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Topps Star Wars Living Set Checklist

The Topps Star Wars Living Set is an ever-expanding series of trading cards released exclusively through the Topps website.

Every week, two new cards featuring the artwork of Kris Penix will be added to the set and available for purchase for one week only. Print runs are final and based solely on purchase demand meaning acquiring these cards beyond their initial release will have to be done on the secondary market.

Characters from the Star Wars universe will only be added to the set once per film, television show, or animated series so Topps will probably dig deep for obscure characters and fan favorites to keep the set interesting and unique.

Each drawing is presented on the classic 1977 Star Wars card design featuring the iconic blue starfield border. Even the card backs replicate the famous design — a design often returned to by the Topps company.

There is, as yet, no definitive ending to this card collection and with an already expansive and continually growing universe, there is no shortage of characters to feature.

Our checklist includes all of the cards released for the Star Wars Living Set and will be updated with final print runs as they become available.

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Other sets in the Living line of colelctibles include:

Topps Star Wars Living Set Checklist
Base Set – 110 cards
Top Franchises
Return of the Jedi – 16 Cards
A New Hope – 13 Cards
Force Awakens – 11 Cards
Empire Strikes Back – 10 Cards
Clone Wars – 9 Cards

#CharacterFilmPrint Run
1Darth VaderA New Hope3909
2Nien NunbReturn of the Jedi2888
3R2-D2A New Hope2710
4StormtrooperA New Hope2601
5BosskReturn of the Jedi2205
6ValSolo: A Star Wars Story2161
7Queen AmidalaThe Phantom Menace2038
8Death Star GunnerA New Hope1922
9Grand Admiral ThrawnRebels1760
10Uncle Owen LarsA New Hope1721
11Wedge AntillesReturn of the Jedi1662
12DengarThe Empire Strikes Back1641
13Jar Jar BinksThe Phantom Menace1692
14MolochSolo: A Star Wars Story1565
15Orson KrennicRogue One: A Star Wars Story1385
16JawaA New Hope1441
17Lando CalrissianThe Empire Strikes Back1427
18RancorReturn of the Jedi1405
19Ezra BridgerRebels1375
20Admiral PiettThe Empire Strikes Back1378
21Han SoloA New Hope2376
22Tasu LeechThe Force Awakens1501
23Mon MothmaReturn of the Jedi1435
24WampaThe Empire Strikes Back1454
25Darth MaulThe Phantom Menace1739
26Tallie LintraThe Last Jedi1493
27Shaak TiThe Clone Wars1311
28Quay TolsiteSolo: A Star Wars Story1307
29BB-8The Force Awakens1502
304-LOMThe Empire Strikes Back1356
31Aurra SingThe Clone Wars1343
32Tobias BeckettSolo: A Star Wars Story1395
33Wicket W. WarrickReturn of the Jedi1390
34Scout TrooperReturn of the Jedi1283
35General HuxThe Force Awakens1170
36Dak RatlerThe Empire Strikes Back1164
37Bail OrganaRevenge of the Sith1124
38Gamorrean GuardReturn of the Jedi1161
39SebulbaThe Phantom Menance1101
40Kanan JarrusRebels1086
41K-S2ORogue One: A Star Wars Story1151
42Echo Base TrooperThe Empire Strikes Back1136
43Maz KanataThe Force Awakens1122
44Captain NeedaThe Empire Strikes Back1108
45Salacious B. CrumbThe Force Awakens1090
46Chirut ImweRogue One: A Star Wars Story1102
47ReyThe Force Awakens1503
48Savage OpressThe Clone Wars1114
49Captain PhasmaThe Last Jedi1011
50Cliegg LarsAttack of the Clones938
51L3-37Solo: A Star Wars Story902
52Nute GunrayThe Phantom Menace895
53General GrievousRevenge of the Sith1007
54Saw GerreraRogue One: A Star Wars Story967
55FinnThe Force Awakens1079
56Imperial PilotsA New Hope1021
57DormeAttack of the Clones2021
58The ChildMandalorian9663
59Supreme Leader SnokeThe Force Awakens942
60Plo KoonRevenge of the Sith887
61GreedoA New Hope1178
62Young Anakin SkywalkerThe Phantom Menace1207
63Poe DameronThe Force Awakens1301
64Mother TalzinThe Clone Wars1203
65WattoThe Phantom Menace1259
66Darth SidiousRevenge of the Sith1422
67Jyn ErsoRogue One: A Star Wars Story1425
68BB-9EThe Force Awakens1068
69Max ReboReturn of the Jedi956
70Count DookuThe Clone Wars946
71Admiral AckbarReturn of the Jedi1041
72Young Boba FettAttack of the Clones1158
73C-3P0Return of the Jedi1156
74Lady ProximaSolo: A Star Wars Story959
75Kylo RenThe Force Awakens1187
76Kit FistoThe Clone Wars960
77Princess LeiaA New Hope2093
78Lieutenant ConnixThe Last Jedi1351
79Emperor PalpatineReturn of the Jedi1103
80PorgThe Last Jedi1130
81Ahsoka TanoThe Clone Wars1293
82Bala-TikReturn of the Jedi992
83Boba FettThe Empire Strikes Back1913
84TauntaunThe Empire Strikes Back1190
85KuiilThe Mandalorian1068
86Elite Praetorian GuardThe Last Jedi1038
87Dryden VosSolo: A Star Wars Story1003
88BistanRogue One: A Star Wars Story996
89Paige TicoThe Last Jedi996
90Rose TicoThe Last Jedi901
91Grand Moff TarkinA New Hope1042
92Galen ErsoRoge One: A Star Wars Story1005
93Vice Admiral HoldoThe Last Jedi1079
94General VeersReturn of the Jedi979
95Jango FettAttack of the Clones1252
96JannahThe Rise of Skywalker1074
97Hera SyndullaRebels1131
98Jabba the HuttReturn of the Jedi1395
99Obi-Wan KenobiA New Hope2656
100Luke SkywalkerA New Hope2833
101Royal GuardReturn of the Jedi1255
102Captain RexThe Clone Wars1259
103Babu FrikThe Rise of Skywalker1279
104Mas AmeddaRevenge of the Sith1105
105Fennec ShandThe Mandalorian1217
106Zorri BlissThe Rise of Skywalker1244
107Cassian AndorRogue One: A Star Wars Story1246
108Clone TrooperRevenge of the Sith1257
109Kazuda "Kaz" XionoStar Wars: Resistance1241
110Aayla SecuraAttack of the Clones1286
111Peli MottoThe Mandalorian1305
112YaddleThe Phantom Menace1328
113Sabine WrenRebels1480
114Allegiant General PrydeThe Rise of Skywalker1222
115Baze MalbusRogue One: A Star Wars Story1268
116The Grand InquisitorRebels1228
117Ben SoloThe Rise of Skywalker2304
118Rio DurantSolo: A Star Wars Story1325
119Bodhi RookRogue One: A Star Wars Story1277
120MythrolThe Mandalorian1265
121LograyReturn of the Jedi1303
122Chancellor ValorumThe Phantom Menace
123Qi'raSolo: A Star Wars Story1737
124Battle DroidThe Phantom Menace1376
125Snap WexleyThe Force Awakens1191
127Cara DuneMandalorian2316
128KlaudRise of Skywalker1421
129ReboltSolo: A Star Wars Story1259
130Zam WesellAttack of the Clones1293
131Moff GideonMandalorian1411
132Torra DozaStar Wars: Resistance1184
133Jan DodonnaA New Hope1209
134ZuckussThe Empire Strikes Back1227
135Beaumont KinThe Rise of Skywalker
136Pre VizslaThe Clone Wars