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Funko Pop Television Checklist


Funko Pop Television vinyl figurines bring many of the characters from your favorite shows to your shelf with stylized and detailed renditions. Classic shows like The Munsters and Golden Girls and contemporary hits like Arrested Development and Adventure Time are all fair game and given the full Funko treatment.

Our checklist includes all the figures in this series and can be searched or sorted by several parameters. Don't see your favorite show on the list? Check back often because Funko Pop Television figures are a constantly growing collection that continues to cover a wide swath of TV favorites.

As with most Funko releases, the Funko Pop Television line offers exclusives, with several offered only during annual events, including Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC), New York Comic Con (NYCC), and San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). Each of the special editions is packaged with the corresponding even sticker, and often with the number of figures produced.

Funko Pop Television Checklist

Base Set – 500+ and growing
Glow in the Dark Variants (GITD)
Chase (Typically distributed 1:6)
Funko Shop (Online exclusive)

SDCC – San Diego Comic-Con
ECCC – Emerald City Comic Con
NYCC – New York Comic Con

Combo PackBilly & KarenStranger ThingsSDCC18
Combo PackGreen Hornet & KatoGreen HornetSDCC18
Combo PackRita Repulsa & Lord ZeddPower RangersBAM!
Combo PackJan Brady & George GlassBrady BunchBAM!
Combo PackNegan and Carl GrimesWalking DeadBAM!
Combo PackFragglesFlockedFraggle RockFunko Shop
Combo PackGeorge & Louise JeffersonJeffersonsTarget
Combo PackCam & MitchModern FamilyTarget
Combo PackGomez & Morticia AddamsB&WAddams FamilyEntertainment Earth
Combo PackKang and KodosGITDSimpsonsSDCC19/GameStop
Combo PackThe Wanderer & The HereticDark CrystalNYCC19/Target
1Homer SimpsonSimpsons
2Marge SimpsonSimpsons
3Bart SimpsonSimpsons
4Krusty the ClownSimpsons
5DJ Lance RockYo Gabba Gabba
5DJ Lance RockGITDYo Gabba GabbaSDCC12
6BroberYo Gabba Gabba
7MunoYo Gabba Gabba
8PlexYo Gabba Gabba
9ToodeeYo Gabba Gabba
10FoofaYo Gabba Gabba
11Sheldon CooperBig Bang Theory
11Sheldon CooperBatman TBig Bang TheorySDCC12
11Sheldon CooperFlash TBig Bang TheoryAstro Zombies
11Sheldon CooperHawkman TBig Bang TheorySDCC12
11Sheldon CooperSuperman TBig Bang TheorySDCC12
12GirInvader ZimHot Topic
13Rick GrimesWalking Dead
13Rick GrimesBloodyWalking DeadHarrison's Comics
14Daryl DixonWalking Dead
14Daryl DixonBloodyWalking DeadHarrison's Comics
15RV WalkerWalking Dead
15RV WalkerBloodyWalking DeadGemini Collectibles
16Bicycle GirlWalking Dead
16Bicycle GirlBloodyWalking DeadPreviews
17He-ManMasters of the Universe
18She-RaMasters of the Universe
19SkeletorMasters of the Universe
19SkeletorGITDMasters of the UniverseGemini Collectibles
19SkeletorDiscoMasters of the UniverseSDCC13
20SpikorMasters of the Universe
21HordakMasters of the Universe
22White RangerPower Rangers
22White RangerGITDPower RangersSDCC13
23Red RangerPower Rangers
24Pink RangerPower Rangers
25Spongebob SquarepantsSpongebob Squarepants
25Spongebob SquarepantsMetallicSpongebob SquarepantsShellabration
25Spongebob SquarepantsGlowSpongebob SquarepantsHot Topic
25Spongebob SquarepantsGoldSpongebob SquarepantsAmazon
26PatrickSpongebob Squarepants
27SquidwardSpongebob Squarepants
28SandySpongebob Squarepants
29Mr. KrabsSpongebob Squarepants
30Lumpy Space PrincessAdventure Time
31MarcelineAdventure Time
32FinnAdventure Time
32FinnGITDAdventure TimeSDCC13
33JakeAdventure Time
33JakeFlockedAdventure TimeToy Wars
34Ice KingAdventure Time
35GlennWalking Dead
35GlennBloodyWalking DeadMan of Action
36Tank ZombieWalking Dead
36Tank ZombieBloodyWalking DeadFugitive Toys
37Michonne\'s Pet 1Walking Dead
37Michonne\'s Pet 1BloodyWalking DeadHarrison's Comics
38MichonneWalking Dead
38MichonneBloodyWalking DeadHarrison's Comics
39Michonne\'s Pet 2Walking Dead
39Michonne\'s Pet 2BloodyWalking DeadHarrison's Comics
40BeavisBeavis and Butt-Head
41Butt-HeadBeavis and Butt-Head
42Amy Farrah FowlerBig Bang Theory
42Amy Farrah FowlerColorBig Bang TheorySDCC13
42Amy Farrah FowlerColorBig Bang TheoryJMD
43Dr. Blake DownsChildren\'s Hospital
44JakeZombieAdventure TimeSDCC13
45Leonard HofstadterBig Bang Theory
46RigbyRegular Show
47MordecaiRegular Show
48BensonRegular Show
49SkipsRegular Show
50Muscle ManRegular Show
51Princess BubblegumAdventure Time
51Princess BubblegumGlowAdventure TimeSDCC14
52BMOAdventure Time
52BMOGlodAdventure TimeSDCC14
52BMOMetallicAdventure TimeHot Topic
52BMOGITDAdventure TimeECCC
53LemongrabAdventure Time
54FionnaAdventure Time
55CakeAdventure Time
56PennyBig Bang Theory
57Raj KoothrappaliBig Bang Theory
58Bernadette RostenkowskiBig Bang Theory
59Howard WolowitzBig Bang Theory
60DonatelloTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
60DonatelloMetallicTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesSDCC13
61RaphaelTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
61RaphaelMetallicTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesSDCC13
61RaphaelGreyscaleTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesACCC
61RaphaelGreyscale/ChromeTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesACCC
62MichaelangeloTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
62MichaelangeloMetallicTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesSDCC13
62MichaelangeloGreyscaleTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesACCC
62MichaelangeloGreyscale/ChromeTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesACCC
63LeonardoTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
63LeonardoMetallicTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesSDCC13
64SplinterTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
65ShredderTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
66The GovernorWalking Dead
66The GovernorBloodyWalking DeadFugitive Toys
67Rick GrimesWalking Dead
67Rick GrimesBloodyWalking DeadSDCC13
68Prison Guard WalkerWalking Dead
68Prison Guard WalkerBloodyWalking DeadSDCC13
69Merle DixonWalking Dead
69Merle DixonBloodyWalking DeadTBCC
70The GovernorWalking Dead
70The GovernorBloodyWalking DeadPX Previews
71Zombie MerleWalking Dead
72Poncho Daryl DixonWalking Dead
72Poncho Daryl DixonBloodyWalking DeadHot Topic
73Sheldon Cooper Star TrekBig Bang Theory
73Sheldon Cooper Star TrekTeleportingBig Bang TheorySDCC13
74Leonard Hofstadter Star TrekBig Bang Theory
74Leonard Hofstadter Star TrekTeleportingBig Bang TheorySDCC13
75Howard Wolowitz Star TrekBig Bang Theory
75Howard Wolowitz Star TrekTeleportingBig Bang TheorySDCC13
76Raj Koothrappali Star TrekBig Bang Theory
76Raj Koothrappali Star TrekTeleportingBig Bang TheorySDCC13
77WillieDuck Dynasty
78Uncle SiDuck Dynasty
78Uncle SiColorDuck Dynasty7-11
78Uncle SiColorDuck DynastyBAM!
79JaseDuck Dynasty
80PhilDuck Dynasty
81Captain KirkStar Trek
82SpockStar Trek
82SpockMirror MirrorStar TrekPX Previews
83ScottyStar Trek
84KlingonStar Trek
85AndorianStar Trek
86Orion Slave GirlStar Trek
87GunterAdventure Time
88Jax TellerSons of Anarchy
89Clay MorrowSons of Anarchy
90Gemma Teller MorrowSons of Anarchy
91Opie WinstonSons of Anarchy
92Robot B9Lost in Space
93SamFBISupernaturalHot Topic
94DeanFBISupernaturalHot Topic
95CastielSupernaturalHot Topic
95CastielWingedSupernaturalHot Topic
95CastielFrench MistakeSupernaturalSDCC15
96Daryl Dixon (Biker)Walking DeadPX Previews
96Daryl Dixon (Biker)BloodyWalking DeadPX Previews
97CarlWalking Dead
97CarlBloodyWalking Dead7-11
98MaggieWalking Dead
98MaggieBloodyWalking DeadGemini Collectibles
99PennyWalking Dead
100Daryl (Injured)Walking Dead
100Daryl (Injured)BloodyWalking DeadHot Topic
101Woodbury WalkerWalking Dead
107RobinTeen Titans GO!
108RavenTeen Titans GO!
108RavenWhiteTeen Titans GO!Hot Topic
108RavenOrangeTeen Titans GO!TRU
108RavenRedTeen Titans GO!TRU
109Beast BoyTeen Titans GO!
110CyborgTeen Titans GO!
111StarfireTeen Titans GO!
112Jax TellerSons of AnarchySDCC12
113Michael BluthArrested Development
114Gob BluthArrested Development
115Buster BluthArrested Development
116Tobias FunkeArrested Development
116Tobias FunkeBlue HimselfArrested Development
117George Michael BluthArrested Development
118Michael BluthArrested Development
119George BluthArrested Development
120Buster BluthArrested Development
121BuffyBuffy the Vampire Slayer
121BuffyBattle DamageBuffy the Vampire SlayerSDCC14
122WillowBuffy the Vampire Slayer
123AngelBuffy the Vampire Slayer
124SpikeBuffy the Vampire Slayer
125Vampire SpikeBuffy the Vampire Slayer
126The GentlemenBuffy the Vampire Slayer
127OzBuffy the Vampire Slayer
128Sookie StackhouseTrue Blood
129Eric NorthmanTrue Blood
130Bill ComptonTrue Blood
131AlcideTrue Blood
132PamTrue Blood
133LafayetteTrue Blood
135Captain Malcolm ReynoldsFirefly
136Zoe WashburneFirefly
137Hoban WashburneFirefly
138Jayne CobbFirefly
139Kaylee FryeFirefly
139Kaylee FryeDirtyFirefly
140April O\'NeilTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
141Foot SoldierTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
142BebopTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
143RocksteadyTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
145Daryl DixonB&WWalking DeadWalmart
146Hannibal LecterHannibal
146Hannibal LecterBloddyHannibalSDCC14
147Will GrahamHannibal
148Jack CrawfordHannibal
149Restrained Will GrahamHannibal
151Prison GlennWalking Dead
152TyreeseWalking Dead
153HershelWalking Dead
153HershelHeadlessWalking DeadSDCC14
154Teddy Bear GirlWalking Dead
155Well WalkerWalking Dead
156CarolWalking Dead
156CarolBloodyWalking DeadHot Topic
157Riot Gear GlennWalking DeadHot Topic
158Walter WhiteBreaking Bad
159Jesse PinkmanBreaking Bad
159Jesse PinkmanInjuredBreaking BadSDCC14
160Walter WhiteBreaking Bad
160Walter WhiteGreen SuitBreaking BadEntertainment Earth
160Walter WhiteGITDBreaking BadSDCC14
161Jesse PinkmanBreaking Bad
161Jesse PinkmanGlowBreaking BadHot Topic
161Jesse PinkmanGreen SuitBreaking BadEntertainment Earth
162HeisenbergBreaking Bad
163Saul GoodmanBreaking Bad
164Hank SchraderBreaking Bad
165Mike EhrmantrautBreaking Bad
166Gus FringBreaking Bad
167Gus FringBreaking Bad
168Tate LangdonAmerican Horror Story
169Rubber ManAmerican Horror Story
170Fiona GoodeAmerican Horror Story
170Fiona GoodeBloodyAmerican Horror StoryHot Topic
171Cordelia FoxxAmerican Horror Story
171Cordelia FoxxBloodyAmerican Horror StoryHot Topic
172Marie LaVeauAmerican Horror Story
173Myrtle SnowAmerican Horror Story
174Misty DayAmerican Horror Story
175Papa LegbraAmerican Horror Story
177Ragnar LothbrokVikings
182Wishverse WillowBuffy the Vampire SlayerHot Topic
183Fox MulderX-Files
184Dana ScullyX-Files
185Cigarette Smoking ManX-Files
187JMOAdventure TimeTarget
188Captain PicardStar Trek TNG
189Will RikerStar Trek TNG
190DataStar Trek TNG
191WorfStar Trek TNG
192Geordi La ForgeStar Trek TNG
193Deanna TroiStar Trek TNG
194Locutus of BorgStar Trek TNG
195KlingonStar Trek TNG
196Herman MunsterMunsters
197Lily MunsterMunsters
198Grandpa MunsterMunsters
199Eddie MunsterMunsters
200CrowleyRed DemonSupernaturalHot Topic
201Sarah ManningOrphan Black
202Alison HendrixOrphan Black
203Cosima NiehausOrphan Black
204HelenaOrphan Black
205Rachel DuncanOrphan Black
206Oliver QueenArrow
209Black CanaryArrow
212John DiggleArrow
215Reverse FlashFlash
216Captain ColdFlash
217Captain ColdUnmaskedFlashEntertainment Earth
218Rachel DuncanPencil in the EyeOrphan BlackHot Topic
219Twelfth DoctorDoctor Who
220Eleventh DoctorDoctor Who
221Tenth DoctorDoctor Who
222Fourth DoctorDoctor Who
223DalekDoctor Who
224CybermanDoctor Who
225AdiposeDoctor Who
226Weeping AngelDoctor Who
227TARDISDoctor Who
227TARDISMaterializingDoctor Who
227TARDISFloral MotifDoctor Who
228Captain ApolloBattlestar Galactica
228Captain ApolloTerra CaptainBattlestar GalacticaNYCC15
229Lt. StarbuckBattlestar Galactica
229Lt. StarbuckTerra Lt.Battlestar GalacticaNYCC15
230Commander AdamaBattlestar Galactica
231Cylon CenturionBattlestar Galactica
231Cylon CommanderBattlestar GalacticaNYCC15
232Fourth DoctorJelly BelliesDoctor WhoBarnes and Noble
233Tenth Doctor3D GlassesDoctor WhoHot Topic
234Tenth DoctorSpacesuitDoctor WhoNYCC15
235Eleventh DoctorHandlesDoctor WhoNYCC15
236Eleventh DoctorFezDoctor WhoHot Topic
237Eleventh DoctorSpacesuitDoctor WhoBGV Toys
238Twelfth DoctorSpoonDoctor WhoHot Topic
239Twelfth DoctorSpacesuitDoctor WhoSDCC15
240AdiposeGITDDoctor WhoHot Topic
241ElsaAmerican Horror Story
242Tattler TwinsAmerican Horror Story
243TwistyAmerican Horror Story
243TwistyUnmaskedAmerican Horror StorySDCC15
244PepperAmerican Horror Story
245Piper ChapmanOrange is the New Black
246Alex VauseOrange is the New Black
247Galina \"Red\" ReznikovOrange is the New Black
248Suzanne \"Crazy Eyes\" WarrenOrange is the New Black
249George \"Pornstache\" MendezOrange is the New Black
250Claire RandallOutlander
251Jamie FrasierOutlander
252Dougal MacKenzieOutlander
253Frank RandallOutlander
254Jack RandallBlackOutlander
255Lt. StarbuckBattlestar Galactica
256SixBattlestar Galactica
257Cylon CenturionBattlestar Galactica
258HelenaParkaOrphan BlackSDCC15
259DalekDoctor WhoBarnes and Noble
260Oliver QueenIsland ScarredArrowFugitive Toys
261Rachel GreenFriends
262Ross GellerFriends
263Monica GellarFriends
264Chandler BingFriends
265Joey TribbianiFriends
266Phoebe BuffayFriends
267Emma SwanOnce
269Snow WhiteOnce
270Prince CharmingOnce
272Captain HookOnce
273FelixOrphan Black
274Reginawith HeartOnceSDCC15
275Evolving DalekDoctor WhoGameStop
276Robot GirInvader Zim
277GirInvader Zim
277GirPre ReleaseInvader ZimHot Topic
278Bryan FullerHannibalSDCC15
279Dr. GoodweatherStrain
280Abraham SetrakianStrain
282The MasterStrain
283BMO NoireAdventure TimeHot Topic
284Sherlock HolmesSherlock
285Dr. John WatsonSherlock
286Jim MoriartySherlock
287Mycroft HolmesSherlock
288Irene AdlerSherlock
289Sherlock HolmesViolinSherlock
290Sherlock HolmesSkullSherlock
291Sherlock HolmesDeer StalkerSherlock
292Sherlock HolmesAppleSherlock
294Ninth DoctorDoctor Who
295Rose TylerDoctor WhoHot Topic
296River SongDoctor Who
297Jack HarknessDoctor Who
298Sarah JaneDoctor Who
299The SilenceDoctor WhoHot Topic
300K-9Doctor WhoGameStop
301Ninth DoctorBananaDoctor WhoHot Topic
301MarcelineAdventure Time
302Jack HarknessVortex ManipulatorDoctor WhoFYE
302Flame PrincessAdventure Time
303The LichAdventure Time
303The LichGreenAdventure TimeECCC
304Castiel StevePre ReleaseSupernaturalHot Topic
305Bobby SingerPre ReleaseSupernaturalHot Topic
306Rick GrimesWalking Dead
307MichonneWalking Dead
308MorganWalking Dead
309AbrahamWalking Dead
310TyreeseBloodyWalking DeadHot Topic
311Killian JonesOnce
312John OliverLast Week Tonight
313Zack MorrisSaved by the Bell
314Kelly KapowskiSaved by the Bell
315AC SlaterSaved by the Bell
316Jessie SpanoSaved by the Bell
317Screech PowersSaved by the Bell
318Lisa TurtleSaved by the Bell
319Tenth DoctorRegenerationDoctor WhoThink Geek/GameStop
320Felicity SmoakArrow
322Jimmy McGillBetter Call Saul
323Mr. MarchAmerican Horror Story
324Hypodermic SallyAmerican Horror Story
325HoldenAmerican Horror Story
326DorothyGolden Girls
327BlancheGolden Girls
328RoseGolden Girls
329SophiaGolden Girls
330SnoopyGreat Pumpkin
331Charlie BrownGreat Pumpkin
332LucyGreat Pumpkin
333Charlie Brown GhostGreat Pumpkin
334Robinas BatmanTeen Titans GoTRU
335Ravenas Wonder WomanTeen Titans Go
336Starfireas FlashTeen Titans Go
337Beast Boyas Martian ManhunterTeen Titans Go
338Cyborgas Green LanternTeen Titans Go
341Jay GarrickFlash
342The CountessAmerican Horror StoryEW
344Olivia Moore w/ bowl of brainsiZombie
345Olivia Moore w/ bone sawiZombie
346Olivia MooreiZombieSDCC16
347Olivia Moore (Zombie)iZombieNYCC16
348Green ArrowArrow
350Malcolm MerlynArrowSDCC16/Hot Topic
351Speedyw/ SwordArrow
353Gorilla GroddFlashSDCC16/Hot Topic
354Burning WalkerWalking DeadSDCC16/GameStop
355Ninth Doctorw/ HandDoctor Who
356Eleventh DoctorDoctor Who
357Twelfth Doctorw/ GuitarDoctor Who
358War DoctorDoctor Who
359DavrosDoctor Who
360Green RangerPower Rangers
360Green RangerMetallicPower RangersNYCC16/Toy Tokyo
360Green RangerGITDLEPower RangersNYCC17
361Black RangerPower Rangers
362Yellow RangerPower Rangers
363Blue Ranger