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Super7 Masters of the Universe Vintage Checklist

Bringing the classic 80s Masters of the Universe line back for collectors

Super7 Masters of the Universe action figures revive the characters and designs that every child of the 80s will remember from their youth.

Super7 is combining the original designs from the popular Mattel line of toys with the art design from the hit television cartoon to bring collectors a product that is instantly recognizable but also unique and new.

Each figure stands approximately 5 1/2-inches tall and is packaged on retro card backs just as the original line did in the 80s. To complete the nostalgia trip, Super7 also produced a massive Snake Mountain playset which is billed as the largest Masters of the Universe playset ever produced.

Our checklist includes all of the figures and playsets included in this line of collectibles. Clicking a link within the checklist will take you to a purchase page for that specific figure.