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Topps Project 2020 Checklist

Topps Project 2020 baseball cards are a unique addition to the growing “on-demand” card market.

Each card in this collection is an artistic re-imagining of an iconic Topps card. 20 cards have been selected for inclusion in this set and 20 artists have been commissioned to recreate each card which brings the final checklist up to 400 cards.

Two new cards are released Monday through Friday via the Topps website and are available for purchase for only 48 hours. There are silver and gold frame parallels distributed randomly throughout this set as well.

Each premium, thick trading card ships in a one-touch magnetic case. Artist proofs are available for an increased price and are numbered to 20. Beginning with card #100, Topps began distributing autographed Mike Trout cards (hand-numbered to 10) randomly to collectors who purchase standard base cards.

Final print runs are determined by consumer demand and are included on this checklist.

Our checklist includes all of the cards released in this series and can be searched or sorted by several parameters. Clicking a link within the checklist will direct you to an affiliate retailer or to relevant eBay listings for that card.

Available for purchase in our shop!

Topps Project 2020 Checklist
Base Set – 400 Cards (when completed)
Silver Frame
Gold Frame
Artist Proof – #/20
Collector’s Guides by Artist:
Andrew Thiele
Ben Baller
Blake Jamieson
Don C
Gregory Siff
Jacob Rochester
Joshua Vides
Keith Shore
King Saladeen
Matt Taylor
Mister Cartoon
Sophia Chang
Tyson Beck
#PlayerTeamArtistPrint Run
1IchiroMarinersBen Baller1334
2Sandy KoufaxDodgersJacob Rochester1135
3Jackie RobinsonDodgersNaturel1302
4Mike TroutAngelsErmsy2911
5Cal Ripken JrOriolesFucci1205
6Ken Griffey JrMarinersKing Saladeen2504
7Bob GibsonCardinalsGrotesk1205
8Mariano RiveraYankeesSophia Chang1617
9Ted WilliamsRed SoxJK51385
10Roberto ClementePiratesMister Cartoon1844
11George BrettRoyalsGregory Siff1227
12Dwight GoodenMetsTyson Beck1065
13Don MattinglyYankeesKeith Shore1686
14Rickey HendersonAthleticsJoshua Vides1221
15Willie MaysGiantsAndrew Thiele1464
16Tony GwynnPadresOldmanalan1302
17Mark McGwireAthleticsEfdot1456
18Nolan RyanMetsBlake Jamieson2623
19Roberto ClementePiratesNaturel1819
20Cal Ripken JrOriolesJacob Rochester1576
21Rickey HendersonAthleticsMatt Taylor2104
23Frank ThomasWhite SoxBen Baller2836
24Tony GwynnPadresGrotesk1441
25Ken Griffey JrMarinersTyson Beck3707
26Dwight GoodenMetsJoshua Vides1101
27Willie MaysGiantsEfdot1480
28Mark McGwireAthleticsKeith Shore1199
29Derek JeterYankeesKing Saladeen9873
30Nolan RyanMetsGregory Siff2215
31Jackie RobinsonDodgersSophia Chang2741
33Don MattinglyYankeesBlake Jamieson2409
34Ted WilliamsRed SoxFucci1131
35Mike TroutAngelsAndrew Thiele13200
36Sandy KoufaxDodgersOldmanalan2488
37Cal Ripken JrOriolesTyson Beck2621
38Dwight GoodenMetsErmsy1864
39Derek JeterYankeesMatt Taylor9322
40Tony GwynnPadresNaturel2319
41Mariano RiveraYankeesJoshua Vides2452
42Jackie RobinsonDodgersBlake Jamieson2980
43George BrettRoyalsMister Cartoon2360
44Frank ThomasWhite SoxJacob Rochester1480
45Roberto ClementePiratesGrotesk1910
46Bob GibsonCardinalsSophia Chang1268
47Don MattinglyYankeesKing Saladeen2763
48Willie MaysGiantsJK51556
49Sandy KoufaxDodgersAndrew Thiele2149
50Cal Ripken JrOriolesGregory Siff2369
51Mike TroutAngelsBen Baller34950
52Nolan RyanMetsEfdot4103
53Ken Griffey JrMarinersMatt Taylor4236
54Bob GibsonCardinalsKeith Shore1451
55George BrettRoyalsTyson Beck1992
56Mariano RiveraYankeesOldmanalan1127
57Rickey HendersonAthleticsBlake Jamieson3819
58Ted WilliamsRed SoxErmsy4859
59Derek JeterYankeesGrotesk6511
60Mark McGwireAthleticsNaturel2687
61Willie MaysGiantsKing Saladeen5459
62IchiroMarinersSophia Chang6207
63Mike TroutAngelsFucci16430
64Tony GwynnPadresJoshua Vides3368
65Dwight GoodenMetsMister Cartoon5041
66Ken Griffey JrMarinersJacob Rochester9356
67Nolan RyanMetsAndrew Thiele7383
68Roberto ClementePiratesJK58518
69Don MattinglyYankeesGregory Siff7900
70Bob GibsonCardinalsTyson Beck6757
71Rickey HendersonAthleticsBen Baller15741
72Mariano RiveraYankeesKeith Shore9545
73Frank ThomasWhite SoxDon C11969
74Ted WilliamsRed SoxEfdot8897
75George BrettRoyalsGrotesk5638
76Sandy KoufaxDodgersFucci6607
77IchiroMarinersKing Saladeen11425
78Roberto ClementePiratesOldmanalan8610
79Jackie RobinsonDodgersMister Cartoon11643
80Willie MaysGiantsSophia Chang10480
81Mark McGwireAthleticsBlake Jamieson18205
82Derek JeterYankeesAndrew Thiele20974
83Frank ThomasWhite SoxMatt Taylor8806
84Bob GibsonCardinalsErmsy14867
85Mike TroutAngelsJacob Rochester33818
86Dwight GoodenMetsBen Baller25928
87Nolan RyanMetsJoshua Vides64629
88Ken Griffey JrMarinersKeith Shore99177
89Sandy KoufaxDodgersNaturel43147
90Ted WilliamsRed SoxOldmanalan41407
91Mariano RiveraYankeesJK535330
92Cal Ripken JrOriolesDon C41392
93Derek JeterYankeesGregory Siff48465
94Tony GwynnPadresEfdot31030
95Don MattinglyYankeesMister Cartoon27299
96Frank ThomasWhite SoxFucci22911
97Mark McGwireAthleticsAndrew Thiele19894
98Jackie RobinsonDodgersJoshua Vides20219
99Sandy KoufaxDodgersTyson Beck21535
100Mike TroutAngelsBlake Jamieson74862
101Willie MaysGiantsJacob Rochester10568
102George BrettRoyalsKeith Shore10757
103Roberto ClementePiratesMatt Taylor11577
104Rickey HendersonAthleticsJK511578
105Nolan RyanMetsKing Saladeen12874
106Dwight GoodenMetsGrotesk8854
107Derek JeterYankeesErmsy24908
108Bob GibsonCardinalsGregory Siff11395
109Cal Ripken JrOriolesBen Baller36466
110Roberto ClementePiratesSophia Chang12077
111Mark McGwireAthleticsMister Cartoon9169
112George BrettRoyalsOldmanalan6558
113Tony GwynnPadresMatt Taylor8401
114Jackie RobinsonDodgersEfdot14067
115Frank ThomasWhite SoxNaturel6763
116Ken Griffey JrMarinersDon C10957
117Mariano RiveraYankeesBlake Jamieson7460
118Don MattinglyYankeesAndrew Thiele8469
119Dwight GoodenMetsFucci5868
120IchiroMarinersKeith Shore8333
121Mike TroutAngelsJK520961
122Ted WilliamsRed SoxTyson Beck9507
123Rickey HendersonAthleticsJacob Rochester4966
124Bob GibsonCardinalsKing Saladeen6090
125Sandy KoufaxDodgersJoshua Vides4966
126Nolan RyanMetsGrotesk4859
127Ken Griffey JrMarinersOldmanalan10472
128Willie MaysGiantsDon C7195
129Rickey HendersonAthleticsSophia Chang6609
131Mariano RiveraYankeesMister Cartoon9468
132Derek JeterYankeesBen Baller64088
133George BrettRoyalsErmsy7757
134Mark McGwireAthleticsFucci5092
135Tony GwynnPadresGregory Siff4863
136Cal Ripken JrOriolesMatt Taylor4976
137Dwight GoodenMetsEfdot7141
138Roberto ClementePiratesAndrew Thiele6507
139Don MattinglyYankeesOldmanalan4682
140Jackie RobinsonDodgersTyson Beck6068
141Frank ThomasWhite SoxKeith Shore6678
142Mike TroutAngelsSophia Chang14821
143Willie MaysGiantsBlake Jamieson5930
144Bob GibsonCardinalsJK54367
145Sandy KoufaxDodgersErmsy6385
146Ted WilliamsRed SoxDon C4693
147Nolan RyanMetsJacob Rochester3781
148Ken Griffey JrMarinersJoshua Vides6021
150George BrettRoyalsNaturel4085
151Mariano RiveraYankeesBen Baller12611
152Mark McGwireAthleticsGregory Siff6977
153Rickey HendersonAthleticsMister Cartoon5155
154Roberto ClementePiratesKing Saladeen5916
155Don MattinglyYankeesFucci4292
156Jackie RobinsonDodgersMatt Taylor4046
157Derek JeterYankeesEfdot8413
158Ted WilliamsRed SoxAndrew Thiele4404
159Cal Ripken JrOriolesOldmanalan4158
160Frank ThomasWhite SoxTyson Beck5101
161Tony GwynnPadresErmsy5543
162Sandy KoufaxDodgersKeith Shore4009
163Bob GibsonCardinalsDon C3484
164Dwight GoodenMetsJacob Rochester3175
165Nolan RyanMetsSophia Chang4146
166Willie MaysGiantsJoshua Vides3609
167Mike TroutAngelsNaturel11658
168Rickey HendersonAthleticsErmsy6650
169IchiroMarinersBlake Jamieson6640
170Don MattinglyYankeesBen Baller10210
171Derek JeterYankeesJK56009
172Ted WilliamsRed SoxGrotesk3484
173Cal Ripken JrOriolesEfdot4509
174Frank ThomasWhite SoxGregory Siff4239
175George BrettRoyalsMatt Taylor3278
176Jackie RobinsonDodgersFucci3253
177Ken Griffey JrMarinersMister Cartoon6527
178Mark McGwireAthleticsOldmanalan3224
179Mariano RiveraYankeesTyson Beck3154
180Tony GwynnPadresDon C4292
181Sandy KoufaxDodgersKing Saladeen4369
182Roberto ClementePiratesKeith Shore3592
183IchiroMarinersJacob Rochester3652
184Dwight GoodenMetsSophia Chang3554
185Rickey HendersonAthleticsAndrew Thiele4046
186Nolan RyanMetsNaturel2981
187Mike TroutAngelsGrotesk11405
188Willie MaysGiantsGregory Siff3858
189Ted WilliamsRed SoxBlake Jamieson
190Don MattinglyYankeesJoshua Vides
191Mark McGwireAthleticsBen Baller
192George BrettRoyalsEfdot
193Frank ThomasWhite SoxJK5
194Jackie RobinsonDodgersOldmanalan

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Lisa Weatherall
4 months ago

This is one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen in quite some time.