Sonic the Hedgehog, the flagship video game for the Sega company, was first released in 1991 and has since spawned dozens of sequels and crossovers.

The character was developed in an attempt to create a mascot for the company to rival Nintendo's Super Mario franchise. Sonic, a blue super-fast hedgehog, is accompanied by his nemesis Doctor Eggman and a collection of odd-ball foxes, echidnas, weasels, cats, and more.

The game originally debuted on the 16-bit Genesis console and has appeared for every Sega console to follow. Titles have also been released on consoles not released by the Sega company. As of 2017, over 87 million games have been sold and more titles are expected in the future.

Sonic and the large cast of ancillary characters have appeared in several television shows and comic book lines. Archie Comics had a continuous comic book line for 24 years before the license was given to IDW Publishing in 2018.

With a universe still expanding and an aggressive licensing campaign, there are several collectibles based on the characters from the series. Follow this hub using the button above and you will get automatic updates regarding this game when they become available via your "Following" page.

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