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$15.00 / month

🏈 20-25 of your team’s cards
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🗓️ New cards each month
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📬 Boxes ship on/around the 23rd of the month



With a subscription to the Hero Habit Football Box, you will receive a monthly box filled with your favorite team's football cards. When available we will include inserts, relics, autographs, printing plates, and short prints. If we pull it, it goes into a box!

Your odds of pulling a hit are good but not guaranteed. What Hero Habit does guarantee, though, is that every hit will be from your favorite team if you do pull it. No more sorting through hundreds of packs just to pick up your favorite players. No more stacks of duplicates or teams you don't care about. For less than the price of the average case break, you can cultivate a collection that you'll love and, did we mention, shipping is free!

Subscriptions ordered on the last day of the month will not be charged until the first of the following month. Boxes ship monthly on or around the 23rd. When your box ships, you will receive an email with tracking info. On the off chance that suitable inventory is not obtained in time for shipment, your account will not be charged the following month. Every box will contain between 20-25 cards. Some boxes may ship with fewer cards if extra thick hits are included in the package. Your odds of receiving a hit are dependent on the number of subscribers to your specified team(s) and the number of hits pulled by Hero Habit for your specified team(s). No refunds or exchanges will be accepted. If there is a problem with your order, please contact Hero Habit immediately. To keep track of some of the bigger hits included in our products, follow the Hero Habit Instagram account. Please visit our FAQ page if you have more questions about this product.

Additional information

Deck Size

20 Cards, 25 Cards

Odds of a "hit"



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