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Football Box

$15.00 / month

🏈 20-25 of your team’s cards
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Receive 20 or more football cards from your favorite team(s) every month with a subscription to this box! We ship base, inserts, short prints, relics, autographs, and printing plates and never send duplicates so you can curate a collection specific to your interests!

A few finer points:

  • When your box ships, you will receive an email with shipping confirmation and tracking. Please allow five business days for your box to ship.
  • Boxes will contain between 20 and 25 cards. Some boxes that include thicker cards may ship with fewer than 20.
  • Your odds of receiving a hit are dependent on the number of subscribers to your specified team(s) and the number of hits pulled by Hero Habit. Rest assured, if we pull it, it gets shipped.
  • No refunds or exchanges will be accepted. Cancelling a subscription will end recurring payments but will not create a refund for unprocessed orders.
  • Many of our biggest hits are featured on our Instagram account or on this Facebook Gallery.
  • Please visit our FAQ page if you have more questions

Additional information

Weight 0.15625 lbs
Deck Size

20 Cards, 25 Cards

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