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Tired of opening hundreds of packs to put together one team set? Don't want all the duplicates that come with a case break?

With a Hero Habit Baseball Box, you will receive a box of Giants cards every month in your mailbox. Each box will contain at least 15 brand new Giants baseball cards from various eras with a guaranteed complete team set from the featured series of each month.

Beyond that, variations, inserts, limited editions, relic cards, and autograph cards will be randomly distributed among all the mailings and you will never have a duplicate card again!

Shipping is free and boxes ship on or around the 5th of each month.

Boxes with certain hits may contain fewer than 15 cards.

The odds of receiving a hit vary depending on stock availability and total number of subscribers to this team.

Subscriptions will renew automatically on the 1st of every month.

Your subscription will begin the first week of the following month from which it was ordered. For example, an order placed on January 3rd will ship on February 5th and will auto renew on March 1st.

Additional information

Baseball Team


Deck Size

15+ Cards


Team Set

Odds of a "hit"


Shipping Date

5th of every month


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