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Funko Pop Heroes Checklist


Funko Pop Heroes collects all of your favorite DC Comics heroes and villains into one series of Funko styled figures. With 300+ figures and variants, there are plenty of characters for fans to collect ranging from the classics like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash to more obscure characters like Clayface, Phantasm, and Swamp Thing.

Although every figure is numbered sequentially for the Funko Pop Heroes line, many of them have different franchise brandings such as Suicide Squad, Justice League, DC Universe, and DC Super Heroes.

Each franchise brand is available on our checklist. There are several variants and retail exclusives within this series and a few figures that are limited edition short production runs.

Our checklist below includes all of the figures and can be searched or sorted by sequence number, character, variant, franchise, production run (if limited), and retail exclusivity.

Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to a purchase listing from eBay or one of our affiliate retailers.

Funko Pop Heroes Checklist

Figures – 300+
GITD – Glow in the Dark
B&W – Black and White

SDCC – San Diego Comic Con
NYCC – New York Comic Con

Combo PackBatman and AquamanJustice LeagueFYE
Combo PackBatman and Joker Surfs UpBatman 66FYE
Combo PackBatman and Superman500Batman Vs SupermanSDCC15
Combo PackBatman and SupermanMetallicBatman vs SupermanToys R Us
Combo PackBatman and SupermanGITDBatman vs SupermanWalmart
Combo PackBlue Beetle and Booster GoldDC Super HeroesPX
Combo PackJoker and Harley QuinnSuicide SquadFYE
Combo PackWonder Woman and Steve TrevorWonder WomanFYE
Combo PackZebra Batman and Bullseye BatmanBatmanHot Topic
Combo PackFlash and Superman (Racing)Justice LeagueGameStop
Combo PackFlash Chrome (Red, Gold, Silver)Justice LeagueSDCC18
Combo PackWonder TwinsDC Super HeroesSDCC174
Combo PackSuperman (Red Chrome, Silver Chrome, Blue Chrome)SupermanFYE
1BatmanDC Universe
1BatmanMetallicDC UniverseChase
1BatmanBlue RetroDC UniverseSDCC10
1BatmanMetallic Blue RetroDC UniverseSDCC10
1BatmanYellow ErrorDC UniverseChase
1BatmanFlashpointDC UniverseNYCC11
1BatmanBobbleheadDC UniverseTarget
1BatmanBobblehead MetallicDC UniverseTarget
1BatmanNew 52DC UniversePreviews
1BatmanYellow RainbowDC Super HeroesEntertainment Earth
1BatmanPurple RainbowDC Super HeroesEntertainment Earth
1BatmanOrange RainbowDC Super HeroesEntertainment Earth
1BatmanBlue RainbowDC Super HeroesEntertainment Earth
1BatmanPink RainbowDC Super HeroesEntertainment Earth
1BatmanGreen RainbowDC Super HeroesEntertainment Earth
1BatmanSilver108DC Super HeroesHot Topic
1BatmanRetroDC Super HeroesEntertainment Earth
1BatmanMichael KeatonDC Super HeroesGamestop
1BatmanMichael Keaton GoldDC Super HeroesGamestop
1BatmanRainbowDC Super HeroesNYCC16
1BatmanSilhouette GlowDC Super HeroesEntertainment Earth
2RobinDC Universe
2RobinMetallicDC UniverseChase
2RobinBobbleheadDC UniverseTarget
3BatgirlDC Universe
3BatgirlMetallicDC UniverseChase
3BatgirlMetallic Yellow SymbolDC UniverseChase
3BatgirlMetallic BlackDC UniverseSDCC10
3BatgirlBlack SuitDC Super HeroesGamestop
3BatgirlGoldDC Super HeroesGamestop
4PenguinDC Universe
4PenguinMetallicDC UniverseChase
5RiddlerDC Universe
5RiddlerMetallicDC UniverseChase
6JokerDC Universe
6JokerMetallicDC UniverseChase
6JokerBobbleheadDC UniverseTarget
6JokerBobblehead MetallicDC UniverseTarget
6JokerB&WDC Super HeroesHot Topic
6JokerBlack SuitDC Super HeroesWalgreens
7SupermanDC Universe
7SupermanMetallicDC UniverseChase
7SupermanKingdom ComeDC UniverseBedrock City
7SupermanBobbleheadDC UniverseTarget
7SupermanBobblehead MetallicDC UniverseTarget
7SupermanNew 52DC UniversePreviews
7SupermanB&WDC Super HeroesHot Topic
7SupermanSilver144DC Super HeroesHot Topic
7SupermanSilhouette GlowDC Super HeroesEntertainment Earth
8Wonder WomanDC Universe
8Wonder WomanMetallicDC UniverseChase
8Wonder WomanB&W240DC UniverseToy Tokyo
8Wonder WomanNew 52DC UniversePreviews
8Wonder WomanSilhouette GlowDC Super HeroesEntertainment Earth
9Green LanternDC Universe
9Green LanternMetallicDC UniverseChase
9Green LanternGITDDC UniverseSDCC10
9Green LanternBobbleheadDC UniverseTarget
9Green LanternBobblehead MetallicDC UniverseTarget
9Green LanternNew 52DC UniversePreviews
9Green LanternSilhouette GlowDC Super HeroesEntertainment Earth
10FlashDC Universe
10FlashMetallicDC UniverseChase
10FlashNew 52DC UniversePreviews
10FlashB&WDC UniverseHot Topic
10FlashSilhouette GlowDC Super HeroesEntertainment Earth
11Hal JordanGreen Lantern
11Hal JordanMetallicGreen LanternSDCC11
12SinestroGreen Lantern
12SinestroMetallicGreen LanternSDCC11
13Two FaceDC Universe
14Shazam!DC Universe
14Shazam!MetallicDC UniverseGemini
15Green ArrowDC Universe
15Green ArrowMetallicDC UniverseGemini
16AquamanDC Universe
16AquamanMetallicDC UniverseGemini
16AquamanNew 52DC UniversePreviews
16AquamanSilhouette GlowDC Super HeroesEntertainment Earth
17HawkmanDC Universe
17HawkmanMetallicDC UniverseGemini
18Martian ManhunterDC Universe
18Martian ManhunterMetallicDC UniverseSDCC11
19BatmanDark Knight
19BatmanPatinaDark KnightSDCC12
20BaneDark Knight
21CatwomanDark Knight
22Black FlashDC Universe
23Domo BatmanDomo+DC
23Domo BatmanMetallicDomo+DCSDCC13
24Domo Dark KnightDomo+DC
25Domo Green LanternDomo+DC
26Domo FlashDomo+DC
27Domo SupermanDomo+DC
28Domo Man of SteelDomo+DC
29SupermanMan of Steel
30General ZodMan of Steel
31SuperboyDC Universe
32SupermanMan of SteelSDCC13
32Batman BeyondDC Comics
33Batman BeyondMetallicDC ComicsFugitive Toys
34Harley QuinnDC Comics
34Harley QuinnB&WDC ComicsHarrison\'s Comics
34Harley QuinnGITDDC ComicsPreviews
34Harley QuinnMetallicDC ComicsConquest Comics
35DarkseidGITDDC ComicsGemini
36JokerDark Knight
37Joker (Clown Mask)Dark Knight
39Reverse FlashDC UniverseDallas CC
39Reverse FlashGITDDC UniverseDallas CC
40NightwingDC Comics
40NightwingRed ColorwayDC ComicsFugitive Toys
40NightwingMetallic RedDC ComicsFugitive Toys
41BatmanBatman 66
41BatmanMetallicBatman 66ACCC
42RobinBatman 66
43CatwomanBatman 66
44JokerBatman 66
44JokerMetallicBatman 66ACCC
45Harley Quinnw/ malletDC ComicsHot Topic
45Harley QuinnB&WDC Super HeroesHot Topic
45Harley QuinnPink/WhiteDC Super HeroesHot Topic
45Harley QuinnDiamondDC Super HeroesHot Topic
46Batman (Blackest Night)DC ComicsHot Topic
47Blue Lantern FlashDC ComicsFugitive Toys
47Blue Lantern FlashMetallicDC ComicsFugitive Toys
48Judge DreddJudge Dredd
49DeathstrokeDC Comics
49DeathstrokeMetallicDC ComicsPX
50Deathstroke (Unmasked)DC ComicsSDCC14
51Batman (Unmasked)DC Super HeroesTarget
52BatmanArkham Asylum
52BatmanBlueArkham AsylumHot Topic
52BatmanDetective ModeArkham AsylumHot Topic
53JokerArkham Asylum
54Harley QuinnArkham Asylum
55Poison IvyArkham Asylum
56Killer CrocArkham Asylum
57White Lantern SupermanDC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
57White Lantern SupermanGITDDC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
58White Lantern BatmanDC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
58White Lantern BatmanGITDDC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
59White Lantern FlashDC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
59White Lantern FlashGITDDC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
60SupermanDC Super HeroesMidtown Comics
61Star Sapphire Wonder WomanDC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
61Star Sapphire Wonder WomanMetallicDC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
62Batman (Earth 2)DC Super Heroes
63GabrielLast Man Standing
64Bizarro SupermanDC Super Heroes
65Joker BatmanDC Super HeroesLoot Crate
66Harley Quinn (Roller Derby)DC Super HeroesHot Topic
67PhantomThe Phantom
67PhantomRedThe Phantom
67PhantomBlueThe Phantom
67PhantomGrayThe Phantom
68Black Lantern Reverse FlashDC Super HeroesHot Topic
69Batman (Thrillkiller)DC Super HeroesMidtown Comics
70White Lantern Wonder WomanDC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
70White Lantern Wonder WomanGITDDC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
71BatmanArkham Knight
72Harley QuinnArkham Knight
73Arkham KnightArkham Knight
74ScarecrowArkham Knight
75James GordanGotham
76Harvey BullockGotham
77Bruce WayneGotham
78Oswald CobblepotGotham
79Selena KyleGotham
80Fish MooneyGotham
81Reverse FlashNew 52DC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
82Swamp ThingSwamp Thing
82Swamp ThingFlockedSwamp Thing
82Swamp ThingGITDSwamp Thing
82Swamp ThingFlocked/SmellSwamp ThingSDCC16
83Superman (Blackest Night)DC Super Heroes
83Superman (Blackest Night)GoldDC Super HeroesGamestop
84BatmanBatman vs. Superman
85SupermanBatman vs. Superman
86Wonder WomanBatman vs. Superman
86Wonder WomanPatinaBatman vs. SupermanBAM
86Wonder WomanSepiaBatman vs. SupermanWalmart
87AquamanBatman vs. Superman
87AquamanUnderwaterBatman vs. SupermanHot Topic
87AquamanPatinaBatman vs. SupermanEE, SDCC16
88BatmanArmoredBatman vs. SupermanLegion of Collectors
89BatmanKnightmareBatman vs. Superman
90SupermanSoldierBatman vs. Superman
91FirestormDC Super Heroes
91FirestormWhiteDC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
91FirestormWhite, GITDDC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
92Black MantaDC Super Heroes
93SupergirlDC Super Heroes
94Power GirlDC Super Heroes
95CyborgDC Super Heroes
95CyborgSilhouette GlowDC Super HeroesEntertainment Earth
96JokerSuicide Squad
97Harley QuinnSuicide Squad
98DeadshotSuicide Squad
99Rick FlagSuicide Squad
100KatanaSuicide Squad
101BoomerangSuicide Squad
102Killer CrocSuicide Squad
102Killer CrocGITDSuicide SquadBarnes and Noble
103DiabloSuicide Squad
104JokerSuicide SquadTarget
105Harley Quinn (Prison)Suicide SquadGamestop
106Deadshot (Masked)Suicide Squad
107JokerSuicide SquadWalmart
108Harley Quinn (Gown)Suicide SquadHot Topic
109Joker (Tuxedo)Suicide SquadHot Topic
110EnchantressSuicide SquadLegion of Collectors
111BatmanDark Knight ReturnsPX
112Batman (Armored)Dark Knight ReturnsPX
113Batman (Unmasked)Dark Knight ReturnsPX
114SupermanDark Knight ReturnsPreviews
115Robin (Carrie Kelley)Dark Knight ReturnsPreviews
116JokerDark Knight ReturnsPX
117BatmanDark Knight ReturnsPX
120Batman (Steampunk)DC Super HeroesHot Topic
121Harley QuinnDC Super HeroesHot Topic
122Batman Penguin ImposterDC Super Heroes
123Batman Two Face ImposterDC Super Heroes
124Batman Harley Quinn ImposterDC Super Heroes
125Batman Scarecrow ImposterDC Super Heroes
126Batman Riddler ImposterDC Super Heroes
127Batgirl Harley Quinn ImposterDC Super Heroes
128Batgirl Poison Ivy ImposterDC Super Heroes
129DoomsdayBatman vs. SupermanSDCC16
130SupermanFalse GodBatman vs. SupermanSDCC16, Gamestop
131BatmanUnderwaterBatman vs. SupermanSDCC16, Hot Topic
132Thomas WayneDC Super HeroesHot Topic
133Batman (Surf)Batman 66
134Joker (Surf)Batman 66
135Dr. HarleenSuicide SquadWalmart
136BatgirlDC Super Heroes
136CatwomanDC Super HeroesLegion of Collectors
137BatmanZur En ArrhDC Super HeroesTarget
138HawkgirlDC Super HeroesLegion of Collectors
139Batman White LanternDC Super Heroes
140BatmanGolden AgeDC Super HeroesSpecialty Series
141BatmanSuper Friends
142Batman (Earth 1)DC Super Heroes
143Batman (Darkest Knight)DC Super HeroesToy Tokyo
144BatmanDC Super Heroes
144BatmanRed MetallicBatmanTarget
144BatmanBlue ChromeDC Super HeroesSDCC17
144BatmanBlack ChromeLEDC Super HeroesNYCC17
144BatmanEmerald Chrome1500DC Super HeroesECCC18
144BatmanOrange ChromeLEDC Super HeroesToy Tokyo
144BatmanTeal ChromeDC Super HeroesSDCC19
145Clark KentDC Super HeroesHot Topic
146Joker (Killing Joke)DC Super HeroesNYCC16
147Joker (Grenade Damage)Suicide SquadNYCC16
148BatgirlBatgirlSpecialty Series
150Killer CrocHoodedSuicide SquadWalmart
151Koller Croc ImposterDC Super HeroesWalmart
152BatmanBatman the Animated Series
153RobinBatman the Animated Series
154BatgirlBatman the Animated Series
155JokerBatman the Animated Series
156Harley QuinnBatman the Animated Series
157Poison IvyBatman the Animated Series
158Red SonjaRed Sonja
158Red SonjaBloodyRed SonjaPX Previews
159Superman (Classic)SupermanLegion of Collectors
161BatmanNegativeSuper HeroesTarget
162BatmanProfessor RadiumSuper HeroesTarget
163BatmanGolden MidasSuper HeroesTarget
164BatmanNorth Pole CamoSuper HeroesTarget
165Plastic ManSuper HeroesLegion of Collectors
166Harley QuinnBombshells
166Harley QuinnBlack and WhiteBombshellsThink Geek
166Harley QuinnChristmas ColorsBombshellsGeek Box
167Wonder WomanBombshells
167Wonder WomanSepiaBombshellsChase
167Wonder WomanHolidayBombshellsMichael's
170JokerKissesBombshellsHot Topic
170JokerKisses B&WBombshellsHot Topic
171Poison IvyBatmanHot Topic
172Wonder WomanWonder Woman
173Steve TrevorWonder Woman
174HippolytaWonder Woman
175Wonder WomanWonder WomanWalmart
176Diana PrinceWonder WomanEntertainment Earth
177Wonder WomanWonder WomanGamestop
178Wonder WomanWonder WomanHot Topic
179Emerald City CrusaderEmerald City Comic ConECCC17
179Emerald City CrusaderGITDEmerald City Comic ConECCC17
180Green LanternJohn StewartSuper HeroesWalgreens
181Wonder Woman w/ LassoWonder WomanLegion of Collectors
182BatmanJungle10,000Super HeroesFunko Shop
183RiddlerBatman Classic TV
183RiddlerDerby HatBatman Classic TVChase
184PenguinBatman Classic TV
185Mr. FreezeBatman Classic TV
186BatgirlBatman Classic TV
187King TutBatman Classic TV
188BatmanJokerSuicide SquadSDCC17
189Man BatBatman the Animated SeriesSDCC17
190Mr FreezeBatman the Animated SeriesLegion of Collectors
191ClayfaceBatman the Animated Series
192BaneBatman the Animated Series
193Batman (Robot)Batman the Animated Series
193Batman (Robot)Full robot headBatman the Animated SeriesChase
194CatwomanBatman the Animated Series
195ScarecrowBatman the Animated Series
196Batman (Interplanetary)DC Super HeroesSDCC17
197AresWonder WomanSDCC17
198PhantasmBatman the Animated Series
199AquamanJustice LeagueSDCC17
200Bruce WayneJustice LeagueSDCC17
201Flash (Unmasked)Justice LeagueRegal Cinemas
202NightwingDC Super HeroesLegion of Collectors
203Martha Wayne (Joker)DC Super Heroes
204BatmanJustice League
205AquamanJustice League
206Wonder WomanJustice League
207SupermanJustice League
208FlashJustice League
208FlashRunningJustice LeagueSDCC18
209CyborgJustice League
210AquamanJustice LeagueLegion of Collectors
211Wonder WomanJustice LeagueWalmart
212CyborgJustice LeagueWalmart
213MeraJustice LeagueHot Topic
214SteppenwolfJustice LeagueLegion of Collectors
215Superman #1LEDC Super HeroesNYCC17
217Marian ManhunterJustice League UnlimitedWalmart
218BaneDC Super HeroesLegion of Collectors
219Lex LuthorDC Super HeroesLegion of Collectors
220Batman (Yellow Lantern)DC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
220Batman (Yellow Lantern)GITDDC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
222SupergirlSepiaBombshellsBarnes and Noble
223HawkgirlSepiaBombshellsHot Topic
224Poison IvyBombshells
226Wonder WomanLEWonder WomanFunko Shop
227AntiopeWonder Woman
228Etta CandyWonder Woman
229Wonder WomanWonder Woman
229Wonder WomanSepiaWonder WomanEntertainment Earth
230Diana PrinceWonder WomanHot Topic
231LoboDC Super HeroesPreviews
231LoboBloodyDC Super HeroesPreviews
232Ace the Bat Hound3000Ace the Bat HoundFunko Shop
233Harley QuinnDC Super HeroesHot Topic
234DeathDC Super Heroes
235Krypto the SuperdogKryptoSpecialty Series
236RedhoodDC Super HeroesSDCC18
237Kyle Rayner (White Lantern)DC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
237Kyle Rayner (White Lantern)GITDDC Super HeroesFugitive Toys
238Wonder Woman (Flashpoint)DC Super HeroesHot Topic
239Batman (Hush)Jim Lee CollectionGameStop
240Joker (Hush)Jim Lee CollectionGameStop
242Wonder WomanWonder WomanHot Topic
243Arthur CurryAquamanHot Topic
244Arthur CurryAquaman
244Arthur CurryPatinaAquamanWalmart
248Black MantaAquaman
248Black MantaBlackAquamanWalmart
248Black MantaBlackAquamanTarget
249Black MantaUnmaskedAquamanRegal Cinemas
251SupermanSupermanSpecialty Series
252Harleen QuinzelBatman the Animated SeriesPop in a Box
253BatmanBatman 80thHot Topic
254AquamanJim Lee CollectionGameStop
255ConstantineDC Super HeroesPreviews
256Batman Who LaughsDC Super HeroesPreviews
257Duela DentDC BombshellsHot Topic
258BatmanDC BombshellsTarget
259Wonder Woman (Amazonia)Wonder WomanHot Topic
260ShazamGITDShazamHot Topic
266Black CanaryDC Super HeroesWalgreens
267Mister MxyzptlkDC Super HeroesEntertainment Earth
268FlashJim Lee CollectionGameStop
269CatwomanDeluxeJim Lee CollectionGameStop
270BatmanBatman 80th
270Batman (First Appearance)Sun Faded Pop & Tee BundleBatman 80thWalmart
273Joker (Death of the Family)DC Super HeroesHot Topic
274Red Wing RobinDC Super HeroesHot Topic
275Batman (80th Anniversary)Batman 80th
276OwlmanDC Super HeroesHot Topic
277Batmobile (1950s)Batman
278Superman (Jim Lee)SupermanGameStop
279Harley Quinn w/ Boom BoxDC Super HeroesPreviews
284Batman (w/ SDCC Bag)BatmanSDCC19/Funko Shop
290Harley Quinn as RobinDC Super HeroesHot Topic
291Batman and CatwomanMomentGameStop
292Batman (The Joker is Wild)BatmanEntertainment Earth
293Batman (Gamer)BatmanGameStop Mystery Box
294Batman (Gamer)SeatedChaseBatmanGameStop Mystery Box
295The Joker (Gamer)BatmanGameStop Mystery Box
296The Joker (VR Gamer)ChaseBatmanGameStop Mystery Box
298Wonder Woman (w/ Hollywood Bag)Wonder WomanFunko Hollywood Store
299Harley Quinn (Holiday)DC Super HeroesHot Topic
317Green LanternGreen LanternSpecialty Series
433Doctor MaruWonder WomanLegion of Collectors

Funko DC Heroes POP Batman 18 Inch Vinyl Figure Set NEW IN STOCK
Funko DC Heroes POP Batman 18 Inch Vinyl Figure Set NEW IN STOCK
Time Remaining: 29d 19h 22m
Buy It Now for only: $109.99
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FUNKO POP HEROES DC Comics Batman 41 Alamo City Comic Con Exclusive Metallic
FUNKO POP HEROES DC Comics Batman 41 Alamo City Comic Con Exclusive Metallic
Time Remaining: 30d 22h 37m
Buy It Now for only: $84.99
Buy It Now | Add to watch list
Funko POP Heroes DC Universe Green Arrow 15 Vaulted Retired Rare Hard Protector
Funko POP Heroes DC Universe Green Arrow 15 Vaulted Retired Rare Hard Protector
Time Remaining: 25d 14m
Buy It Now for only: $180.00
Buy It Now | Add to watch list
Funko Pop DC Super Heroes Batman Black Chrome 144 2017 NYCC Fall Exclusive
Funko Pop DC Super Heroes Batman Black Chrome 144 2017 NYCC Fall Exclusive
Time Remaining: 17d 32m
Buy It Now for only: $72.99
Buy It Now | Add to watch list
Funko Pop DC Comics Super Heroes Metallic The Flash 10 Chase WITH PROTECTOR
Funko Pop DC Comics Super Heroes Metallic The Flash 10 Chase WITH PROTECTOR
Time Remaining: 15d 3h 37m
Buy It Now for only: $124.94
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Funko Pop Heroes DC Universe Shazam 14 Rare Vaulted  Near Mint Condition
Funko Pop Heroes DC Universe Shazam 14 Rare Vaulted Near Mint Condition
Time Remaining: 10d 5h 15m
Buy It Now for only: $225.00
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Funko Pop Vinyl DC Comics Super Heroes 10 The Flash Chase New never opened
Funko Pop Vinyl DC Comics Super Heroes 10 The Flash Chase New never opened
Time Remaining: 14d 14h 32m
Buy It Now for only: $100.00
Buy It Now | Add to watch list
Funko Pop Heroes DC Batman 19 01 42122 In stock
Funko Pop Heroes DC Batman 19 01 42122 In stock
Time Remaining: 19d 20h 44m
Buy It Now for only: $124.98
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