Introducing Hero Habit Baseball Boxes

Starting today, we are thrilled to announce a new way to collect your favorite team's baseball cards with Hero Habit Baseball Boxes!

Subscribe to your favorite team today and we'll send you new cards every month. Every monthly pack will include a full team set from various different card sets as well as various other cards from your favorite team.

Inserts, variants, relics, autographs, and other hits will be randomly distributed and none of our pulls will be withheld. That means that if we pull an Ohtani 1/1 autograph, a lucky Angels subscriber is getting an Ohtani 1/1 autograph in the mail.

The Hero Habit Baseball Box is great for new collectors, team collectors, casual collectors, die hard collectors, young collectors, old collectors, collectors who don't have a ton of storage for duplicates, and collectors who want to build their collection without breaking the bank. Basically, it's great for everyone.

So how does it work you ask? Good question.

Subscriptions are mailed out around the 5th of every month. Around the 15th of the preceding month we will display hits being sent out via our social media channels. Your subscription begins the month following your first payment.

Every package will have between 15 and 20 cards (packs with certain thick hits may contain fewer than 15 cards) with the cards in excess of a team set being randomly selected and coming from every era of baseball card history.

You can subscribe to as many teams as you'd like or subscribe to multiple boxes of the same team if you'd like to increase your odds of receiving high end cards.

Subscription payments are charged on the fifth day of every month.

A detailed list of distributed hits will be maintained on this site and can be viewed at any time.

You may cancel your subscription at any time (before the 1st of every month) but there is a limit to the number of times you can suspend and reactivate your subscription in one year.

There are no refunds and no guarantees of hits. You are guaranteed no less than 15 cards with no duplicates. Anything in excess of that is a perk of subscription.

Ok, enough with the details! Pick your team and subscribe today!

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