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Kidrobot Fraggle Rock Checklist

Kidrobot Fraggle Rock collectibles feature many of the beloved characters from the 1980s series in the Kidrobot style.

Two different blind box sets were released in the first wave for this license — a series of mini figurines and a series of keychains.

Blind box products are shipped with various ratios making some figures more rare than others. There are also “mystery” figurines which are not revealed on the outside of the box, nor the distribution ratios.

There were 96 episodes released during Fraggle Rock’s five season run between 1983 and 1987. The Jim Henson production was a vast world of Fraggles, Doozers, Gorgs, and an inquisitive dog named Sprocket and lends huge potential for expanding the checklists for Kidrobot’s collectible lines.

Cases contain 24 blind boxes for both the mini figurines and the keychains. Distribution numbers are based on a per-case total and typically range from one to three per 24 boxes.

Our checklist includes all of the Fraggle Rock products released by Kidrobot and will be updated as new figurines and collectibles are announced. Click on a link within the checklist to purchase your product or view relevant listings on eBay.

Because this is a blind product, clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to a general purchase page. If you are in search of a specific character to complete your collection, eBay would be a better option.

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Figure TypeCharacterNotes
Blind Box Mini FigureGobo
Blind Box Mini FigureRed
Blind Box Mini FigureWembly
Blind Box Mini FigureArchitect Doozer
Blind Box Mini FigureDoozer 1
Blind Box Mini FigureDoozer 2
Blind Box Mini FigureCotterpin Doozer
Blind Box Mini FigureBoober
Blind Box Mini FigureMokey
Blind Box Mini FigureSprocket
KeychainsUncle Matt
KeychainsMystery Figure 1
KeychainsMystery Figure 2