New and improved Baseball Boxes

Hero Habit is excited to announce some cool changes to our Baseball Box products. After a couple months of working out the kinks, a new and improved product is going to provide you with more variety and more cards and allow us to ship products much faster.

Beginning with our May boxes, subscribers will receive 25 cards from the team of their choice. Cards will include base, inserts, parallels, relics, autographs and anything else we may pull specific to your favorite team.

Previously we offered one team set among 15 total cards but that limited the variety of cards we could acquire for our boxes and made it difficult to ensure that we didn't send you duplicates from month to month. The duplicate situation is important to us and this new move will allow us to mix in a wider variety and limit the chances of sending you the same card twice. And, of course, you are still likely to get a full team set from time to time.

One of the other great aspects of this new change is that it will allow us to bring more great hits into the fold so your odds of receiving a cool card in your package is actually going up! All of this for the same price as before and with continued free shipping!

To current subscribers, you don't have to do anything with your account as the shipments will go out automatically in May. For future subscribers, your first box (even if you subscribe in April) will be under these new guidelines.

Lastly, we will be adding some of the best cards we're shipping to the galleries of that box's page and previewing hits on our Instagram feed. We hope you enjoy your boxes and encourage you to leave a review on the product page!

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