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Funko Pop SNL Checklist

I have a fever and the only prescription is Funko Pop SNL vinyl figurines. Funko launched this line of collectibles in March 2018 with an initial wave of three different formats, a single standard size, a two-pack, and a three-pack. The numbering is completely independent suggesting a collection that will be regularly updated and expanded.

Our checklist includes all of the figures released in this collection and can be searched or sorted by release number, character, variant, limited edition run, and retail exclusivity. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that figure.

Combo PackD*ck In A Box
Combo PackSpartan Cheerleaders
Combo PackDoug & Steve ButabiNYCC18/Barnes and Noble
Combo PackDavid S. Pumpkins w/ SkeletonsGITDFunko Shop
1More Cowbell
3David S. Pumpkins
4Drunk Uncle
5Roseanne Roseannadanna
6Target LadyTarget