hermione GrangerYule Ball
12Ron WeasleyYule Ball
13Draco Malfoy
14Luna Lovegood
15Albus DumbledoreWand
16Sirius Black
19Draco MalfoyBroomHot Topic
20Cedric DiggoryHot Topic
21Harry PotterSorting HatBarnes and Noble
22Neville LongbottomBarnes and Noble
26Harry PotterGolden EggTarget
27Harry PotterSweaterHot Topic
28Ron WeasleySweaterHot Topic
29Azkhaban BellatrixHot Topic
30Lucius MalfoyDeath EaterHot Topic
31Harry PotterHedwigHot Topic
31Harry Potteron BroomSDCC17
32Harry PotterProphesy
33Fred Weasley
34George Weasley
35Bellatrix Lestrange
36Lucius Malfoy
37Minerva McGonagall
38Mad Eye Moody
39Dolores Umbridge
41Luna Lovegoodw/ GlassesSDCC17
42Harry Potter
43Hermione Granger
44Ron Weasley
45Remus Lupin
46Ginny Weasley
47Luna Lovegood
48Peter Pettigrew
51Harry Potter w/ FireboltBoxLunch
52Boggart as SnapeLENYCC17
53Ginny Weasley
54Ron Weasley
55Harry Potter (Herbology)
56Ron Weasley
57Hermione Granger (Herbology)
58Ginny Weasley (w/ Diary)
59Gilderoy Lockhart
59Gilderoy LockhartBlue SuitBarnes and Noble
60Tom Riddle
60Tom RiddleSepiaTarget
61Moaning MyrtleGITDSDCC18
62Nearly Headless Nick
62Nearly Headless NickGITDSDCC18
65Seamus FinniganBAM!
66Minerva McGonagallBAM!
68Professor QuirrellFYE
69Hermione Granger (w/ Sorting Hat)Barnes and Noble
71Ron Weasley (w/ Howler)
72Ron WeasleyBarnes and Noble
73Sirius Black (as Animagus)
74Bloody Baron
77Hermione Granger (as Cat)
78Rubeus Hagrid (w/ Cake)
79Harry Potter (Arm in Sling)
80Hermione GrangerHot Topic
81Harry Potter Entering Platform 9 3/4BoxLunch
82Ron Weasley Riding Chess Piece
83Rita SkeeterSDCC19

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